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Swimming with fins after amputation

Swimming with shinfinTM fins was one of Bill’s first steps in his return to physical and emotional health, after his above knee amputation. Wearing one fin on his thigh stump and one fin on the shin of his other leg, they give him a natural swim kick with smooth stroke balance. He prefers wearing the fins without his prosthetic leg but they can be worn on a prosthetic leg too. He also notes that they can be worn by below knee amputees (also foot amputees). Bill’s expanded story is Stuff you need to know before or after leg amputation.

Bill’s review from O’Fallon, USA

“shinfinTM fins are the perfect choice for amputees because they attach to your legs instead of your feet. This provides many benefits such as a natural swim kick.”

Bill’s review: Swimming with shinfinTM fins after amputation

by William A. Wiegand, Jr.

“In 2012 I lost my leg due to an infection. Anyone who has gone through this experience knows the emotional and physical challenges they must work through and overcome. I found that the more I physically pushed myself, the better life started to look. I could never give enough thanks to the Veterans Administration’s personnel and their volunteers for their support and guidance.”

shinfinTM fin on above knee amputee thigh stump with liner
shinfinTM fins are the perfect choice for amputees

“I have always been an avid swimmer and was concerned that my days of swimming were over after losing my leg. shinfinTM fins are the perfect choice for amputees because they attach to your legs instead of your feet. This provides many benefits such as a natural swim kick. It can be attached to a remaining limb for both above knee amputees (AKA) and below knee amputees (BKA). It can also be used above or below the elbow and for many other disabilities and impairments.”

Fast even push & better balance

“Swimming with shinfinTM fins gives you an even push through the water. Using the second fin on your good leg (or second amputation) balances you better and pushes you even faster to give you a good workout, particularly if speed is important. It keeps you swimming straight and gives you the ability to swim under the water. You will definitely be able to feel your muscles working. I believe swimming is one of the best non-impact exercises not only because it increases strength, endurance and a sense of balance but it also allows amputees the opportunity to exercise freely without the burden of a prosthetic limb.”

Freestyle, backstroke & butterfly

“The fin would be worn below the knee for a BKA if the remaining limb is long enough. If not, it can be worn above the knee. This will allow you to swim close to your normal speed. I enjoy swimming the front crawl, the backstroke, and the butterfly. The fin can be turned 90 degrees for the breast stroke but it is not as efficient as the other strokes. The side action with your leg gives you a good workout. I wear my socket liner in the water because it holds my remnant leg muscles tight and is more comfortable.”

Swimming with the shinfinTM fins was the first step

“The journey back to heath has been quite an adventure. I’ve learned that the most important thing you have to do is to regain your strength. Swimming with the shinfinTM fins was the first step. This has expanded my horizons into other sports. I’ve learned that the more I do physically, the less limitation I have. Being an amputee is a world that few know much about and doing the simplest things can be very challenging. I am very thankful for all the organizations and volunteers that work with the disabled. I’m convinced that sport activities are the means to restoring your emotional and physical way of life. In my case it wasn’t until I became involved with recreational therapy that my life started to return. If I can help answer any questions about the shinfinTM fins please write to me at my email address.”

“Thank you, Bill Wiegand


As Bill has found, swimming with shinfinTM fins after amputations can really help you on your way back to physical and emotional health. They give you a smooth, balanced swimming style with a natural kick for swimming exercise and many other water activities such as snorkeling. Furthermore, they are suitable for above knee amputations, below knee amputations and foot amputations. And you can wear them with or without a prosthetic limb.