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  • By Shona from Pirongia, New Zealand – I will use them to improve my swimming kick. I do not move at all when I kick now. All movement comes from my arms so would like my legs to be utilised but have never found anyone who can help show me what I am doing wrong. Hopefully now this may work. … And later … I have received my fins and have used them three times now. I am swimming 1km freestyle with them on and then taking them off for the next 1km. I am noticing that my kicking feels really flowing for about the first 20 lengths or 400m. Then I am finding it difficult to continue with the flow. I realise the more I use shinfin fins the better my kick will become and I am very happy with the results in such a short time. I am hoping in time it will increase my speed as I am starting to do Ocean Swims and just this last weekend raced in the 750m Mt Maunganui Ocean swim and was first female in my age group (30-39) so I am hoping to just slowly improve my speed and maybe next year enter the 2.8km swim. I really appreciate all the tips you have given and I am very happy with my purchase. … And 2 months later … I am really happy with them and feel my kick has become straighter and a proper full leg kick. I am trying to build my swimming up so I can swim in the Auckland harbour crossing in November and before I got the fins I was swimming only 1km freestyle and now I am up to swimming 2 1/2kms freestyle so am pretty confident I will be able to achieve my goal and swim the Harbour Crossing in November which is 2.8km. I am hoping to build up to being able to swim 4kms comfortably in freestyle and I use the fins to improve my technique. I am no champion swimmer but enjoy my swimming and am glad to have the fins to ensure my technique is correct and I am kicking correctly. Again I am very happy with my fins, your support and my physical appearance has also improved. Thank you very much. That’s fine if you put some extracts on your web site. I hope it helps other people as swimming is a great sport and with correct aids it is easy to improve without full on coaching as most of us are doing it for our own personal well being and challenge. The shinfin fins have and are helping my technique and I am enjoying my swimming more and more.
  • By Matt from Brisbane, Australia – The fins are fantastic. They have encouraged me to kick correctly. They took a swim to get used to but I think its because my technique was out. I’ve found my ‘fin-free’ technique has improved to a considerable extent, either that or they’ve shortened the pool! Bought a second pair for my grandfather for Christmas.. He swims almost every morning for the last 30 years (close to 80!). I’m sure he will enjoy them as much as I have. They’ll assist him to keep swimming for a long time to come.
  • By Josie from Auchenflower, Australia – I must say that I have noticed a considerable improvement in my kicking style. My kicking is a lot more fluid and powerful. I have been positioning the fins to sit around my toenails as directed. I have large calf muscles and wondered whether this was affecting the positioning of the fins? All in all I am very happy with my purchase and follow up customer care. I actually look forward to swimming laps now I have shinfin fins – which is a huge turn around for me  Thanks for the advice and follow up care. I’m still ironing out the ideal fin position but have been experimenting as you have recommended. I am more that happy for you to use excerpts from our emails. It’s the least I can do, you’ve been so helpful  Looking forward to keeping fit and improving my swimming. I’ve just had a look at the stuff I have written in previous emails and must admit that it is advertising gold. But what can I say – a good product deserves accolades!
  • By Michael from Kalgoorlie, Australia – They arrived promptly and have improved my kick. I had a reasonable style but it has continued to improve. I now regularly swim 2500m in a session including 800 with fins, 2 to 3 times per week in addition to other gym exercise. The improvements are noticed after removing and swimming straight away.
  • By Tom from San Francisco, USA – I love the fins for swimming – it is a great core workout – much better than zip fins. No comparison really. So I am a satisfied customer.
  • By Ryan from Doha, Qatar – I’ve been using them quite a bit. Freestyle is my worst stroke. Breast stroke is my best and the one I rest with. They don’t work for breast stroke. But for freestyle, butterfly and back stroke they are great. I am enjoying them quite a bit. Allows me to get a good workout without being totally winded. Gotta run. Great product. [Reply from Marc: Some people find that if you twist the fins out a bit towards the outside of your leg, then they work reasonably well for breaststroke. You may like to try this.] Thanks for the advice on the breaststroke. I’ll try it and see.
  • By Bev from Whyalla Swim School, SA, Australia – We are very happy with the fins and my son’s times have taken a huge dive recently. This we believe is due to him starting to develop his kick better, but also his own determination to achieve greater results. (He can now see the light at the end of the tunnel)
  • By Mark from Auckland, New Zealand – Going great guns. Took a short time to get used to the different movement. Gives a better natural swim movement and better work-out to the main muscles. Great Product. My work-outs are structured to use the shinfin fins for drills and fine tuning technique and yes the benefits transfer between “no fins” swimming.
  • By Reto from Zurich, Switzerland – I’m very happy with the fins and I have several friends that want to order them too. What I like most is that the feeling for the water when you swim with the fins is almost the same as without. The only difference is that I feel my legs work better and that I’m faster!!!! The swim club members are wondering what I wear but they hesitated until now to ask. I’m looking forward using the fins for body surfing during my next holidays.
  • By Anne (swim teacher & coach) from Kilmore, Victoria, Australia – As you said, they enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. I’ve found them very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. Students have to work their kick, not just cruise along as they would in regular fins, making them great for squad level swimmers. I’ve also found them especially useful for adult students who are learning to swim from scratch – the fins seem to enable a natural kicking action with extra propulsion to help maintain streamlined body position and buoyancy, so assist with overall water confidence.
  • By Alex from Red Hill, Australia – I’m really enjoying the fins. I use the fins fairly regularly when lap swimming (as I’m doing some shoulder rehab for an injury) so it helps me keep up my momentum while doing my training laps. I definitely notice that my kicking action is getting stronger and is more consistent when I don’t use the fins, which is great.
  • By Guy from London, UK – I’m very happy with the fins. My weak spot is my freestyle kick, and the fins certainly do ‘what it says on the tin’, and have helped a lot.
  • By Julie from Mentone, Australia – We have been taking our shinfin fins to the swimming pool and have enjoyed doing laps with them on. We have used them about five times so far. I adapted to the kicking style easily because I have rarely worn regular fins. My boyfriend took a little longer because he is a scuba diver and wears normal fins most of the time. We like the feel of them against the water, and certainly they improve our style and speed. They have been the subject of great interest at the different swimming venues we have been to, so we have done our best to promote them.
  • By Swim Club in New Zealand – They are good and have been used to help correct one of our club swimmers backstroke kick.
  • By Matt from Jackson Heights, New York, USA – I have progressed a ton since I started using them. They are great because they help keep my legs kicking correctly. I do leg drills with them and my progression is visible.
  • By Richard from Switzerland – At the moment, training about 2 x per week, 2-3 km. Using the fins each time for about the first 1 km. Starting to notice the more powerful kick when I do not have the fins on – this is good!
  • By Swimmer from Florida, USA – The fins perform exactly as you describe.
  • By Tony from Singapore – They really performed wonders to my swim style. Congratulations, you have really created a little miracle, which will certainly help countless others with my similar predicament. I will certainly recommend it to friends. In particular, I liked the fact that it prevented my feet and calves from cramping, something which occurred after 2 laps with ordinary fins. Also breathing was made much easier, and I now look forward eagerly to the next session.
  • By John from NSW, Australia – Without a doubt the weakest part of my swimming was my kick. I tried specific kick training and have utilised ordinary fins for years, but as soon I started to swim, the kick would stop and my legs would just ‘hang’ there. The shinfin fins have helped me in two ways. First, the transition from fins to no-fins is easier to make with shinfin fins than with ordinary fins. Swimming with shinfin fins more closely resembles the action I am trying to achieve. That is, the predominant propulsion is still coming from the arms with support from the legs. Second, I am learning that good body rotation starts with the legs and I have experienced moments with the shinfin fins where everything seems to come together and I actually feel like a ‘proper’ swimmer.
  • By Matt from St Louis, USA – I am happy to report they worked out great, just as I expected. Your fins have enabled me to add to my fitness routine. Thank you.
  • By Elias from France – I have been using them in France for a while now and everybody wants to know where I got them. They work fine. I may buy more for my swim team. By the way, you can put my comments on the website. Your fins work and people need to know. I have been happy with the fins and it is natural for me to promote them.
  • By Elaine from Minneapolis, USA – Yes, I am truly enjoying the use of the fins. They are greatly helping my swimming. They are easy to use and very light-weight, which I like. They are working well. I noticed my legs are getting stronger which is good.
  • By Adrian from Cardiff, UK – I’ve only used them a couple of times in the pool but my stroke has already improved so I’ve no doubt they’re great for swim training (has generated some interest from others!). I’ll readily endorse the fins based on performance so far!

Above are just the best swim style fins reviews. Please also see more fins reviews.

Please see Best Swim Style Fins.

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