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By Katsuji from Mandaluyong, Philippines – I found shinfin fins quite useful, and keep on using to strengthen my kick. Unlike others like Zoomer, the shinfin fins do not give me cramp. I found that it also gives me a good cardio exercise, too. Thank you for great invention! I think I was lucky enough to have been able to spot the shinfin fins over the internet (just by the luck really), and would be more than happy if more people also discover the benefits of shinfin fins, just like me. Keep up the good work.

By Phil from Huntington Beach, California, USA – I wanted to get back to you on my shinfin fins. I really like the fact that when I am body surfing or bodyboarding in beach breaks, my feet can be free to move in shallow water. In real big surf, I can increase my propulsion greatly by putting on my regular foot propulsion fins also! Thanks for your nice product! I used to use the old Voit USA company UDT fins for many years. I don’t know if you have heard of them. They were real calf cramping fins! No more toe rash from those fins – your new idea is also ending any chance of toe rash! I always worried about toe scars getting infected and it finally happened in Hawaii once. I got growths that were hard to get treated. My shinfin fins tend to self-adjust to big wipeouts most times. My foot fins could come off at times and the propulsion you need is always missed after any big wipeout! Thanks for putting a great new fin on the surf market, you can use my testimonial if you wish.

By Dass from Middletown, Connecticut, USA – I just started taking swimming lessons. I have never been able to do a lap in the pool. My fear was always if I cannot touch the bottom I am not getting in. I have a great teacher but to make it all work even better I have shinfin fins. The fins are great!!!!! They have helped me learn to swim and also given me the confidence to stay in the water even when I cannot touch the bottom. I used to use normal fins and they always hurt my calfs but with the shinfin fins my legs move in the correct form for swimming and just make everything easy. Now I swim laps for about 30 minutes non stop! People come up to me wanting to know why are my fins different and I explain how they work and point them to your website. So hopefully you might get more orders from the US. Thanks Marc for this great invention!

By Wendy from San Francisco, USA – Overall I LOVE them!!! First off I am an occupational therapist, so I have a special appreciation for the ergonomics and biomechanical advantages of the shinfin design! Really takes the strain off your ankles for kicking power and I feel far less lower extremity fatigue and strain when I use them! For lap swims in a pool they are perfect and I think they would be also be great for snorkeling!! I still think shin fins superior to any fins I have ever used!! I hope you find my feedback useful!! Thanks for taking the time to ask for it!!

By Sue from Old Erowal Bay, Australia – I swim several kilometres a week for fitness purposes and I love my shinfin fins. It didn’t take me long to get used to them at all. I found that compared to flippers they give me a much better workout. I was having a lot of trouble with my flippers, my feet and toes kept cramping and some days it was so bad I was unable to continue swimming. Since I’ve started using my shinfin fins the cramps have almost completely gone. I am learning to relax my feet more and use my upper leg instead as you suggested. I definitely won’t be going back to flippers.

By Susan from Canberra, Australia – The fins are great. I can definitely feel the change in the muscle sets that are used with the shinfin fins compared to the other foot fins. I have also had no more problems with cramping in my feet.

By Evelyn from Santa Cruz, California USA – You might say that I am a very satisfied customer. I’m 63 years old and just learned to swim the crawl stroke with my face in the water. My kick is still weak and I am easily winded, but both are improving. The fins have helped me a lot, and, using them, I have been able to pay more attention to and improve my stroke. The best part – NO FOOT CRAMPS! I use the fins for the first half of my workout only, and my swimming without them has become much better as well. Buying them was a spot-on decision, and I am going great with them.

By Afton from St. George, Maine, USA – I just returned from a snorkeling trip in Bermuda. I enjoyed using my shinfin fins. With traditional fins I ended up with tired ankles and the strap chafing on my heel. On this trip I was always the last one out and felt the same as when I first went in. I will definitely recommend them.

By Tom from San Diego, USA – The fins work great and the level of comfort is excellent. Finally the limiting factor isn’t pain in my feet. Much different feel from traditional fins, but this is a good thing. I also feel they are more helpful for use with my hip. Rather than stressing all the other joints as regular fins did, pressure is concentrated in a more natural area. I’m still experimenting with adjustment and placement for best performance in surf.

By Graham from Buderim, Australia – The fins are definitely a break through. Very comfortable and NO FOOT CRAMP! Good sprint speed for catching the waves (kneeboard). Light. Suits straight leg kick style for kneeboarding. Comfortable in kneeling position. Easy to walk and jump off rocks for water entry.

By Jo from Canberra, Australia – Hi Marc, last year I purchased two pairs of shinfin fins. We went snorkeling at Byron at Xmas. Snorkeling was very rough, too deep, strong current – didn’t see a thing… BUT shinfin fins were excellent. Despite not being strong swimmers could keep up with rest of strapping young men in rough seas and current. Design meant that my sister with the tender scars on top of both feet did not get sore feet. So were very good and am very happy with them. Going to Vanuatu or Fiji in June this year for some hopefully better snorkeling and will be further delighted with these fins I’m sure. Have a great New Year.

By Jono from Perth, Australia – The fins are working a treat, I have taken them out a few times snorkeling and once I got used to them they became a lot easier. I realised that they are a lot easier to use and less strain on your legs. At first I was a bit hesitant about the shinfin fins but now I realise how good they really are. My brother has tried them and wants to buy a pair of his own already.

By Tony from Kiama Downs, Australia – I have been using the fins in the pool recently as part of my swimming regime to assist with my crook lower back. They certainly do not cause my lower back any problems when swimming. I am still learning to use them but have found them to be very comfortable and have no problems with calf or foot cramping I get with normal fins.

By Vicki from Sandy Bay, Tasmania – Have enjoyed swimming with the fins. After one recent swim I tried a normal pair of flippers on and found them quite hard work on my ankle that is still aching at the end of the day! No such problems with shinfin fins. They also happen to fit in the swimming bag a bit easier too!

By Diana from Tweed Heads, Australia – The shinfin fins are great. It’s the first time I have been able to use flippers without hurting my feet so I am really happy. When I do freestyle now with or without the flippers I am lying flatter in the water and my swimming style has improved.

By Margo from Weetangera, ACT Australia – Been using the fins about 3 times a week. Lots of interest from other ladies in the lap lanes! I find that shinfin fins make learning to swim feel very easy, which is a great confidence booster, but almost too easy, so that I’m not sure that I am expending sufficient effort! It is incredible to me that I can swim 50-60 25-m laps without feeling tired, whereas about 30 laps used to be my limit before. But what is really exceptional is the fact that there is no cramping in feet or toes – wonderful!!

By Martha from Tennessee, USA – The foot (flipper) problem has disappeared and no more rubbing the side of my foot and having cramps. The only thing I can complain about is that I found some muscles that had not been used. You can tell the difference right away.

By Barry from San Pedro, California, USA – I have been very happy with the fins … they have been a big help. My unaided kick is very bad and that puts a lot less stress on my shoulders and elbows. The fins largely correct the problem and I have had much less trouble since I have been using them.

By Dave from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – This has also been great therapy for my knees. While I was recovering from the knee surgery the fins were helpful in allowing a good kicking workout with most of the force moved up into the thigh and belly – but allowing all the value of light force and increased circulation.

By Bill from Christchurch, New Zealand – For me the biggest advantage with shinfin fins is that I no longer suffer strains in the tendons/ligaments in my feet as I did with the flippers when bodyboarding. Sometimes it would take almost a week to recover from a foot strain with the flippers.

By Russ from Redwood City, USA – shinfin fins are my saviour. If they did not exist, I could not swim. I have severe foot problems. These fins take the stress off my feet, transferring it to my shins. I went snorkeling in Hawaii two weeks ago, two days in a row, without pain. These fins represent the genius of elegantly simple solutions to complex problems. Do you want me to make TV commercials?

By George from Ottowa, Canada – I tried them right away (only freestyle kick). This is my first observation: a) The allow for a relatively fast kick b) They guide to a “higher on the water” and a better balanced position for the freestyle. c) They take the load off the knees – this is important for me because I bought the fins for my niece (a 15 year old competitive swimmer) who has some knee ligament problems. I am extremely happy with the purchase.” …and then, 4 weeks later… “I really like the fins. I am going to order another pair for myself.

By Tony from Singapore – They really performed wonders to my swim style. Congratulations, you have really created a little miracle, which will certainly help countless others with my similar predicament. I will certainly recommend it to friends. In particular, I liked the fact that it prevented my feet and calves from cramping, something which occurred after 2 laps with ordinary fins. Also breathing was made much easier, and I now look forward eagerly to the next session.

By Mike from Ontario, Canada – They give me a great workout especially the thighs and the entire trunk area…..which is a pleasant surprise as I’m always trying to increase my strength in my lumbar/abdominal/buttocks area. I’m swimming twice a week for about 45 min each time. So yes I like them a lot, and yes they are just what I need for my strength training. As for one, I’m back doing the front crawl steadily with more authority now…..before my back/ trunk muscles weren’t strong enough to allow me to just let loose…..not quite perfect yet but I’ve noticed a big difference in my lumbar/trunk stability…..a very nice surprise….my knees are feeling better, as I’m getting more power in my legs……..and my ankles couldn’t be happier….I can’t wait to get to the pool now as I’m seeing results quite quickly.

By Bill from Virginia, USA – These are the only fins I have ever used that do not cause my feet or calves to cramp. A great innovation.

Above are just the comfortable fins reviews. Please also see more fins reviews.

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