Feet Free Fins Reviews

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  • By Les from Hillman, Australia – I am a long time swimmer (former state junior surf champ 1966). Can’t swim much now due to toes having been cut off (diabetes) and want to swim again. My Podiatrist told me of your product. The fins are really great. I used them for a couple of weeks getting used to them but now I just strap them on and go for it. I have managed to get back into a swimming routine and now hardly know they are there…thanks for a great little invention. I think that they are a wonderful innovation for persons in the same predicament as myself. All the best.
  • By Peggy from Saskatchewan, Canada – I want to use the fins for swim training, water running and snorkelling. I rushed to the pool this morning to try them. What a difference! Kicking seemed so effortless, yet effective – with almost no effort I was cruising past people I normally don’t pass. Then I played – dolphined down the pool, tried some water running and had a great time. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them enormously, and will spread the word here. … And later … I continue to love the fins, and wore them snorkelling in Aruba with great success. People who were backing through the water with traditional fins did display some jealousy that I was able to walk straight in. I treasure them and will continue to take them ‘on tour’ with me wherever my swimsuit and goggles go.
  • By Peter from Brisbane, Australia – Katrina and I have both been using the shinfin fins and are very happy with them. We used them when snorkelling on the reef. The fins performed well, and as our other friends were using conventional flippers, it was interesting to compare them. The main advantages of the fins over the conventional flippers were the ease of moving around when they were on. And with the shinfin fins your ankles did not tire as quickly, meaning that you could stay in the water for longer.
  • By Steve from San Francisco, USA – I will be using them primarily for pool training. I am able to get my heart rate up to the target range now because of the leg involvement. I have had knee surgery and my knee does not hurt any more after a swim from the hyperextension snap. Flip turns are possible. Good job.
  • By Geoff from Townsville, Australia – I have a pair of shinfin fins and have been delighted with them, they helped during my recovery from a broken foot. Briefly I broke a bone in my foot called the medial cuneiform, as well as a few other bits of my body, in a motorcycle crash. This bone is very important in maintaining the arch of the foot and has some tendon insertions which are important to movement of the foot. I wanted to maintain strength in my legs during recovery but was not getting enough of a workout from swimming with bare feet. Ordinary flippers were out as they stressed the very areas that needed to recover, so I decided to try shinfin fins having seen them some time ago on (from memory) Beyond Tomorrow (or something similar). I have to say they were just what the doctor ordered (being a doctor myself  . Anyway I had a patient with an achilles tendon inflammation who was trying to keep fit without running but was using ordinary flippers when swimming and aggravating the injury, so my shinfin fins are on loan to them at present so they can evaluate them as part of their fitness equipment. I must say I am surprised shinfin fins are not in more widespread use as they are a superb idea.
  • By Jack from Perth, Western Australia – shinfin fins attracted me because I am a bodyboarder and want to get the power of fins but want to be able to stand on a sand bar still. They are ideal giving both that and freedom for feet. They are really fast and cut my paddling time in half. I will recommend these to all my surfing buddies. And by the way are you doing well with this product in the market because I think if more knew about them they would take off. I do a lot of bodyboarding normally going about 4 times a week. Some wild stuff yeah sometimes its too scary to stay out. They seem to get me further. I used Churchill fins before although they hurt like hell when you tried standing up. These are much comfier. When I tried them in the pool they were great, super fast. I love them in the pool and I’m in the pool almost everyday. Thank you for such a great product. Now I can swim faster.
  • By Liz from Guernsey, UK – I was given a pair of your shinfin fins for Christmas and I first want to say how great they are – have been using them bodyboarding and they are a fantastic step forward from old style fins. I\’ve been using them at a place called Vazon Bay in Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands just off the coast of France). They seem to really add extra speed to bodyboarding. They\’re especially great for getting some extra momentum going on waves that have almost been missed. Also make paddling out much easier which helps to catch those big waves.  They definitely take some getting used to though – will try lifting my knees higher in the water to ease the drag in shallow water, as wading out was the only time when they seemed to have a downside (still much better than traditional ones though!). Have been paddling out lying horizontal on the board and the fins really add some power so it\’s much less tiring on the legs and arms. 
  • By Milo from Seattle, USA – They are impressive Marc. I was a competitive swimmer years ago, and its great to have a fin that doesn’t make me alter my kick. It’s just spring now here, so I’ve mainly used them in a pool so far. But just being able to walk around on deck with the fins, go into the hot tub and then back to the lap pool proved their worth. Shoes and shinfin fins are a great combo. The shinfin fins allow me to leave the shoes on in the water – which I need because I get out of Lake Washington at a different place than I get in. Surprisingly, the drag from leaving the shoes on is not that much. I think your fins are creating a dead area that shields the shoes from the water flow somewhat. I also ride a jet ski far from shore. I will wear the fins on the jet ski. I’m curious to try them with my full scuba gear as well – seems like they would work well. Would be good to get all geared up for shore or boat dive and not have that final step of struggling with getting the fins on.
  • By Lyn from Pimlico, Australia – Congratulations on an excellent product + great sales and service. After suffering a heart attack and a few strokes with major complications a few years ago, my father became severely restricted with movement – he has problems with balance on land, even though his limb movement is still strong. The doctors originally thought that he would have to be put into a nursing home, but because of his love of the water, he was able to start moving again with water therapy. Water therapy has been very important in rehabilitation: with him regaining most of what he lost and things are going well – recently he has taken up snorkelling!!! The shinfin fins have been fantastic as they are easy to move in while entering the water and allow him to maintain balance easier while standing in the water. The distribution of the energy through the entire leg rather than just the ankle also means it is much easier and takes less energy to kick. The confidence factor in that he feels safer is also important.
  • By Steve from Morley, WA, Australia – For snorkeling they are excellent, being able to walk in and out of the water quite easily, and by using the whole of the leg as a kicking action you use far less energy and do not get tired. They have taken a bit of getting used to. One has to remember not to bend the knees – use all the leg. I wear diving boots with them allowing access to reef areas and no problems with sharp objects or marine life.
  • By Graham from Buderim, Australia – The fins are definitely a break through. Very comfortable and NO FOOT CRAMP! Good sprint speed for catching the waves (kneeboard). Light. Suits straight leg kick style for kneeboarding. Comfortable in kneeling position. Easy to walk and jump off rocks for water entry.
  • By Bill from Christchurch, New Zealand – I like the fact that I can walk around with them on both on land and in shallow water. It’s a little bit awkward but almost nothing compared to flippers. So they are safer than flippers in that respect.
  • By Swimmer from California, USA – I started to use them and I love them.

Above are just the shinfin feet free fins reviews. Please also see more fins reviews.

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