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Hip Power Fins Reviews

Below are just the hip power fins reviews. Please also see more fins reviews.

  • By Garrett from Berkeley, California, US – I gave the fins to my mother as a gift for Christmas. She is an avid swimmer and I was looking for something new she might enjoy. She just called me the other day and said that she was very happy with her shinfin fins; they are now part of her workout routine. I am very happy that I saw these on the Discovery Channel. Keep up the good work! She says: “I do love the shinfin fins! I also wanted to let you know that using the fins has taken about 3 strokes off each lap when swimming free style. My time has improved too!! Using the fins gives me a much better workout and I definitely feel it in my thighs and buttocks.”
  • By Sue from Old Erowal Bay, Australia – I swim several kilometres a week for fitness purposes and I love my shinfin fins. It didn’t take me long to get used to them at all. I found that compared to flippers they give me a much better workout. I was having a lot of trouble with my flippers, my feet and toes kept cramping and some days it was so bad I was unable to continue swimming. Since I’ve started using my shinfin fins the cramps have almost completely gone. I am learning to relax my feet more and use my upper leg instead as you suggested. I definitely won’t be going back to flippers.
  • By Graham from Renmark, Australia – Thank you for enquiring about my fins, I am delighted with the results. I was particularly interested to get a good work out of the muscles that you describe and with the fins I certainly do. Yes they do take a little longer to to become accustomed to ( I had previously used foot attached fins) however I was patient and all was well. I now have no trouble swimming 40 lengths of the Olympic pool here, my goal is 100 lengths. The weight loss is satisfying too. … And a bit later … I am enjoying the speed and ease of swimming. Did 50 laps last night – I have never felt better!
  • By Lorri from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA – Marc – I am really enjoying my shinfin fins. The work out I am getting now is a huge improvement. I definitely notice the diagonal balance you speak about. When I take the fins off and swim without them my kick is a lot stronger than it used to be. Also wearing the fins helps my positioning so much that I can use hand paddles without using a pull buoy. I can’t say enough good things about them, I will definitely recommend shinfin fins to fellow swimmers. Many Thanks.
  • By Jenny from Albany, Australia – The fins are terrific. Took only a few laps to get used to them and I can certainly feel my thighs and bum working much harder – something I have found quite tricky to do since my hip replacement 10 years ago, aged 23. I am quite certain that my kick is already much stronger because of them. I love swimming with the fins but what I enjoy even more is the fantastic feeling when I take them off after a 500-1000m warm up swim and keep swimming without them … my legs really power along. I’m happily spreading the good word! Thanks heaps.
  • By Darren from Taree, Australia – The fins are going well and I feel that the fins are improving my swimming. When I swim without the fins I’ve noticed my kick has improved heaps over the last month. I’ve had a few inquiring about the fins and have let a couple of friends have a try and they liked the feel of the fins. I will continue to use the fins as they are helping with the core strength I’m in the process trying to build. Well done on a great product.
  • By Charles from New York, USA – Marc – In a nutshell – “I luv em!”. They did take some getting used to, but after two weeks (I’m in the pool approx 3 times a week) I started getting the hang of them in relationship to my swim style. As you advertised, they recruit the larger muscle groups in my glutes so I am now using less energy for the same amount of distance. They assist me in developing a feel for proper body position in the water. My Tri team mates find I look funny with them on. They do require a bit of extra time to put on and take off, so I swim the warm-up with them on. This way when we do drills (usually right after our warm up) I can be ready. I look forward to my time in the pool even more so these days just so I can use the fins. Thanks for such an innovative product.
  • By Jeremy from Emerald Beach, Australia – I am always happy to give feedback for a great product. I have been progressing well and find them really great fun and definitely less tiring to wear than my old fins. Still get looks from the locals!! I am finding that they certainly give me more power in my kick-strokes but best suited to the bodyboarding for me so far. I think the fins give a more consistent and stronger thrust.
  • By Jo from Canberra, Australia – Hi Marc, last year I purchased two pairs of shinfin fins. We went snorkeling at Byron at Xmas. Snorkeling was very rough, too deep, strong current – didn’t see a thing… BUT shinfin fins were excellent. Despite not being strong swimmers could keep up with rest of strapping young men in rough seas and current. Design meant that my sister with the tender scars on top of both feet did not get sore feet. So were very good and am very happy with them. Going to Vanuatu or Fiji in June this year for some hopefully better snorkeling and will be further delighted with these fins I’m sure. Have a great New Year.
  • By Laurie from Coffs Harbour, Australia – After an operation on my right knee it was important to regain the strength as quickly as possible but without high load exercise. Once the wound had healed it was into the pool with my shinfin fins. The main benefit of using these fins is that the load is spread over the whole leg and does not put any strain on the knee, which was perfect for my recovery. Thanks for a great product. Brilliant.
  • By Brock from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA – It took me a few times swimming with them before I got comfortable, but I do like them. I am planning on using them for pool training for fitness. I enjoy training with fins to reduce the dependence on my upper body. I used the traditional fin quite extensively while serving in the military and I know that there is too much strain on the small muscle groups of the lower leg and foot. I was interested enough by reading your website information to give them a try.
  • By Dave from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – I am enjoying the workouts I am getting with the fins and note that the kicking effort is moved into my thighs and abdomen, as advertised. This has also been great therapy for my knees. While I was recovering from the knee surgery the fins were helpful in allowing a good kicking workout with most of the force moved up into the thigh and belly – but allowing all the value of light force and increased circulation.
  • By Graeme from Ottowa, Canada – Yes the fins do work well, I’m working exactly the areas that need to be worked; lower back & down the coccyx, abdominals and thighs. Yes I enjoy using the fins. They really work the muscles, especially the thighs. I also feel the muscles in my lower back being worked so that’s good. Also hope to show them off more to other people – prospective customers!!
  • By Nick from Minnesota, USA – shinfin fins made sense to me – light, flexible, and perfect for strengthening my legs and glutes after several years of a deteriorating hip followed by hip replacement surgery. It’s been over forty years since I’ve done laps in a pool voluntarily, but now I look forward to doing laps with shinfins fins as the last part of my workout in a therapy pool. If I have any energy left after the laps, then I use the fins in some walking exercises in the pool. In other words, they’ve become an important part of my therapy and are such an improvement over the inflexible, heavy, awkward old-fashioned fins. But they do take some getting used to. Well worth it, though.
  • By Desi from Brisbane, Australia – I was just planning on using them to tone up. I can really feel them working.
  • By Dr William from Puerto Rico – I love my shinfin fins. They work your quads and abs so strongly that I don’t want to swim anymore without them. Thanks for such a great product. You can use my testimonial. I am a Chiropractor and also have a Masters Degree in Sports Health Science and I have tried other fins and these are the best.
  • By Mike from Ontario, Canada – They give me a great workout especially the thighs and the entire trunk area…..which is a pleasant surprise as I\’m always trying to increase my strength in my lumbar/abdominal/buttocks area. I\’m swimming twice a week for about 45 min each time. So yes I like them a lot, and yes they are just what I need for my strength training. As for one, I\’m back doing the front crawl steadily with more authority now…..before my back/ trunk muscles weren\’t strong enough to allow me to just let loose…..not quite perfect yet but I\’ve noticed a big difference in my lumbar/trunk stability…..a very nice surprise….my knees are feeling better, as I\’m getting more power in my legs……..and my ankles couldn\’t be happier….I can\’t wait to get to the pool now as I\’m seeing results quite quickly.
  • By Rob from Castaways Beach, Australia – I am up to 1.5 km in the pool 3 times a week with the fins and like them lots. I feel the difference in subtle ways – e.g. feels like more working of muscles in thighs. It did take a bit to get used to them. They are in my view a real innovation.

Above are just the hip power fins reviews. Please also see more fins reviews.

Please see Hip Power Fins.

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