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7+ Benefits | Light Tough Fins

Need tough, light-weight fins? + About half the weight of foot flippers. + Under 300g (10oz) each. + Flatter & easier to pack. + Secure strapping system. + Don’t break or fall off. + Tough hi-tech flexible polyurethane. + Integral moulded buckles. + Quality, replaceable, natural rubber straps. + No foot pocket to tear like regular flippers. + Tough, light fins that last you for years.

Are shinfin™ fins easy & neat to pack?

  • Author

  • Easy-pack

    Regular fins are bulky and heavy to pack. They take up a lot of room in my bag.

    I travel quite a bit with my fins. So I like to keep my bag size and weight to a minimum.

    Will these fins fit more easily and neatly into my bag?

  • Marc (Inventor)

    Yes, they are much easier and neater to pack in your bag.

    They are flatter because they have no foot pockets. They also stack neatly on top of each other in your bag.

    They are much lighter than regular fins too.

    So happy lightweight travelling with your fins!

    Cheers, Marc.

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