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Strong Light Fins Reviews

Below are just the strong light fins reviews. Please also see more fins reviews.

  • By Kerry from Harbord, Australia – They are fantastic. Gentle and easy to use. I like the fact that they are lighter to carry among other things. They feel great in the water. There is no ‘pull’ in any one spot like other fins. (I currently have 3 different styles of fins for lap swimming, snorkelling and body boarding.) I have had a lot of abdominal surgery with post-op adhesions and even swimming freestyle can ‘pull’ on my abdomen and cause pain. I have lower back injuries and am working on strengthening back muscles. I also want to strengthen my thigh muscles to enable me to get back to surfboard riding. I can feel a gentle strengthening of abs and thighs. Very happy customer. Cheers for a great product. Congratulations.
  • By Tom from New York, USA – I find them ingenious in design and very helpful in swimming. One knows they are there, but just at the edge of awareness. There is not the least bit of clunkiness to them. I find the straps ‘buckle’ and unbuckle relatively easily. Putting them on is an art in itself and one has to take a few minutes to learn that art. Works really well and very comfortable on my feet, unlike normal flippers. I have the sense that the straps take a fair amount of abuse as I pull them through the slots. Good work on a great product.
  • By Urszula from Wembley Downs, Australia – Yes the fins are great. We took them to Thailand and used them for swimming and snorkeling. Once we got used to them, we had a ball. I think they are great. They are also light and easy to pack! I do swimming and snorkeling mainly in summer, about once a week during this time.
  • By Nick from Minnesota, USA – Shinfin fins made sense to me – light, flexible, and perfect for strengthening my legs and glutes after several years of a deteriorating hip followed by hip replacement surgery. It’s been over forty years since I’ve done laps in a pool voluntarily, but now I look forward to doing laps with shinfin fins as the last part of my workout in a therapy pool. If I have any energy left after the laps, then I use the fins in some walking exercises in the pool. In other words, they’ve become an important part of my therapy and are such an improvement over the inflexible, heavy, awkward old-fashioned fins. But they do take some getting used to. Well worth it, though.
  • By Vicki from Sandy Bay, Tasmania – Have enjoyed swimming with the fins. After one recent swim I tried a normal pair of flippers on and found them quite hard work on my ankle that is still aching at the end of the day! No such problems with shinfin fins. They also happen to fit in the swimming bag a bit easier too!
  • By Bill from Christchurch, New Zealand – One other advantage is that I think it is unlikely someone would loose a shinfin fin if it was put on correctly. They seem very secure. While I’ve never lost a flipper while bodyboarding, I know people who have. On balance shinfin fins are a substantial improvement over conventional flippers for bodyboarding and I would not go back.
  • By Elaine from Minneapolis, USA – Yes, I am truly enjoying the use of the fins. They are greatly helping my swimming. They are easy to use and very light-weight, which I like. They are working well. I noticed my legs are getting stronger which is good.

Above are just the strong light fins reviews. Please also see more fins reviews.

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