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  • By Ibrahim from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – I just want to let you know that I still enjoy using the fins. I have even been using them with a modified breast stroke, or maybe a really poor dolphin kick. Anyway, while pool swimming I have found much more ease with my kick with the fins. My legs are much more relaxed during the kick, and I don’t have to put out as much effort to propel and therefore can concentrate more on my stroke. I also use hand paddles with my stroke. Actually I have just realized how much the shinfin fins actually help your legs kick move ”naturally” while swimming.
  • By Peter from Razorback, Australia – The fins are going great. They were bought mainly for the wife who has used normal fins before but found them awkward. The new ones are just great. She just loves them. They exercise her back muscles. She used to teach swimming to babies and children and was forever leaning over in the pool and as a result, suffers from back pain. She finds that by doing normal swimming with the fins on, it helps her to keep more on top of the water. Whilst she was a great swimming teacher of the toddlers, she was only an average swimmer. The fins help her greatly in this regard.
  • By Paul from Brisbane, Australia – I find the fins to be great in maintaining my profile in the water. I’m not strong with my kicking and tend to drag my legs in freestyle but I’ve found with the fins I’m able to maintain a horizontal position much easier and maintain a consistent rhythm with my kick. Basically I find them great. I’m doing 2 km freestyle a day. I do think that as you use the fins and become aware of your profile in the water you would be “trained” or conditioned to adopt that profile in no fin swimming.
  • By Jarrod from Sydney, Australia – I am enjoying using my fins very much and have found that they have indeed, improved my kick as well as my body position in the water. I will be using the fins to improve my freestyle swimming exercise or more specifically, for building my strength in lap training in the swimming pool. Congratulations for thinking outside the square and creating an innovative product.
  • By Graham from Perth, Australia – I’ve used them twice and they were great; very comfortable and easy to keep my natural rhythm. Made my legs & glutes work hard. Attracted interest from other swimmers, as well as my physiotherapist. No hesitation recommending the shinfin fins to them.
  • By Christine from Kokomo, Indiana, USA – I have a 6 year old son with Spina bifida who loves to swim. I decided that they will work better for him if he doesn’t use his braces. He is very used to a bicycle movement of his legs, because he uses a tricycle instead of a wheelchair. I do already see an improved leg position in the water. His legs are nearer to the surface with the fins on. The streamline position is better already. I appreciate your product. I think I may try them myself if I get myself to the pool for exercise.
  • By Paraic from Portmarnock, Co. Dublin, Ireland – I’m using them for competitive Masters swimming. I’ve found they streamline my freestyle and improve my kick. I find my body position has improved significantly when swimming freestyle, giving a more streamlined position. When I take off the fins I feel my leg kick is stronger and more efficient … and later … Yeah that’s fine to use my comments on your website! The other fins are be used for a Masters swimmer as well!
  • By Phil from Auckland, New Zealand – Love ’em. My swimming technique has improved markedly, just as you said. Body position has become more streamlined because my kick has improved. Only really noticed when I forgot them one time. I get some funny looks but they’re a good conversation-starter. Great product, man – innovative. Had really flash swimmers gawking but too proud to ask (guess they wondered why their coaches weren’t into it). Perhaps you just need to promote them here?
  • By Diana from Tweed Heads, Australia – The shinfin fins are great. It’s the first time I have been able to use flippers without hurting my feet so I am really happy. When I do freestyle now with or without the flippers I am lying flatter in the water and my swimming style has improved.
  • By Margo from Weetangera, ACT Australia – I took your suggestion of learning to swim after removing the fins, after having done a number of laps with them. I couldn’t believe how much stronger my ‘normal’ swimming was! I kept my legs straight when kicking, and moved with more power and efficiency through the water (and so far, no cramps!) I am sure this is due to my body having been ‘trained’ into the correct position when using the shinfin fins. I think there is a lot of potential for shinfin fins to be used in learn to swim classes (esp. with adults), so I hope you are doing a roaring trade!
  • By Lori from Los Angeles, USA – I have been using my new fins about once a week every week since I received them. I use them for lap swimming at the YMCA … they are a lot of fun. They are giving me the enhanced workout that I was looking for … and months later … I am still using my fins. I am still very happy with them. They are in good condition.
  • By Tom from San Diego, USA – Much different feel from traditional fins, but this is a good thing. Rather than stressing all the other joints as regular fins did, pressure is concentrated in a more natural area.
  • By Robert from Columbia – I like them VERY much. Your assertion that the fins encourage a kicking motion that is more mechanically similar to the unaided kick is spot-on. I agree that they are an improvement over the traditional fin. I wish you continued success on a quality product.
  • By Chris from Perth, Australia – I have been lap swimming for only 3 months now and using the fins twice a week now for about 8 weeks. Now, I find it very boring and slow swimming without them. I could not get a kickboard going forwards without them. Now, I do a few laps with the kick board for the exercise. The fins work well for me. They do all the things that that you claim but in addition they make swimming more enjoyable. (I can keep up with the other swimmers now.) I will continue to use them for my twice a week lap swims.
  • By George from Ottowa, Canada – I tried them right away (only freestyle kick). This is my first observation: a) The allow for a relatively fast kick b) They guide to a “higher on the water” and a better balanced position for the freestyle. c) They take the load off the knees – this is important for me because I bought the fins for my niece (a 15 year old competitive swimmer) who has some knee ligament problems. I am extremely happy with the purchase.” …and then, 4 weeks later… “I really like the fins. I am going to order another pair for myself.
  • By Diane from Queensland, Australia – I’d like you to know what your shinfin fins have done for me. Sixteen months ago I had major back surgery and along with hydrotherapy decided to take up swimming. I am mature aged and had not been swimming for some 30 odd years. I found I am unable to use ordinary flippers as they tend to make me bend my back when kicking, causing pain. Your fins made it possible for me to learn to swim high in the water with minimal leg movement. They also strengthened my back and lower abdominal muscles by encouraging me to kick with a straighter leg than I would normally. I have also enjoyed walking in the pool. When walking I leave my fins on and they encourage me to stabilize my core muscle and carry myself up tall and straight. I don’t have to lift my feet any higher than my normal gait. I am very impressed with your shinfin fins and believe they have played a major role in my recovery. I highly recommend them for anyone in my position and see many benefits for people with a variety of physical challenges. Once again “Thank you” for a wonderful product.
  • By Virginia from Montana, USA – I really like the fins. I think if my body had natural fins, they would be much like these. I am able to move fluidly and feel an increase in aerobic activity and muscle usage over finless-ness. I went from pawing the water and keeping my head up to breathe to planting my face in the water for 30 minutes and fluidly swimming. I also increased the length of time from 30 to 45 minutes, enjoying it very much. I’m telling you this because it means your claims are true, it really does increase the muscle usage in areas unexpected. Thanks!

Above are just the smooth fins reviews. Please also see more fins reviews.

Please see Smooth Fins.

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