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Below Knee Amputation Fins Reviews (BKA)

  • By Beth Marie from Saskatoon, Canada – I am a RBK (right below knee) amputee and use them for exercise. I have about 25 cm stump length. Without the fins, trying to swim in a straight line was a challenge and I also wanted the resistance to strengthen my quads. I love the fins. The amputated leg is great. I really got to give them a good work out. The people at the rehab section are really interested in them after I wore them to a rehab appointment in the pool. You are a great company; I certainly will recommend you to other amps. I have convinced – just by using them – the rehab centre to buy a pair. Also, they asked if I would be willing to demonstrate them if other amps were interested. So many thanks and I sure will steer other people your way. Who knows they may become the “hot item” for Saskatoon. 
  • By Pegleg Jack from Jacksonville, Texas, USA – I bought two pairs of your fins for handicapped persons, and they live up to everything that you have told me they would. I use them every other day, and being a bilateral bka (below knee amputee), it sure has increased my level of exercise and I am loosing the weight that I need to. Have recommended them to all of my friends and have posted your web site on all the sites that I am connected to and also have passed the information on to AMPUTEE COALITION of AMERICA, and they have passed it on to their IN-MOTION MAG editor for a possible article in the mag. You have my personal permission to use this in any way you choose, I am just glad that I found your wonderful product, that has helped me in many ways. … and a few years later … They are the greatest thing that I have found so far for swimming and have passed your website on to anyone that seemed interested in the fins. So don’t know how many sales you got out of it. Sure hope that they did wind up ordering from you.
  • By Anthony from Hong Kong – My left leg below knee was amputated in an accident many years ago. There is about 8 inches below the left knee. I fit the fin almost level below the left knee. I wear shinfin fins on both legs when I am swimming. The fins work perfectly on me. I used to have difficulty in doing kick during freestyle swimming. They help a lot in freestyle and especially butterfly. At freestyle, they help to keep both legs in correct kick actions. At butterfly, they help me to ‘feel’ the kick perfectly so that I know how to turn my body at the right timing. I think the fins help a lot to give me a feeling of the kick, particularly in my left leg. Usually, people can feel the kick from their feet. Feeling the kick is very important particularly in butterfly swimming. In freestyle, the fins help me to balance.