Foot Amputation Fins Reviews

  • By Dawn from Currimundi, Australia – My son [age 10] loves the fins. Because of his partial amputation of one foot and loss of muscles due to burns. He has always had trouble kicking. With the fins he is able to kick very well. The only thing we have had to do is put socks on him under the fins because the straps rub a bit. The reason they rub is because my son’s skin is very thin due to the burns and breaks down very easily. His teacher who told us about the fins has seen a big improvement in his swimming. Thanks.
  • By Bill from Rockingham, Australia – I enjoy snorkeling but have a problem with my foot which is aggravated by normal flippers only allowing me to swim for short periods. As shinfin fins don’t bend the foot I thought that they would be ideal for me. I first tried them in a local pool and after a few adjustments I was finally swimming in a straight line. I went snorkeling and the fins were perfect, everything I had hoped they would be, great control and manoeuvrability and best of all no pain in the foot so I was in the water till I turned blue. Many thanks for a great invention.
  • By Russ from Redwood City, USA – shinfin fins are my saviour. If they did not exist, I could not swim. I have severe foot problems. These fins take the stress off my feet, transferring it to my shins. I went snorkeling in Hawaii two weeks ago, two days in a row, without pain. These fins represent the genius of elegantly simple solutions to complex problems. … and a year or so later … Well, my feet are a disaster. I have had my 4th foot tendon surgery, and I am forbidden to kick normally with or without fins of any kind. But, I am a fighter, and I tried a new way to use your wonderful product. I am allowed to propel myself in water moving my legs horizontally, instead of vertically. One day, I tried using your fins mounted perpendicular to the feet, facing each other on the inside of each leg. It worked! I can still swim and snorkel ( I tried this on Maui in rough water, no problems). Even with the worst foot tendon problems imaginable, I can still use your product in a new, innovative way! I should fly down under and make a commercial for you! Thanks!
  • By Jana from Del Mar, California, USA – The fins are great. Much less stress on the knees. Roy is improving with every swim meet. Look for him in the future! He already holds a handful of American and Pan American records in the freestyle and butterfly events. …and months later… We still think your product is amazing and will continue to share info. with others.
  • By Margaret from Erina, Australia – I was only talking about your shinfin fins the other day to yet another person. The fins are (as we both suspected) a fabulous invention and an invaluable training tool. Grace has been using them now at all her training sessions for quite some time and the results in improved competitive times have come “shin”ing through. Grace says to say that she loves her fins and everything about them – such as making her go faster right down to loving the colour! Of course you may use extracts from my emails for your website. It’s all about giving people with disabilites the confidence to get out there and have a go. So if my remarks can help it would be nice to think it may make a difference in someone’s life. – Margaret (mother of Grace, a double foot amputee)