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Tips | Fitting Your Fins

Putting them on. Tightening. Taking them off. Positioning your fins on your legs. Adjusting for best results.

Fitting Your Fins With Weak Fingers: alternative method


Please read the standard fitting tips first. If you find the standard fitting method tricky because of weaker fingers, then please try this alternative fitting method.

Set up straps non-symmetrical (do once for each fin)

  1. Wet fins.
  2. Slide strap through ankle slots to give minimum strap length to outside buckle to fit your leg. This leaves maximum strap length to inside buckle.
  3. Strap outside buckle as normal to fit your leg securely.
  4. Strap inside buckle very loosely, so only a little strap tail pokes out of the inner slot.

Put on fins by tightening inside buckle

  1. Wet fins.
  2. Slide your foot through both strap loops together.
  3. Centre the fin tip near your second toenail.
  4. Tighten inside buckle by pulling strap tail whilst pushing other side of strap into buckle.
  5. Tidy strap tail under strap.

Take off fins by loosening (but not fully releasing) inside buckle

  1. Wet fins.
  2. Pull out strap tail from under strap at inside buckle.
  3. Keep pressing arrow gently to unlock inside buckle (without pressing finger against strap).
  4. Pull strap firmly so it slips through both buckle slots together (don’t pull it right out).
  5. Slide fin off your foot.
  6. Leave inside buckle loosely done up (outside buckle is still done up tight).