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Need some help with your fins? + Getting the best from your shinfin™ leg fins. + Fin size. + Fin & strap care & materials. + Fitting your fins. + Kicking your fins. + Walking with your fins. + Any more questions just ask – I’m here to help!

  • Taking care of your fins & straps. Polyurethane fins. Natural rubber straps.

  • Putting them on. Tightening. Taking them off. Positioning your fins on your legs. Adjusting for best results.

  • Streamlined kick from your hips. Only a little knee-bend.

  • Walking on land. Walking in the water. Lift your knees a bit higher when walking in shallow water.

  • One size fits kids to adults. Fits all leg shapes. Foot size doesn’t matter. Fits everyone taller than 140 cm (4 ft 7 inches).