Aqua aerobics fins reviews

  • By Peggy from Saskatchewan, Canada – I want to use the fins for swim training, water running and snorkelling. I rushed to the pool this morning to try them. What a difference! Kicking seemed so effortless, yet effective – with almost no effort I was cruising past people I normally don’t pass. Then I played – dolphined down the pool, tried some water running and had a great time. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them enormously, and will spread the word here.
  • By Cath from Balwyn, Australia – Well, I’ve been using the fins about twice a week since I received them, and have really enjoyed them so far. For starters I was really pleased by the service and speed of arrival when I purchased them. I’ve never really swum with fins before, as I have had several ankle injuries which make it too uncomfortable to wear regular ones. The forces of normal fins are too much for my ankle joints to bear. I don’t get any pain from the shinfin fins though, which makes them really worthwhile. Mostly I use them to help me do leg strength work and to keep my heart rate up after I’ve done my fin-less swimming and water-running. I can easily keep my heart rate in the right zone. And today while swimming I worked out I can go harder with the fins than during normal fin-less swimming! I just need to remember to keep up a good rhythm. It’s tiring, which is worthwhile  Well, good on you for making something different and functional and beautiful.
  • By Susan from Canberra, Australia – The fins are great. I can definitely feel the change in the muscle sets that are used with the shinfin fins compared to the other foot fins. I have also had no more problems with cramping in my feet.
  • By Vicki from Sandy Bay, Tasmania – Have tried the fins a couple of times and they felt much better the second time. I found that walking in them was quite good as was sitting on a ‘noodle’ and doing a cycling action with my legs. Have enjoyed swimming with the fins. After one recent swim I tried a normal pair of flippers on and found them quite hard work on my ankle that is still aching at the end of the day! No such problems with shinfin fins. They also happen to fit in the swimming bag a bit easier too!
  • By Nick from Minnesota, USA – shinfin fins made sense to me – light, flexible, and perfect for strengthening my legs and glutes after several years of a deteriorating hip followed by hip replacement surgery. It’s been over forty years since I’ve done laps in a pool voluntarily, but now I look forward to doing laps with shinfins fins as the last part of my workout in a therapy pool. If I have any energy left after the laps, then I use the fins in some walking exercises in the pool. In other words, they’ve become an important part of my therapy and are such an improvement over the inflexible, heavy, awkward old-fashioned fins. But they do take some getting used to. Well worth it, though.