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Aquatic Therapy Fins Reviews

  • By Beth Marie from Saskatoon, Canada – I am a RBK (right below knee) amputee and use them for exercise. I have about 25 cm stump length. Without the fins, trying to swim in a straight line was a challenge and I also wanted the resistance to strengthen my quads. I love the fins. The amputated leg is great. I really got to give them a good work out. The people at the rehab section are really interested in them after I wore them to a rehab appointment in the pool. You are a great company; I certainly will recommend you to other amps. I have convinced – just by using them – the rehab centre to buy a pair. Also, they asked if I would be willing to demonstrate them if other amps were interested. So many thanks and I sure will steer other people your way. Who knows they may become the “hot item” for Saskatoon. 
  • By Kerry from Harbord, Australia – They are fantastic. Gentle and easy to use. I like the fact that they are lighter to carry among other things. They feel great in the water. There is no ‘pull’ in any one spot like other fins. (I currently have 3 different styles of fins for lap swimming, snorkelling and body boarding.) I have had a lot of abdominal surgery with post-op adhesions and even swimming freestyle can ‘pull’ on my abdomen and cause pain. I have lower back injuries and am working on strengthening back muscles. I also want to strengthen my thigh muscles to enable me to get back to surfboard riding. I can feel a gentle strengthening of abs and thighs. Very happy customer. Cheers for a great product. Congratulations.
  • By Geoff from Townsville, Australia – I have a pair of shinfin fins and have been delighted with them, they helped during my recovery from a broken foot. Briefly I broke a bone in my foot called the medial cuneiform, as well as a few other bits of my body, in a motorcycle crash. This bone is very important in maintaining the arch of the foot and has some tendon insertions which are important to movement of the foot. I wanted to maintain strength in my legs during recovery but was not getting enough of a workout from swimming with bare feet. Ordinary flippers were out as they stressed the very areas that needed to recover, so I decided to try shinfin fins having seen them some time ago on (from memory) Beyond Tomorrow (or something similar). I have to say they were just what the doctor ordered (being a doctor myself  . Anyway I had a patient with an achilles tendon inflammation who was trying to keep fit without running but was using ordinary flippers when swimming and aggravating the injury, so my shinfin fins are on loan to them at present so they can evaluate them as part of their fitness equipment. I must say I am surprised shinfin fins are not in more widespread use as they are a superb idea.
  • By Connie from Long Beach, California, USA – I am recovering from a head injury. I swim in the Harbor here in Long Beach, California as part of my rehabilitation and because I love water more than land. I also injured my knee when I fell on my head. They look just the ticket for knees. I can really see the mechanics of how they work the leg, glute and stomach muscles instead of beefing up the calves. I have been trying to think of the words to express how much I love my shinfin fins but no words seem to do them justice. I have been using them here in Long Beach Harbor and I have also swum with them in San Diego Bay. My niece(6) and nephew(8) tried them. Even though the fins should really be to big for them, they loved them. Their mother thinks the fins might help her back. My other honorary nephew, snorkeled with them at Silver Strand Beach in San Diego. He is amazed at how great it is to dive with them. I have been using the fins with my Churchill Makapuu fins. The combination is perfect. The Makapuu are light and they float. With concentration I let the shinfin fins pull me up into good horizontal kick alignment. It gives me tremendous power and I can’t believe the way the shinfin fins strengthen and work my glutes, thighs and oblique and stomach muscles. There is a long shore current that used to torment me on the return leg of my swim. With your shinfin fins I power right through it. In addition, the lateral balance feedback they give me in the water seems to be greatly improving my balance (which I lost from the head injury) both in the water and on land. Before, I needed a cane on one side and a person on the other to get to the water. Now, I can get there with just a cane. Thank you for my fins. … And later … Yes, you may include my testimonial about the fins and anything else that I have written to you which would elucidate the brain injury that the fins are helping me overcome. Yes, I swam several times with just the shinfin fins. I’m so glad I did that, because it retrained my leg position, so that my legs are trailing behind me in a natural kick. I truly did not know what this felt like before the shinfin fins. As a child I did all of my swimming under water. I didn’t start swimming on top of the water until I began distance swimming (a mile or so) with snorkel and fins. I didn’t realize how low in the water my legs were kicking until I swam with your fins. It was only after retraining my kick with shinfin fins that I could relax my body and achieve a natural kick with the Makapuu fins and the shinfin fins together. About the balance: There is something about water which has been tremendously healing for me. People don’t realize that swimming is one of the balancing sports which require a myriad of muscles to maintain position and trajectory. shinfin fins have added a stabilizing feedback component to my brain. I have had a dramatic improvement in my balance. I know that part of this is the natural course of healing that I am on. But, before your fins it would take me thirty minutes with two cross country walking sticks to walk 30 yards. Every other step I would completely lose a sense of vertical and rotate wildly around the sticks. Now, I can cross the thirty yards with one cane in about ten minutes. (I use a floating cane which I made with floating rope, that I tether under the water with a spiral dog chain anchor.) This means that I can lock my walker to the lifeguard tower and get to the water unassisted. This independence means so much, I can’t tell you. It feels like the more I am able to swim with shinfin fins, the sooner I will be on my own two feet again, sans walker. It feels like shinfin fins are retraining my brain in a feedback loop, giving me more comprehensible information on where my body is in space. They also give me a tremendous sense of power and they are strengthening my core muscles and thighs. This also enhances my perception of balance and the position of my body, relative to the world and gravity, in and out of the water. Thank you! … And later … I would love to have links to material online regarding this area of retraining or rehabilitating the brain with movement. Also, if there are books on the subject, I would love to read more about it. I talked to a woman on Friday who works with autistic people. One of her students had, not just the usual uncoordination of autism, but an almost total disconnect between his left and right side. She took him to the park every day to have him climb poles. He improved remarkably. This got me thinking, part of what I am experiencing with shinfin fins is a return to the part of my brain that learned to crawl. It occurs to me that this is part of why water is so healing for me. It is not just the relaxation I feel from not having to worry about falling. It is more. When we first learn to move, when we are first aware of our bodies at a physical level, we are immersed in fluid. It feels that way when I am swimming, like I am free that I can start over. I swim a third of a mile to a mile, depending how I’m feeling. The harbor water is shot through with silt. I swim near sunset and the colors in the water shift to a sepia dream. The shinfin fins are streamlining my body and adding an increasingly effortless power. I described your fins to the woman who works with autistic people and she said, “Oh my goodness that would be more fish-like.” Maybe your fins take me farther back than the womb. My only worry is breathing through my occasional attacks of irrational shark phobia. (Courtesy of Stephen Spielberg.)
  • By Wendy from San Francisco, USA – Overall I LOVE them!!! First off I am an occupational therapist, so I have a special appreciation for the ergonomics and biomechanical advantages of the shinfin design! Really takes the strain off your ankles for kicking power and I feel far less lower extremity fatigue and strain when I use them! For lap swims in a pool they are perfect and I think they would be also be great for snorkeling!! I still think shin fins superior to any fins I have ever used!! I hope you find my feedback useful!! Thanks for taking the time to ask for it!!
  • By Lyn from Pimlico, Australia – Congratulations on an excellent product + great sales and service. After suffering a heart attack and a few strokes with major complications a few years ago, my father became severely restricted with movement – he has problems with balance on land, even though his limb movement is still strong. The doctors originally thought that he would have to be put into a nursing home, but because of his love of the water, he was able to start moving again with water therapy. Water therapy has been very important in rehabilitation: with him regaining most of what he lost and things are going well – recently he has taken up snorkelling!!! The shinfin fins have been fantastic as they are easy to move in while entering the water and allow him to maintain balance easier while standing in the water. The distribution of the energy through the entire leg rather than just the ankle also means it is much easier and takes less energy to kick. The confidence factor in that he feels safer is also important.
  • By Graham from Perth, Australia – I’ve used them twice and they were great; very comfortable and easy to keep my natural rhythm. Made my legs & glutes work hard. Attracted interest from other swimmers, as well as my physiotherapist. No hesitation recommending the shinfin fins to them.
  • By Christine from Kokomo, Indiana, USA – I have a 6 year old son with Spina bifida who loves to swim. I decided that they will work better for him if he doesn’t use his braces. He is very used to a bicycle movement of his legs, because he uses a tricycle instead of a wheelchair. I do already see an improved leg position in the water. His legs are nearer to the surface with the fins on. The streamline position is better already. I appreciate your product. I think I may try them myself if I get myself to the pool for exercise.
  • By Sharman from Kensington, Connecticut USA – I love my fins. I actually notice the difference with my leg/hip. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis Lupus type issues with hip. Swimming is what I do to stay agile/increase/maintain my mobility, as well as weight. The fins are great! Thanks for your e-mail. I am definitely spreading the word at my health club! Happy Finning!
  • By Alex from Red Hill, Australia – I’m really enjoying the fins. I use the fins fairly regularly when lap swimming (as I’m doing some shoulder rehab for an injury) so it helps me keep up my momentum while doing my training laps. I definitely notice that my kicking action is getting stronger and is more consistent when I don’t use the fins, which is great.
  • By Tony from Kiama Downs, Australia – I have been using the fins in the pool recently as part of my swimming regime to assist with my crook lower back. They certainly do not cause my lower back any problems when swimming. I am still learning to use them but have found them to be very comfortable and have no problems with calf or foot cramping I get with normal fins.
  • By Nick from Minnesota, USA – shinfin fins made sense to me – light, flexible, and perfect for strengthening my legs and glutes after several years of a deteriorating hip followed by hip replacement surgery. It’s been over forty years since I’ve done laps in a pool voluntarily, but now I look forward to doing laps with shinfin fins as the last part of my workout in a therapy pool. If I have any energy left after the laps, then I use the fins in some walking exercises in the pool. In other words, they’ve become an important part of my therapy and are such an improvement over the inflexible, heavy, awkward old-fashioned fins. But they do take some getting used to. Well worth it, though.
  • By Laurie from Coffs Harbour, Australia – After an operation on my right knee it was important to regain the strength as quickly as possible but without high load exercise. Once the wound had healed it was into the pool with my shinfin fins. The main benefit of using these fins is that the load is spread over the whole leg and does not put any strain on the knee, which was perfect for my recovery. Thanks for a great product, brilliant.