Kneeboarding Fins Reviews

  • By Mike from Bend, Oregon, USA – I am a kneeboarder and also stand up surfer. I wear a full suit. I switched to kneeboarding due to a rotator cuff problem. I need to paddle less with arms, and now regular swim fins aggravate a “bunionette” on my little toe joint. Hoping another method of swimming will result in less aggravation. They are good in the pool, I like the way that they work for laps and training for the day I go back to surf.
  • By Graham from Buderim, Australia – The fins are definitely a break through. Very comfortable and NO FOOT CRAMP! Good sprint speed for catching the waves (kneeboard). Light. Suits straight leg kick style for kneeboarding. Comfortable in kneeling position. Easy to walk and jump off rocks for water entry.