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Snorkeling Fins Reviews

  • By Doug from North Rocks, Australia – Just used the shinfin fins down at Gerroa a few weekends back. They work very well. Used them boogie boarding, snorkeling and body surfing. I usually wear a bootie or at least a neoprene sock. They feel like they provide similar propulsion as I get with my flippers. However the easier kicking motion used for shinfin propulsion really puts them far above the flippers. No more sore toe or foot joints. I was able to go all day with the shinfin fins without any soreness problem. I will use the fins for snorkeling from a sea kayak, and possibly wearing in a sea kayak to help recovery from a capsize. Good product.
  • By Margaret from Hamilton, Australia – We are using the fins for recreational swimming and snorkelling. I am a beginning swimmer and noticed that they did assist markedly in providing propulsion. My main aim is to get confidence in the water rather than long distance swimming or worrying too much about speed. I have been doing breaststroke and this has been the most comfortable stroke for me. The fins have certainly helped me to learn freestyle stroke – albeit still very slow. I am developing the freestyle arm stroke and the buoyancy of the fins is a great assistance. In fact I was surprised how much force they generate. The only thing I would do differently is purchase different colours so I can distinguish mine from my husbands – at least there is waterproof texta. He is also enjoying the fins and finding they assist his stroke very well. I have purchased a snorkel and am having great fun with this. The fins certainly assist here. We are looking forward to our holiday in Cairns in July – we want to see the Great Barrier Reef before it disappears.
  • By Peggy from Saskatchewan, Canada – I want to use the fins for swim training, water running and snorkelling. I rushed to the pool this morning to try them. What a difference! Kicking seemed so effortless, yet effective – with almost no effort I was cruising past people I normally don’t pass. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them enormously, and will spread the word here. … And later … I continue to love the fins, and wore them snorkelling in Aruba with great success. People who were backing through the water with traditional fins did display some jealousy that I was able to walk straight in. I treasure them and will continue to take them ’on tour’ with me wherever my swimsuit and goggles go.
  • By Peter from Brisbane, Australia – Katrina and I have both been using the shinfin fins and are very happy with them. We used them when snorkelling on the reef. The fins performed well, and as our other friends were using conventional flippers, it was interesting to compare them. The main advantages of the fins over the conventional flippers were the ease of moving around when they were on. And with the shinfin fins your ankles did not tire as quickly, meaning that you could stay in the water for longer.
  • By Juan from Brisbane, Australia – It took me while to adjust myself to the shinfin fins, just a matter of finding the right adjustment. The initial experience could be a bit disappointing, but in no time you find the benefits: you feel the target muscles working. They are working great for my lap swimming. I also took them for my holidays, for snorkelling. They worked fine and you feel you are more in control when trying not to damage the frail coral reefs. I bet all those diving fins people use for snorkelling are causing a great damage. Overall, I\’m very happy with my shinfin fins. Thanks for a great product and for the support.
  • By Connie from Long Beach, California, USA – I have been trying to think of the words to express how much I love my shinfin fins but no words seem to do them justice. I have been using them here in Long Beach Harbor and I have also swum with them in San Diego Bay. My niece(6) and nephew(8) tried them. Even though the fins should really be to big for them, they loved them. Their mother thinks the fins might help her back. My other honorary nephew, snorkeled with them at Silver Strand Beach in San Diego. He is amazed at how great it is to dive with them.
  • By Steve from Morley, WA, Australia – For snorkeling they are excellent, being able to walk in and out of the water quite easily, and by using the whole of the leg as a kicking action you use far less energy and do not get tired. They have taken a bit of getting used to. One has to remember not to bend the knees – use all the leg. I wear diving boots with them allowing access to reef areas and no problems with sharp objects or marine life.
  • By Afton from St. George, Maine, USA – I just returned from a snorkeling trip in Bermuda. I enjoyed using my shinfin fins. With traditional fins I ended up with tired ankles and the strap chafing on my heel. On this trip I was always the last one out and felt the same as when I first went in. I will definitely recommend them.
  • By Anne (swim teacher & coach) from Kilmore, Victoria, Australia – I’m just back from a holiday at Cape Paterson, Victoria, and wanted to let you know that my shinfin fins were fantastic for surf swimming, body boarding and body surfing. Compared to “normal” fins I had less dramas getting into the surf, they were great to swim & paddle in, and they didn’t come off even when I wiped out. I also found them great when snorkelling – no leg cramps. Several people approached me to ask about the fins and seemed impressed with their performance.
  • By Michael from Sydney, Australia – I think they are great. I left them at home when we went snorkeling to Lord Howe and I had to use conventional ones. That was when I felt the difference most profoundly.
  • By Jo from Canberra, Australia – Hi Marc, last year I purchased two pairs of shinfin fins. We went snorkeling at Byron at Xmas. Snorkeling was very rough, too deep, strong current – didn’t see a thing… BUT shinfin fins were excellent. Despite not being strong swimmers could keep up with rest of strapping young men in rough seas and current. Design meant that my sister with the tender scars on top of both feet did not get sore feet. So were very good and am very happy with them. Going to Vanuatu or Fiji in June this year for some hopefully better snorkeling and will be further delighted with these fins I’m sure. Have a great New Year.
  • By Urszula from Wembley Downs, Australia – Yes the fins are great. We took them to Thailand and used them for swimming and snorkeling. Once we got used to them, we had a ball. I think they are great. They are also light and easy to pack! I do swimming and snorkeling mainly in summer, about once a week during this time.
  • By Jono from Perth, Australia – The fins are working a treat, I have taken them out a few times snorkeling and once I got used to them they became a lot easier. I realised that they are a lot easier to use and less strain on your legs. At first I was a bit hesitant about the shinfin fins but now I realise how good they really are. My brother has tried them and wants to buy a pair of his own already.
  • By Bill from Rockingham, Australia – I enjoy snorkeling but have a problem with my foot which is aggravated by normal flippers only allowing me to swim for short periods. As shinfin fins don’t bend the foot I thought that they would be ideal for me. I first tried them in a local pool and after a few adjustments I was finally swimming in a straight line. I went snorkeling and the fins were perfect, everything I had hoped they would be, great control and manoeuvrability and best of all no pain in the foot so I was in the water till I turned blue. Many thanks for a great invention.
  • By Bill from Christchurch, New Zealand – I like the fact that I can walk around with them on both on land and in shallow water. It’s a little bit awkward but almost nothing compared to flippers. So they are safer than flippers in that respect. When snorkeling its good to be able to walk over the top of a rocky reef and get back in on the other side without having to take off and put back on a pair of flippers.
  • By Russ from Redwood City, USA – shinfin fins are my saviour. If they did not exist, I could not swim. I have severe foot problems. These fins take the stress off my feet, transferring it to my shins. I went snorkeling in Hawaii two weeks ago, two days in a row, without pain. These fins represent the genius of elegantly simple solutions to complex problems. Do you want me to make TV commercials?