Swim Instruction Fins Reviews

  • By Peggy from Saskatchewan, Canada – What a difference! Kicking seemed so effortless, yet effective – with almost no effort I was cruising past people I normally don’t pass. Then I played – dolphined down the pool, tried some water running and had a great time. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them enormously, and will spread the word here. It strikes me that these would be great for open water swimming – too bad they’re not invisible so I could race in them! I try to do a total immersion freestyle, and I found that the fins helped immensely with body positioning. I’m an experimenter – I spend every swim session working on some little thing or other and trying variations, so this kind of thing appeals to me. It is about balance, and I loved the way I felt more ‘compatible’ with the water, if that makes any sense. And I did try the bit about swimming just after I took them off, for that very reason – wanted to see if I could replicate the feeling and positioning. It worked fairly well, given it was only my first try. I am a Masters Official. I haven’t swum competitively except in triathlon, but I know many of the Masters Swimmers in my area. I would think your market would be among Masters Swimmers and triathletes because many of them enjoy the technical parts of the sport and are rather ‘gadget prone’. … And later … I continue to love the fins. I treasure them and will continue to take them ‘on tour’ with me wherever my swimsuit and goggles go.
  • By Dass from Middletown, Connecticut, USA – I just started taking swimming lessons. I have never been able to do a lap in the pool. My fear was always if I cannot touch the bottom I am not getting in. I have a great teacher but to make it all work even better I have shinfin fins. The fins are great!!!!! They have helped me learn to swim and also given me the confidence to stay in the water even when I cannot touch the bottom. I used to use normal fins and they always hurt my calfs but with the shinfin fins my legs move in the correct form for swimming and just make everything easy. Now I swim laps for about 30 minutes non stop! People come up to me wanting to know why are my fins different and I explain how they work and point them to your website. So hopefully you might get more orders from the US. Thanks Marc for this great invention!
  • By Bev from Whyalla Swim School, SA, Australia – We are very happy with the fins and my son’s times have taken a huge dive recently. This we believe is due to him starting to develop his kick better, but also his own determination to achieve greater results. (He can now see the light at the end of the tunnel)
  • By Anne (swim teacher & coach) from Kilmore, Victoria, Australia – The fins are great, and are sparking some interest at the pool where I work (Kilmore Leisure Centre, Victoria). As you said, they enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. I’ve found them very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. Students have to work their kick, not just cruise along as they would in regular fins, making them great for squad level swimmers. I’ve also found them especially useful for adult students who are learning to swim from scratch – the fins seem to enable a natural kicking action with extra propulsion to help maintain streamlined body position and buoyancy, so assist with overall water confidence.