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Swim Learning Fins Reviews

  • By Margaret from Hamilton, Australia – We are using the fins for recreational swimming and snorkelling. I am a beginning swimmer and noticed that they did assist markedly in providing propulsion. My main aim is to get confidence in the water rather than long distance swimming or worrying too much about speed. I have been doing breaststroke and this has been the most comfortable stroke for me. The fins have certainly helped me to learn freestyle stroke – albeit still very slow. I am developing the freestyle arm stroke and the buoyancy of the fins is a great assistance. In fact I was surprised how much force they generate. The only thing I would do differently is purchase different colours so I can distinguish mine from my husbands – at least there is waterproof texta. He is also enjoying the fins and finding they assist his stroke very well. I have purchased a snorkel and am having great fun with this. The fins certainly assist here. We are looking forward to our holiday in Cairns in July – we want to see the Great Barrier Reef before it disappears.
  • By Tony from Singapore – They really performed wonders to my swim style. Congratulations, you have really created a little miracle, which will certainly help countless others with my similar predicament. I will certainly recommend it to friends. In particular, I liked the fact that it prevented my feet and calves from cramping, something which occurred after 2 laps with ordinary fins. Also breathing was made much easier, and I now look forward eagerly to the next session.
  • By Evelyn from Santa Cruz, California USA – You might say that I am a very satisfied customer. I’m 63 years old and just learned to swim the crawl stroke with my face in the water. My kick is still weak and I am easily winded, but both are improving. The fins have helped me a lot, and, using them, I have been able to pay more attention to and improve my stroke. The best part – NO FOOT CRAMPS! I use the fins for the first half of my workout only, and my swimming without them has become much better as well. Buying them was a spot-on decision, and I am going great with them.
  • By Ron from Adelaide, Australia – My 2nd week with the shinfin fins has been promising; my kicking is feeling more comfortable and natural, and my lap times are now comparable to the foot fins. My aim is to become a stronger swimmer with the fins, with the proof being my lap times and overall fitness levels (measured by fitness assessments at the gym) … and 4 months later … Yes, I’m still going twice a week, but I think I have plateaued in terms of improving my lap times and fitness. I think I should get lessons to improve my technique to see improvements. Definitely swimming more laps with the shinfin fins on though, without a doubt. … Just an update on my progress: after seven months of using your fins, I’ve improved from barely swimming 50m non-stop to 500m non-stop! I posted my PB of 500m two weeks ago, and also swam 1.3km in 30 minutes. Granted these are slow times but given that I wasn’t a strong swimmer in the first place, and I’ve had no swimming lessons since primary school, I feel like a stronger and more confident swimmer. One key was not to sprint my laps and slow down my pace somewhat, but the fins helped me sustain the effort over a longer period of time. And I swam with the shinfin fins at the Great Barrier Reef recently and they were fine for a novice like me. It gave me enough propulsion. They continue to generate interest when I wear them. People are so fascinated by the concept!
  • By Ibrahim from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – WOW ! ! I think I put them on properly, and was very pleased with the way my legs worked as well as my overall workout. Thanks a mill. I really like these fins. I notice that I need to keep my legs straight – the proper kicking technique when using them. I also notice that when I first get into the water, my legs take a bit to get used to the fins. This has happened every time I went swimming. After a few laps, my legs adjust themselves and the strokes become a bit smoother. Finally, I have been able to concentrate more on relaxing my upper body and strengthening my stroke so that I don’t fatigue as much. The workout has been valuable. I do get a better workout with the shinfin fins. If I relax, I can add to my laps before taking a rest.
  • By Anne (swim teacher & coach) from Kilmore, Victoria, Australia – As you said, they enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. I’ve found them very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. I’ve also found them especially useful for adult students who are learning to swim from scratch – the fins seem to enable a natural kicking action with extra propulsion to help maintain streamlined body position and buoyancy, so assist with overall water confidence.
  • By Margo from Weetangera, ACT Australia – Been using the fins about 3 times a week. Lots of interest from other ladies in the lap lanes! I find that these fins make learning to swim feel very easy, which is a great confidence booster, but almost too easy, so that I’m not sure that I am expending sufficient effort! It is incredible to me that I can swim 50-60 25 m laps without feeling tired, whereas about 30 laps used to be my limit before. But what is really exceptional is the fact that there is no cramping in feet or toes – wonderful!! I took your suggestion of learning to swim after removing the fins, after having done a number of laps with them. I couldn’t believe how much stronger my ‘normal’ swimming was! I kept my legs straight when kicking, and moved with more power and efficiency through the water (and so far, no cramps!) I am sure this is due to my body having been ‘trained’ into the correct position when using the shinfin fins. I think there is a lot of potential for these fins to be used in learn to swim classes (esp. with adults), so I hope you are doing a roaring trade!
  • By Matt from Jackson Heights, New York, USA – I just finished using my fins for the first time and they were great! It really helped me get moving and showed me how to control my legs. I can’t wait to get back in the pool with them tomorrow. Everyone at the pool was asking what they were, so I told them to check out the site. I am very happy that I ordered them. … and then, 3 weeks later … I have progressed a ton since I started using them. They are great because they help keep my legs kicking correctly. I do leg drills with them and my progression is visible.
  • By Chris from Perth, Australia – I have been lap swimming for only 3 months now and using the fins twice a week now for about 8 weeks. Now, I find it very boring and slow swimming without them. I could not get a kickboard going forwards without them. Now, I do a few laps with the kick board for the exercise. The fins work well for me. They do all the things that that you claim but in addition they make swimming more enjoyable. (I can keep up with the other swimmers now.) I will continue to use them for my twice a week lap swims.
  • By Virginia from Montana, USA – I really like the fins. I think if my body had natural fins, they would be much like these. I am able to move fluidly and feel an increase in aerobic activity and muscle usage over finless-ness. I went from pawing the water and keeping my head up to breathe to planting my face in the water for 30 minutes and fluidly swimming. I also increased the length of time from 30 to 45 minutes, enjoying it very much. I’m telling you this because it means your claims are true, it really does increase the muscle usage in areas unexpected. Thanks!
  • By Elaine from Minneapolis, USA – Yes, I am truly enjoying the use of the fins. They are greatly helping my swimming. They are easy to use and very light-weight, which I like. They are working well. I noticed my legs are getting stronger which is good.
  • By Bill from Virginia, USA – These are the only fins I have ever used that do not cause my feet or calves to cramp. A great innovation.