Swim Training Fins Reviews

By Peggy from Saskatchewan, Canada – What a difference! Kicking seemed so effortless, yet effective – with almost no effort I was cruising past people I normally don’t pass. I try to do a total immersion freestyle, and I found that the fins helped immensely with body positioning. I spend every swim session working on some little thing or other and trying variations, so this kind of thing appeals to me. It is about balance, and I loved the way I felt more ‘compatible’ with the water, if that makes any sense. And I did try the bit about swimming just after I took them off, for that very reason – wanted to see if I could replicate the feeling and positioning. It worked fairly well, given it was only my first try. I am a Masters Official. I haven’t swum competitively except in triathlon, but I know many of the Masters Swimmers in my area. I would think your market would be among Masters Swimmers and triathletes because many of them enjoy the technical parts of the sport. … And later … I continue to love the fins.

By Steve from San Francisco, USA – I will be using them primarily for pool training. I am able to get my heart rate up to the target range now because of the leg involvement. I have had knee surgery and my knee does not hurt any more after a swim from the hyperextension snap. Flip turns are possible. Good job.

By Juan from Brisbane, Australia – It took me while to adjust myself to the shinfin fins, just a matter of finding the right adjustment. The initial experience could be a bit disappointing, but in no time you find the benefits: you feel the target muscles working. They are working great for my lap swimming. I also took them for my holidays, for snorkelling. They worked fine and you feel you are more in control when trying not to damage the frail coral reefs. I bet all those diving fins people use for snorkelling are causing a great damage. Overall, I’m very happy with my shinfin fins. Thanks for a great product and for the support.

By Charles from New York, USA – Marc – In a nutshell – “I luv em!”. They did take some getting used to, but after two weeks (I’m in the pool approx 3 times a week) I started getting the hang of them in relationship to my swim style. As you advertised, they recruit the larger muscle groups in my glutes so I am now using less energy for the same amount of distance. They assist me in developing a feel for proper body position in the water. My Tri team mates find I look funny with them on. They do require a bit of extra time to put on and take off, so I swim the warm-up with them on. This way when we do drills (usually right after our warm up) I can be ready. I look forward to my time in the pool even more so these days just so I can use the fins. Thanks for such an innovative product. … and later … Thanks for the follow-up information, it’s quite useful and certainly helps me to explain to my team mates (several of whom are doctors and lawyers) the bio mechanics behind why I’m so darned excited about the fins. Last night, the pool where we practice was in the 50 meter configuration for the first time since I’ve had the fins (it’s been in the 25 meter config for several weeks), so we all had to adjust to swimming continuously for 50m instead of 25m and I was able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out and really get a feel of my stroke and boy you certainly hit the nail on the head. I use alternate side breathing when I swim, so I could definitely feel better balance as far as my breathing goes, which in turn encourages me to lengthen my stroke… WAY COOL! After warming up for 600m and doing drills, I removed the fins and we went straight in 6 fast 50’s followed by our main set of 3 descending 300’s. Usually I’m great on shorter distances, but tend to fade rapidly on distances over 200m. Well last night I found I had good speed on the 50’s (as expected) but to my pleasant surprise, I was able to maintain my position and finish the main set without getting my toes tapped by the swimmers behind me and having to drop back. It a small thing, but it means I am definitely improving. I was able to keep proper form for a longer period of time. Again, thanks for considering me and in case you missed it, I luv ’em luv ’em luv ’em!

By Graham from Renmark, Australia – Thank you for enquiring about my fins, I am delighted with the results. I was particularly interested to get a good work out of the muscles that you describe and with the fins I certainly do. Yes they do take a little longer to to become accustomed to ( I had previously used foot attached fins) however I was patient and all was well. I now have no trouble swimming 40 lengths of the Olympic pool here, my goal is 100 lengths. The weight loss is satisfying too. … And a bit later … I am enjoying the speed and ease of swimming. Did 50 laps last night – I have never felt better!

By Jarrod from Sydney, Australia – I am enjoying using my fins very much and have found that they have indeed, improved my kick as well as my body position in the water. I will be using the fins to improve my freestyle swimming exercise or more specifically, for building my strength in lap training in the swimming pool. Congratulations for thinking outside the square and creating an innovative product.

By Jenny from Albany, Australia – The fins are terrific. Took only a few laps to get used to them and I can certainly feel my thighs and bum working much harder – something I have found quite tricky to do since my hip replacement 10 years ago, aged 23. I am quite certain that my kick is already much stronger because of them. I love swimming with the fins but what I enjoy even more is the fantastic feeling when I take them off after a 500-1000m warm up swim and keep swimming without them … my legs really power along. I’m happily spreading the good word! Thanks heaps.

By Kin from Singapore – The fins are great! They’ve definitely enhanced my swimming sessions. I took a little while to get used to them, because the straps felt strange. But now that I’m used to them, the fins perform well.

By Barry from Virginia, USA – I absolutely love my fins and am really glad that I made the purchase. Thanks for making such a great product and having wonderful customer service. I really appreciate it. I am using them for swimming workouts and training. What I like best about them is that they encourage you to use your whole leg as opposed to just your ankle to kick. I am a tall individual, 6 foot 5 inches, so I am delighted by the fact that these don’t hurt my ankles any more. I am definitely a big fan! I am flying through the water. You can definitely use me as a testimonial. I don’t lend my name to just anything, but I would be more than happy to help you out. I knew I wanted them right away! I just spoke with my brother and recommended the fins to him because I love them so much. Thanks for all your help and once again, I absolutely love the shinfin fins! They really are the perfect invention!

By Reto from Zurich, Switzerland – I’m very happy with the fins and I have several friends that want to order them too. What I like most is that the feeling for the water when you swim with the fins is almost the same as without. The only difference is that I feel my legs work better and that I’m faster!!!! The swim club members are wondering what I wear but they hesitated until now to ask. I’m looking forward using the fins for body surfing during my next holidays.

By Anne (swim teacher & coach) from Kilmore, Victoria, Australia – As you said, they enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. I’ve found them very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. Students have to work their kick, not just cruise along as they would in regular fins, making them great for squad level swimmers.

By Paraic from Portmarnock, Co. Dublin, Ireland – I’m using them for competitive Masters swimming. I’ve found they streamline my freestyle and improve my kick. I find my body position has improved significantly when swimming freestyle, giving a more streamlined position. When I take off the fins I feel my leg kick is stronger and more efficient … and later … Yeah that’s fine to use my comments on your website! The other fins are be used for a Masters swimmer as well!

By Jana from Del Mar, California, USA – The fins are great. Much less stress on the knees. Roy is improving with every swim meet. Look for him in the future! He already holds a handful of American and Pan American records in the freestyle and butterfly events. …and months later… We still think your product is amazing and will continue to share info. with others.

By Alex from Red Hill, Australia – I’m really enjoying the fins. I use the fins fairly regularly when lap swimming (as I’m doing some shoulder rehab for an injury) so it helps me keep up my momentum while doing my training laps. I definitely notice that my kicking action is getting stronger and is more consistent when I don’t use the fins, which is great.

By Richard from Switzerland – At the moment, training about 2 x per week, 2-3 km. Using the fins each time for about the first 1 km. Starting to notice the more powerful kick when I do not have the fins on – this is good!

By Swimmer from Florida, USA – The fins perform exactly as you describe.

By Margaret from Erina, Australia – I was only talking about your shinfin fins the other day to yet another person. The fins are (as we both suspected) a fabulous invention and an invaluable training tool. Grace has been using them now at all her training sessions for quite some time and the results in improved competitive times have come “shin”ing through. Grace says to say that she loves her fins and everything about them – such as making her go faster right down to loving the colour! Of course you may use extracts from my emails for your website. It’s all about giving people with disabilites the confidence to get out there and have a go. So if my remarks can help it would be nice to think it may make a difference in someone’s life. – Margaret (mother of Grace, a double foot amputee)

By Elias from France – I have been using them in France for a while now and everybody wants to know where I got them. They work fine. I may buy more for my swim team. By the way, you can put my comments on the website. Your fins work and people need to know. I have been happy with the fins and it is natural for me to promote them.

By Rob from Castaways Beach, Australia – I am up to 1.5 km in the pool 3 times a week with the fins and like them lots. I feel the difference in subtle ways – e.g. feels like more working of muscles in thighs. It did take a bit to get used to them. They are in my view a real innovation.

By Adrian from Cardiff, UK – I’ve only used them a couple of times in the pool but my stroke has already improved so I’ve no doubt they’re great for swim training (has generated some interest from others!). I’ll readily endorse the fins based on performance so far!