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No foot & toe cramps: better workout fins

With shinfinTM fins, Sue gets a much better fitness workout whilst avoiding the foot cramps and toe cramps she used to get with regular flippers. What’s more, they help her learn to use her upper legs more and to relax her feet.

Sue’s review from Old Erowal Bay, Australia

“I love my shinfinTM fins. Compared to flippers they give me a much better workout. I definitely won’t be going back to flippers.”

Sue’s review: Better workout fins without foot & toe cramps

“I swim several kilometres a week for fitness purposes and I love my shinfinTM fins. It didn’t take me long to get used to them at all. I found that compared to flippers they give me a much better workout.”

“I was having a lot of trouble with my flippers, my feet and toes kept cramping and some days it was so bad I was unable to continue swimming. Since I’ve started using my shinfinTM fins the cramps have almost completely gone. I am learning to relax my feet more and use my upper leg instead, as you suggested.”

“The only problem I am having is adjusting the straps and getting them tight enough (I don’t have the strength in my hands) I think it’s because of this that they are rubbing on the top of my foot just above my ankle. Can you suggest some other sort of strap ie: Velcro. I’m only in my 40’s but unfortunately I have arthritis in my hands and I’m finding the buckle a bit difficult to adjust. I have been going to experiment myself but I thought you might have some ideas. Thanking you.”


That’s great that you love the shinfinTM fins so much – they really seem to be giving you great benefits. I’m sorry you are finding the straps a bit tricky to get tight enough with your arthritis. I’ve attached the latest version of the tips.

In particular, did you see the method of tightening the strap whilst wearing the fins? This means that you don’t need to get the strap tight when you are buckling it – you can tighten it after threading into the buckle.


“It’s fine if you want to use my email. I have read all of your information on buckling and tightening the straps and will continue to work with the straps, we’ll see how I go.”

“I definitely won’t be going back to flippers.”


Many thanks for your kind permission Sue. If you have any more questions please ask – I am here to help.


shinfinTM fins help you learn to relax your feet and power your kick using your upper legs. They avoid cramping your feet and cramping your toes like regular foot fins. So they give you a more comfortable, natural kick rhythm and a much better fitness workout.