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Prosthetic leg fins reviews

  • Below knee amputee snorkeling: prosthetist recommends fins

    Don is a below knee amputee and his prosthetist recommended wearing shinfinTM fins on his prosthetic leg for snorkeling, which worked well for him. This is because shinfinTM fins are highly adjustable to fit comfortably on all sorts of prosthetic legs, from thin legs with narrow calves through to large legs with broad calves. He wears the other fin on his non-amputated leg in the normal position to give him a better kick.

    Don’s review from North Andover, USA

    “I am a below-knee amputee. Your product was recommended by my prosthetist. I strapped the right fin onto the prosthetic and it seemed to work well. So I imagine I could remove the prosthetic and strap the fin to my residual limb.”

  • Endless pool, snorkeling & scuba: above knee amputee fin

    Daily over four years, Ian, an above knee amputee, uses his shinfinTM fin exercise swimming against his endless pool jet, and for snorkeling and scuba diving. Above all, Ian finds his shinfinTM fin is one of the best exercise aids for stopping his stump from atrophying. His amputation is four inches above knee. He adjusts the shinfinTM fin to fit on his prosthesis and also on his stump. Certainly, just wearing one fin like this, strengthens his muscles and gives him really good balance in the water. However, many above knee amputees (and below knee amputees) wear another shinfinTM fin on their full leg.

    Ian’s review from Manhattan Beach, USA & Waiuku, New Zealand

    “I am an above knee amputee. I have been using your swim fin for muscle strengthening whilst swimming on my prosthesis. Not only has the fin been fantastic, but I am only just now replacing the rubber strap, after four years of daily use! I also just fit it to my stump, which works really well. I have an Endless Pool, so swim against the jet, and seem to stay balanced really well. In fact, the fin is almost too good! One of my best aids to stop the stump from atrophying, as I use a vacuum socket. I really like your fin. Apart from an exercise aid, I also take it with me when I go scuba diving or snorkeling too. Thank you for a great product.”

  • Bilateral below knee amputee prostheses fins

    Peter, a custom prosthetics manufacturer, strapped shinfinTM fins to the prostheses they made for a bilateral below knee amputee. This works because the fins adjust and flex to fit prostheses, just like they fit thin legs and large legs. Firstly, the client trialled shinfinTM fins strapped on prosthetic test sockets and he was very pleased with the results. So then they made his definitive prosthetic sockets and strapped the fins on them. He was so happy swimming in the pool and ocean with those, that he ordered a spare set of shinfinTM fins. Alternatively, please note that you can also strap shinfinTM fins directly onto your stump if it is long enough. So the choice is yours.

    Peter’s review from Broken Head, Australia

    “I have attached a photo of the completed prosthetic swim legs using the shinfinTM fins. The client is very happy with them and has asked us to order him a spare set.”

  • Above knee amputee: snorkeling with prosthetic leg fins

    Shaun is an above knee amputee who snorkels wearing a pair of shinfinTM fins, one fin on his prosthetic leg and the other fin on his shin. He is very happy with them, especially because of the easier water entry, water exit and streamlined kicking propulsion technique. Also, he highly values that the fins are light and compact enough to fit into his small carry-on backpack, for ultralight traveling. His story is very useful for above knee amputees and below knee amputees swimming with waterproof prosthetic legs, for snorkeling and other water activities too.

    Shaun’s review from Redondo Beach, USA

    “The shinfinTM fins worked great for me and had a ton of benefits. Overall I couldn’t be happier.”