shinfin™ leg fins up and down kick power

shinfin™ Leg Fins

How do shinfin™ leg fins work?

shinfin™ leg fins are a natural evolution from foot flippers. They strap to your legs. So your feet are free to move naturally. That is why they avoid common flipper problems.

You will quickly feel their natural action. If you don’t already do a streamlined kick, they will teach you. Natural kick, many benefits, multipurpose and more fun.

Most importantly, I have designed them for a natural streamlined kick like good swimmers’ freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. (Some customers use them for breaststroke or “frog-kick” but I didn’t specifically design them for this.) They encourage kicking from your hips with only a little knee-bend (foot flippers need much more knee-bend).

  • Straps fit securely just above ankle.
  • Fin is comfortable & flexible to fit leg.
  • Fin extends from middle of shin to toes.
  • Feet & ankles free to walk, dive & swim naturally.
  • Down-kick power: fin bends along front of leg.
  • Up-kick power: fin bends away from leg.
  • Kick from hips with only a little knee-bend.
  • Kick is streamlined like good swimmers kick.
  • Big muscle power from thighs & torso.
  • Body horizontal to minimise drag.
  • Freestyle, backstroke & butterfly.

This US TV advert shows you shinfin™ leg fins being used. I’m sorry it is a bit corny! But it does give you a good idea how they work.