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Fin tips summary

shinfinTM fins are an exciting new paradigm in fin design and use. As these fins fit on your legs, they are very different to regular foot flippers. So please take the time to learn how to use them properly, to unleash their many benefits. You will be amazed!

These fin tips will help you get the very best from your fins. The fin tips are grouped by: size, fitting, kicking, walking and care & materials. Please contact me if you need any more tips for using your fins. I am here to help you to get the best from them.

Size tips

  • One size fits kids to adults.
  • Fits all leg shapes.
  • Foot size doesn’t matter.
  • Fit everyone taller than 140cm (4′ 7″).

Fitting tips

  • Fin tips for putting them on.
  • How to tighten.
  • Fin tips for taking them off.
  • Positioning fins on your legs.
  • Adjusting for best results.

Kicking tips

  • Streamlined kick from hips.
  • Only a little knee-bend.

Walking tips

  • Walking on land.
  • Walking in the water.
  • Lift your knees a bit higher when walking in shallow water.

Care & materials tips

  • Taking care of shinfinTM fins & straps.
  • Polyurethane fins.
  • Natural rubber straps.