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7+ Benefits | Feet Free Fins

Need your feet to be free? + Feet free to walk easier. + Much safer than regular foot flippers. + Feet free to swim, dive, turn, flip-turn & push off from wall. + Climb up & down pool steps & boat ladders. + Stand, kneel & drop-knee on bodyboards, kneeboards & surfboards. + No more duck-feet.

Feet Free Fins: walking safety, no duck-feet!


Do you wish your fins let your feet feel natural?

shinfin™ leg fins leave your feet completely free because they strap to your legs. The lower half of the fin does extend along the top of your foot but they are not attached to your foot at all. The straps go around your leg just above your ankle. The fin bends when your ankle bends. So your feet are completely free to walk and swim naturally. Feet free fins are much less restrictive than foot flippers. Fins for legs gives freedom for feet.

Regular flippers cramp your style, both in the water and on land. Do flippers restrict your feet and reduce your fun in the water? What accidents have you had with flippers?

Obviously, feet free fins must be on your legs, not on your feet. Will you enjoy fins that make it easier to swim, turn and push off the wall? Maybe you will like fins that make it is easier and safer to walk, dive in and get out of the water? Perhaps you need your feet free for easier board riding? Read on to learn more. Or contact me. I’d love to discuss how shinfin™ leg fins will help you.

Swim with natural feet and relaxed ankles

They let you swim properly with natural foot movements and relaxed, flexible ankles. This is how good swimmers swim. Their natural feel is enhanced by their lightness – see Benefit 4 – Light Tough Fins and Light Tough Fins FAQ-Forum.  [Regular flippers restrict your feet, strain your ankles backwards and ruin your swim kick technique.]

Walk easier and safer

They let you walk into and out of the water, even across rocky shorelines. They lie on top of your foot and flex when your ankle bends. So your feet are free to walk naturally. Easier walking means less chance of accidentally falling over, so more safety. [Flippers are harder to walk in, so they can trip you up and cause dangerous accidents.]

Climb steps and ladders

You can climb up and down steps and ladders much more easily. You can climb into and out of pools. You can climb on and off boats. [Flippers are cumbersome and more dangerous for climbing up or down anything.]

Fins that let you dive in

Your feet are free to grip the ground and curl your toes around the pool edge. So you can dive in normally and safely. [Flippers cover your feet and toes, making it harder and more dangerous to dive in.]

Easier turns and push-off

They allow easier wall turns and flip (tumble) turns. They leave the soles of  your feet free to grip and push off the wall. [Flippers make it much harder to push off from the wall. The suction against the wall can even pull the flipper off.]

Feet free fins to ride boards

Feet free fins let you stand, kneel and drop-knee on surfboards, bodyboards and kneeboards. When you stand, the soles of your feet  grip your board and the fins bend as your ankles bend, with only the fin tips touching your board. Kneel or drop-knee with your toes pointing straight behind, and the fins lie along your shins and the tops of your feet. Kneel or drop-knee with the balls of your feet on your board, and the fins flex comfortably around the front of your ankles. [Flippers restrict your movements on boards. Just try it!]