Swim fins avoid toe cramps, pain & blisters

Which swim fins avoid toe cramps, pain & blisters & don’t hurt bunions?

shinfin™ swim fins avoid painful toe cramps and blisters. These comfortable fins don’t hurt your toes. They can be fitted so they don’t hurt bunions.

Regular foot fins often crush your toes and cause toe cramps. They also rub your toes, giving you blisters and hurting any bunions that you may have. They are especially painful when sand gets trapped in the foot pockets. Often you can’t use regular foot fins for very long before they hurt so much you have to stop. Then you may have to wait days for the sores to recover before you can use them again.

shinfin™ swim fins avoid all this toe pain because they have no foot pockets. Your toes are not inside a fin. So they don’t constrict your toes at all. You are free to move your feet and toes however you like. That is why they don’t cause cramps in your toes.

The fin lies gently along the top of your foot as you point your toes during your forward kick. The tips are soft and flexible. So they don’t rub your toes and don’t give you sores or blisters on your toes.

If you already have bunions, you can fit the fins a little higher up your leg so they don’t touch your bunions.

Now you can have comfortable swim fins, stay in the water longer and have more fun!

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