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Fins avoid toe cramps, pain & blisters

How do fins avoid toe cramps, pain & blisters, & not hurt bunions & hammertoes?

To avoid painful toe cramps and blisters, choose fins that strap on your legs, not on your feet. You can also adjust the fin positions on your legs so they don’t hurt bunions or hammertoes. These comfortable fins give you extra propulsion whilst leaving your toes and feet completely free to move and swim naturally. Fins on your legs don’t hurt your toes because they don’t have foot pockets. So they can’t cause toe pain, cramps and blisters like foot fins.

Foot fins often crush your toes and cause toe cramps. They also rub your toes, give you blisters and hurt bunions or hammertoes. They are especially painful when sand gets trapped in the foot pockets. Often you can’t use foot fins for very long before they hurt so much that you have to stop swimming. Then you may have to wait many days for your sores to recover before you can swim again.

You can test this yourself by swimming without foot fins. You will probably find that your toes and feet are much more comfortable and relaxed, and not forced into unnatural positions when you kick.

Fins on your legs promote a similar kick to swimming without fins, and they don’t hurt your toes. Plus they overcome many other foot fin faults, including foot pain, Achilles tendon pain and ankle strain.

Here are three key reasons why choosing fins that fit on your legs avoids toe cramps, blisters and bunion pain.

Firstly, fins on your legs have no foot pockets. So your toes are not constrained inside a fin. Your toes and feet are free to move naturally, like without fins.

Secondly, the fins lie gently along the top of your feet as you point your toes during your forward kick (downwards for freestyle and butterfly, upwards for backstroke). The fin tips are soft and flexible. So they don’t rub your toes and don’t give you sores or blisters on your toes.

Thirdly, if you have bunions or hammertoes, you can fit the fins a little higher up your leg. So you can fit the fins to avoid touching and aggravating bunions and hammertoes.

Your toes will feel more comfortable with fins on your legs.

Fins that care for your toes

Your toes have highly complex muscle and bone structures and are very important parts of your feet. You can take care of them by using fins that avoid painful toe cramps and blisters, and avoid hurting bunions and hammertoes. Instead of using foot fins, you can now exercise without damaging your toes by swimming with fins on your legs.

Fins that do more than reduce toe pain

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