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Fin uses summary

Because shinfinTM fins fit on your legs (not on your feet), they have a unique streamlined kick to replace many uses of foot flippers.

Pool, lake and sea swimming for swim learning, swim instruction, swim fitness, swim technique, swim trainingaqua aerobics, aquatic therapy and monofin swimming.

Surf power for body surfing, boogie & bodyboarding, kneeboarding, river boarding and surfing.

Underwater speed for snorkeling, skin & scuba diving, spear fishing and freediving.

Water craft propulsion for float tube fishing and water safety with windsurfers, kiteboards, surf skis, kayaks, jet skis etc.

The above fin uses are expanded below in alphabetical order.

Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics reviews

+ Rebuild muscle tone & strength.
+ Reduce fat.
+ Workout thighs, buttocks & stomach.
+ Exercise core muscles, torso & back.
+ Deep water running, aqua jogging.
+ Water walking.
+ Treading water, “egg beater” kick.
+ Adjust fin position to suit exercises.
+ Cardiovascular fitness & capacity.
+ Stamina & water aerobics fitness.
+ Comfortable multi-purpose fins.
+ Improve aqua aerobics routines.

Aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy reviews

+ Enhance aquatic therapy.
+ Overcome movement difficulties.
+ Adjust fins to match water exercises.
+ Strengthen back, torso, hips, knees.
+ Joint mobility & movement range.
+ Pool fins for injury rehabilitation.
+ Operation & stroke recovery.
+ Physiotherapy pool exercise fins.
+ Cardiovascular recovery routines.
+ Optimise your rehabilitation.

Body surfing

Body surfing reviews

+ Stay out longer, get more waves.
+ Lie closer inside wave power zone.
+ Smooth power.
+ Strong thigh & buttock muscles.
+ Streamlined kick.
+ Natural control on wave face.
+ Fins in line with legs for less drag.
+ Smooth dolphin-style turns.
+ Fast rotation to catch waves.
+ Stand on sandbanks to push off.
+ Comfortable toes, feet & ankles .
+ No Achilles tendon pain.
+ No foot cramps or calf cramps.
+ Comfortable body surfing fins.
+ Easier to walk.
+ Lightweight.
+ Don’t break.
+ Don’t fall off.
+ Fins fit with or without a wetsuit.
+ Achieve your body surfing dreams.


Bodyboarding reviews

+ Full stroke freestyle on bodyboard.
+ Fins lie along your legs for less drag.
+ Power from arms & legs.
+ Drop-knee & kneel on boogie board.
+ Streamlined kick.
+ Strong thigh & buttock muscles.
+ Ride deeper in wave power zone.
+ Smooth control on wave face.
+ Fast spin to catch waves.
+ Stand & push off from sandbanks.
+ Ride more waves.
+ Don’t hurt toes, feet & ankles.
+ Don’t hurt Achilles tendons.
+ Don’t give calf or foot cramps.
+ Comfortable bodyboarding fins.
+ Easier to walk.
+ Lightweight & tough.
+ Fins stay on.
+ Fit with or without a wetsuit.
+ Bodyboarding to the next level.

Float tube fishing

Want to kick to move backwards?

Float tube fishing fins are also for pontoon, kick boats and belly boats. The shinfinTM streamlined kick technique works just as well if you are sitting in a float tube. You kick to propel yourself backwards. You still kick from your hip, without bending your knees too much, even though your legs are of course sloping down in the water. Power comes from the big muscles in your thighs and torso without straining your calf muscles, ankles and feet like foot flippers.


Kneeboarding reviews

+ Kick & paddle lying on kneeboard.
+ Full stroke freestyle, legs & arms.
+ Knees just behind your board.
+ Streamlined kick from hips.
+ Strong thigh & buttock muscles.
+ Fast spin to catch waves.
+ Easy to kneel, fins lie flat on shins.
+ Comfortable toes, feet, ankles.
+ No Achilles tendon pain.
+ Don’t give you calf or foot cramps.
+ Comfortable kneeboarding fins.
+ Stay out longer, more waves.
+ Easy to walk.
+ Stand & push off from sandbanks.
+ Lightweight & tough.
+ Fins stay on.
+ Fit with or without wetsuit.
+ Speed up your kneeboarding.

River boarding (hydrospeed, water sledge)

+ Legs horizontal & streamlined.
+ Legs & knees higher above obstacles.
+ Tough protection for shins & feet.
+ Powered steering through rapids.
+ Streamlined kick from your hips.
+ Powerful kick from strong muscles.
+ Fins in line with legs for low drag.
+ Easier to walk between rapids.
+ Safer to stand on river bed.
+ Comfortable new river board fins.
+ Comfortable toes, feet, ankles.
+ Don’t cause Achilles tendon pain.
+ Don’t cause calf or foot cramps.
+ Secure fit.
+ Lightweight & tough.
+ Fit with or without a wetsuit.
+ Evolve your river boarding.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving reviews

+ Safer water entry & exit.
+ Walk easier on land & in boats.
+ Climb up & down boat ladders.
+ Streamlined kick, less knee-bend.
+ Slow or fast kicks.
+ Lightweight scuba diving fins.
+ About half the weight of foot fins.
+ Kick up less silt & sand, see more.
+ Swim through gaps easier.
+ Comfortable feet & relaxed ankles.
+ Don’t strain Achilles tendons.
+ Don’t cramp feet & calf muscles.
+ Fins don’t stick out from your toes.
+ Kick less coral, plants & sea life.
+ Revolutionise your scuba diving.


Snorkeling reviews

+ Easy duck diving, fins don’t flap.
+ Lightweight snorkeling fins.
+ Easy to pack for travelling.
+ Comfortable feet, ankles, calves.
+ Smooth kick, less knee-bend.
+ Streamlined kicks, slow or fast.
+ Less surface splashing.
+ Easier walking on land & boats.
+ Climb up & down boat ladders.
+ Safer water entry & exit.
+ Easier to explore shorelines & reefs.
+ Fins don’t stick out from your toes.
+ Less underwater damage.
+ Evolve your snorkeling.


Surfing reviews

+ Feet free to stand on your surfboard.
+ Kick & paddle at the same time.
+ Freestyle arms & legs on board.
+ Knees just behind your surfboard.
+ Streamlined kick from hips.
+ Strong thighs & buttocks power.
+ Fins in line with legs for less drag.
+ Easy to walk.
+ Lightweight & tough.
+ Fins stay on.
+ Fit with or without a wetsuit.
+ Comfortable surfing fins.
+ Comfortable feet, ankles & calves.
+ Upgrade your surfing.

Swim fitness

Swim fitness reviews

+ Lose fat, lose weight, burn calories.
+ Strengthen core muscles & stomach.
+ Stronger buttocks & thighs.
+ Improve cardiovascular health.
+ Increase lung capacity.
+ Better swim fitness & technique.
+ Same muscles as good swimming.
+ Better muscle exercise than flippers.
+ No calf muscle strain like flippers.
+ Relaxed, comfortable feet & ankles.
+ Safer walking, water entry & exit.
+ Easy wall push-off & flip-turns.
+ Lightweight & easy to pack in bag.
+ New exercise program workout.
+ Look after your fitness & health.

Swim instruction

Swim instruction reviews

+ Teach efficient streamlined strokes.
+ Teach freestyle, backstroke & fly.
+ Same muscles as no-fins swimming.
+ Better technique after fins taken off.
+ Water flow lifts legs horizontal.
+ Teach straighter knees.
+ No knee-bend like regular flippers.
+ Fins guide natural streamlined kick.
+ Thighs, buttocks & stomach power.
+ No calf strain like regular flippers.
+ Encourage proper arm techniques.
+ Teach stroke timing & breathing.
+ Comfortable relaxed ankles & feet.
+ Same size for child & adult lessons.
+ Swim aid for learn to swim classes.
+ Teach swim schools & courses.
+ Great new swim instruction aid.

Swim learning

Swim learning reviews

+ Learn freestyle, backstroke & fly.
+ Lift your legs & body horizontal.
+ Natural, streamlined kick from hips.
+ Learn same muscles as without fins.
+ Learn correct kick from hips.
+ Use thighs, buttocks & stomach.
+ Not calf power like regular flippers.
+ Develop proper straighter knees.
+ No excessive knee-bend like flippers.
+ Balance good arm technique.
+ Learn stroke timing & breathing.
+ Comfortable relaxed ankles & feet.
+ Excellent for learn to swim classes.
+ Same size fits adults & children.
+ Fins that teach you to swim.

Swim technique

Swim technique reviews

+ Elite freestyle, fly & backstroke.
+ Streamline, strengthen whole stroke.
+ Improvements to no-fins swimming.
+ Better kick for stronger arm pulls.
+ Efficient breathing timing technique.
+ Natural, streamlined kick from hips.
+ Reasonably straight knees.
+ Thighs, buttocks & stomach power.
+ More power from up & down kicks.
+ Ankles & feet stay relaxed & supple.
+ Fast, medium, slow kick techniques.
+ Adjust fin angle & height to kick.
+ Fins that guide your swim technique.

Swim training

Swim training reviews

+ Train faster freestyle, fly & backstroke.
+ Train same muscles as without fins.
+ Train same stroke timing as without fins.
+ Stronger kick supports better arm drills.
+ Exercise cardiovascular system.
+ Full stroke & kick-only sets.
+ Swim training with or without kickboard.
+ Fast, medium & slow kick drills.
+ Flip-turn & easy push-off from wall.
+ Safer walking, water entry & exit.
+ Swim clubs, squads & Masters Swimming.
+ Upgrade your swim training program.

Water safety

Water safety reviews

+ Safety fins for your water sport.
+ Swim back to your craft easier.
+ Swim back to shore easier.
+ Feet still fit in foot straps.
+ For surf skis, kayaks & canoes.
+ Feet still free to stand.
+ For windsurfers & kiteboards.
+ For stand-up paddle boards.
+ Easy to pack in emergency bag.
+ Lightweight & strong.
+ Less bulky than regular flippers.
+ Safer water sports for more fun.

With monofin: fin swimming

+ Extra fins to add to your monofin.
+ Increase speed & endurance.
+ Fins overlap each other & stay together.
+ Fins overlap monofin for down kick.
+ One long continuous down kick surface.
+ Fins flex away from monofin for up kick.
+ Two separate, parallel power surfaces.
+ More thighs, buttocks & torso power.
+ Less strain to feet, ankles & calves.
+ Turbocharge your monofin.