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Adjustable fins

Adjustable fins to fit you snugly!
Adjustable fins to fit you snugly!

Like adjustable fins that fit?

shinfinTM fins, with their highly adjustable fit, could be just what you have been waiting for. Find out how they will fit you below. Please also see adjustable fins reviews, adjustable fins FAQ and all fin benefits.

  • One size fits children to adults.
  • Any foot size – doesn’t matter.
  • Small to medium to extra-large.
  • They don’t fit on your feet!
  • Flex to your leg shape & size.
  • Fit with or without a wetsuit.
  • Keep fitting growing children.
  • Share easy with others.
  • More adjustable than foot flippers.

At last, fins that fit you

shinfinTM fins fit so well because they adjust to fit on your legs, not on your feet. So your foot size doesn’t matter at all. Your feet can be small, medium, large to extra large. Swim with your feet free.

These fins flex to fit your leg shape. The straps adjust to fit you, even over a wetsuit.  One size fits most people comfortably. So you can even share them and children don’t grow out of them.

Lots of regular foot flippers are thrown out in the garbage, either because they never fitted properly in the first place or because children have outgrown them. Our feet are such different shapes, sizes and widths. It’s hard to find flippers that fit. Have you had flippers that hurt or fall off? What problems do you have finding the right size of flippers?

So, to be properly adjustable, fins must strap on your legs, not on your feet. Now you can enjoy fins that fit properly, regardless of your foot size. Do you need the same fins to fit with and without a wetsuit? Would you like to save money by having fins that you or your children, won’t outgrow? Or perhaps you need to share your fins with family and friends with different sized feet? Read on to learn more. Or contact me. I’d love to discuss how shinfinTM fins will help you.

One size fits everyone taller than 140 cm (4′ 7″)

The one size easily fits everyone taller than about 140 cm (4 feet 7 inches). Even if you are a bit shorter than this, they still strap on properly. They just stick out a little more from your toes. Swimming with them is still good. Walking may be a little harder, although still easier than with regular flippers. So these fins fit short people and tall people. [Flippers, full heel or open heel, often still don’t fit properly.]

Foot size doesn’t matter

Because they don’t strap on your feet, your foot size doesn’t matter at all. They fit regardless of whether you have small feet, medium, large or even extra large feet. In fact, they are also worn by many leg amputees and foot amputees. [Flippers, even in your closest size from small to extra large, often still don’t fit your feet.]

Bend to fit your leg size

The fins bend inwards to fit narrow calves and outwards to fit broad calves. So the fins flex to fit your leg size.

Adjustable strap fits just above your ankle

The regular straps fit most people. The adjustable fin straps go around the narrowest part of your leg, just above your ankle. If you measure around this narrowest part and the circumference is 20-40cm (8”-16”) then the standard straps supplied with the fins will fit you. Longer straps are seldom needed, but you can select them in your order. [Flippers, despite many brands and sizes, are often too wide so they flop around your feet, or too narrow so they hurt your feet.]

Flex to fit your leg shape

They flex to fit your leg shape too. They wrap and bend to match the shape of the front of your leg. You can also slide them up or down your leg for the most comfortable fit. It doesn’t matter if your ankles, shins and calf muscles are thin or large. They will still fit comfortably. For more details on how comfortable they are, please see the comfortable new fins article and the comfortable new fins reviews. [Flippers don’t flex much to fit your foot shape, so they hurt.]

Fit with or without a wetsuit

These adjustable fins will also fit over a wetsuit. The straps are fully adjustable. Please check your narrowest leg circumference as above, whilst wearing your wetsuit, to make sure the straps are long enough to fit over your wetsuit too. [Flippers can’t adjust like this, so you need another pair of larger foot flippers to fit over wetsuit booties.]

Fins you won’t outgrow

These fins keep fitting as you grow. This can save a lot of money. [Children outgrow flippers fast and keep needing new pairs.]

Adjustable fins to share

You can share these adjustable fins with your family, friends and club swimmers. This can save a lot of money too. [Flippers fit far fewer people and can’t be shared unless you happen to be the same size. So they are not very shareable!]

Many uses

Because shinfinTM fins adjust more comfortably on your legs (not on your feet), you can use them for many water activities instead of foot flippers. They are easy to use. Which of the following would you most like to use them for?

Adjustable fins for swimming

Enjoy the range of fit of these adjustable swimming fins for swim learning, swim instruction, swim fitness, swim technique, swim trainingaqua aerobics, aquatic therapy and monofin swimming.

Adjustable fins for surf

Optimize power on the waves with these adjustable fins for body surfing, boogie & bodyboarding, kneeboarding, river boarding and surfing.

Adjustable fins for underwater

Relax underwater with these adjustable fins for snorkeling, skin & scuba diving, spear fishing and freediving.

Adjustable fins for water craft

Adjust these fins to fit over boots and wetsuits for float tube fishing and water safety with windsurfers, kiteboards, surf skis, kayaks, jet skis etc.

More on adjustable fins

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