Strong light fins FAQ

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Which are lightweight fins & easier to kick?

shinfinTM fins are very lightweight fins indeed. So that makes them easier to kick too.

Regular foot fins are heavy and cumbersome. They generally weigh about 600g (20oz) or more, per fin. Their extra weight makes them less efficient to kick and stresses your feet and ankles more. People prefer lightweight fins that are easier to kick.

shinfinTM fins avoid these problems because they don’t have heavy foot pockets. They only weigh about 300g (10oz) per fin, including strap. This is similar to a light running shoe. These are such lightweight fins that you hardly notice their weight. Regular foot flippers are about double this weight, or even heavier.

shinfinTM fins are so light for three reasons. Firstly, they don’t have heavy foot pockets. Secondly, they are made from high-tech polyurethane, which is very strong for less weight. Thirdly, they are thinner and hence lighter because the design gets extra strength from being strapped around your leg. Being such lightweight fins makes them feel far less cumbersome and also less stressful to kick.

Now you can have lightweight fins that are easier to kick and more fun to use!

Which secure fins stay on in waves & don’t fall off?

shinfinTM fins are secure fins that stay on, even in big waves. These fins don’t fall off like foot flippers.

Often, regular foot flippers fall off from the force of big waves. Then they get lost and sink to the sea bed. That is why we see lots of foot flippers washed up on beaches. Sometimes the flippers are intact. But often the foot pockets have torn or the heel straps have broken. It can be dangerous suddenly losing fins in the surf. You lose the extra fin power, probably when you want it most. Replacing foot flippers is expensive too. You would far rather know that you have secure fins. So your fins stay on even if you are dumped by big surf. That is much safer and cheaper too.

shinfinTM fins stay on. They avoid these problems because they don’t have foot pockets. They have no weak foot pockets or heel straps to slip off or tear. Instead, the shinfinTM straps fit securely around the narrowest part of your leg, which is just above your ankle. As your heel is much wider than your ankle, the strap does not slip down over your heel. The straps just get tighter if they start to move down. So these fins don’t fall off like foot flippers.

The shinfinTM straps are high quality, natural rubber. They are are easily strong enough to withstand the surf forces.

Now you can have secure fins that stay on in big waves and avoid the cost of replacing lost foot flippers!

Which fins are easy to pack & stack neatly?

shinfinTM fins are easy to pack as they stack neatly in your bag. They are not bulky like regular foot flippers.

Regular foot fins are bulky and longer because of their foot pockets. That makes them much heavier too. So they are heavy and bulky to pack. They take up a lot of room in your bag.

shinfinTM fins overcome these problems because they have no bulky foot pockets. So they are are much flatter and lighter than foot flippers. They also stack neatly on top of each other in your bag. So they fit much more easily and neatly into your bag. This means that, when you travel with them, you can keep your bag size and weight to a minimum.

Now you can have happy lightweight travelling with your easy to pack fins!

Which durable fins last many years & don’t break?

shinfinTM fins are extremely durable fins. These tough fins will last you many years of regular use. They don’t break like foot flippers.

Regular foot fins are often not very tough. This disappoints many people. Foot fins frequently tear and break. They don’t seem to last very long. The foot pocket and heel connection are fundamental areas of weakness. So, the foot pocket is a major failure point. Either the foot pocket tears at the heel or the heel strap breaks. Alternatively, the foot flipper snaps where the foot pocket connects to the blade. Their design and materials seem not to be durable enough for the stresses during use.

shinfinTM fins overcome these problems. They don’t break like foot fins. Firstly, they don’t have a foot pocket to tear or a heel strap to break. Secondly, these durable fins have integral buckles and are one-piece injection moulded in high-tech, engineering grade polyurethane. This material has excellent flex recovery, extremely tough resistance to tears and abrasions and excellent UV resistance. This means there are no separate buckles to break or lose either.

shinfinTM straps are made from tough, high quality natural rubber with UV protection too. For longest life, please rinse after use and store away from the sun. Whilst the straps are very durable, as for all good natural rubbers, they will slowly degrade over many years. Spare straps are available from this website.

Now you can have durable fins to last you many years without breaking!

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