Best swim style fins

Want a better swimming style?

+ Beginners to elite.
+ Child to adult.
+ Able-bodied & disabled.
+ Best for freestyle, backstroke & fly.
+ Adjustable to optimise your kick.
+ Horizontal body.
+ Smooth kick.
+ Best swim style fins for relaxed feet.
+ Ankles flex with correct timing.
+ Proper kick balance for arm pulls.
+ Improve & strengthen your stroke.

Fins for best swimming style.

Wish fins improved your swim style?

Would you like fins that enhance the correct stroke biomechanics for freestyle, backstroke & butterfly? Would you like fins that improve your swimming technique (unlike regular flippers that corrupt your technique)?

So why are shinfin fins the best fins to match and improve your swimming style? Fitting fins on your legs gives you a new design that enhances your natural swimming biomechanics. Having the fin power connected directly to your legs helps you move more naturally in the water and improves your strokes. This is the way your body should be swimming. This is the way that feels best.

Designing these fins to match and improve your natural swimming styles is my passion. It’s all about designing fins to match the swimming biomechanics of your whole body moving through the water, not just your legs. Even after you take them off, your body still remembers your improved kick. You automatically imprint the new kick pattern on your muscle memory. That’s why these are the best fins for your freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. They feel great and improve your swimming style at the same time.

They work for adults and children. You can be just learning to swim or already an elite swimmer. Perhaps you have a movement disorder or an amputation. These fins will still improve your swimming style. If you are learning to swim, they are like a teacher guiding your swimming style. If you already know how to swim, they enhance and strengthen your swimming strokes in the correct way. If you are an elite swimmer serious about your freestyle, backstroke or butterfly techniques, then they help you take your swimming skills even further.

Have you felt how regular flippers strain your feet, ankles and calf muscles? Have you noticed how flippers force you into strange and unnatural movements? Have you realised that they are ruining your swimming style? What bad swimming habits have flippers given you?

The best swimming style fins need to be on your legs, not on your feet. Would you like fins that teach you how to swim? It’s like having your personal swim coach. Or do you want fins to help you swim better freestyle, backstroke or butterfly? Maybe you need fins to improve your muscle efficiency or balance how your arms and legs work together? Perhaps you just wish you could enjoy a better swimming style and feel great in the water? Read on to learn more. Or contact me. I’d love to discuss how shinfin fins will help you.

Supple ankles & relaxed feet

Because they fit on your legs, these fins can’t strain your feet and ankles. Instead, they guide you to keep your ankles supple and your feet relaxed. This is a key reason why good swimmers feel these are the best fins for letting them move their ankles and feet in the same way as swimming without fins. New and improving swimmers can just relax and let these fins teach them when and how to flex their ankles and move their feet. When you kick forward, the fin pressing gently along the front of your foot tells you when to point your toes. When you kick backward, the fin flexing away from your foot tells you when to flex your ankle. [Flippers force your ankle to be stiff and lock your foot in an unnatural position, hence the pain and cramps.]

Kick alignment

You align each fin around your leg to face your desired kick direction. Most people align the fin tip centre near their second toenail, so that is a good place to start. If you prefer to kick with your toes pointing inwards you might align the fin tip centre near your middle toenail. If you prefer to kick with your toes pointing outwards you might align the fin tip centre near your big toenail. You will naturally feel how to align them when you swim. For an easier kick fit them a bit higher up your leg. For a harder kick fit them a bit lower, so the fin tip centre extends a bit beyond your toenail. Good swimmers match and improve their kicking styles by fine-tuning the fin position for best results. Some swimmers align them slightly differently for their freestyle, backstroke and butterfly kicks. New and improving swimmers can align the fins to teach them the best kick direction. Being fins you can align to your kick is a key reason why they are the best swimming style fins to help you improve. [Flippers are in a fixed position on your foot, so you can’t align them at all to match your kick.]

Best swim style fins for smooth kick

As you kick, the fins flex alternately towards and away from your leg. The way the fins bend is specifically designed to guide you to kick smoothly forwards and backwards, with smooth transitions in-between. This guides you into an efficient smooth kick from your hips with only a small amount of knee-bend, just like good swimmers kick. This is how they encourage smooth, efficient power delivery throughout your entire kicking cycle. So these are the best swimming style fins to train your kick. Good swimmers will feel the flex enhancing and strengthening their natural kick. New and improving swimmers can just relax and let these fins teach them a natural smooth kick. [Flippers make you kick with the wrong stroke biomechanics and mess up your kicking styles.]

Horizontal body

These fins will gently lift your body horizontal, even without kicking and only a little forward speed from your arms. Because the fins are on your legs, the water pressure on the fins lifts your knees so your legs become more horizontal. By encouraging fairly straight knees, they also raise your hips and guide your whole body into a horizontal streamlined position. This minimises body drag and makes swimming much more efficient and enjoyable. Good swimmers will feel this streamlining as a familiar and natural sensation. New and improving swimmers (even if you can’t swim yet) will find these the best swimming style fins to lift your body horizontal and streamlined. [Regular flippers make you kick with your knees too bent, sink your hips lower in the water and cause poor body streamlining.]

Leg-arm balance

Your kicks provide the forces to balance each arm pull. Good leg-arm balance makes your arm pulls more efficient. These balancing forces fluctuate throughout your entire swimming stroke. Their timing is crucial. They are complex and differ between strokes but the basic biomechanical principles are similar. You kick harder when you pull harder. For example, freestyle needs a diagonal balance of right arm pull with left leg kick, and then left arm with right leg etc. Fitting on your legs allows these fins to help you achieve a natural leg-arm balance for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Good swimmers feel the fins balancing and enhancing their entire swimming stroke, naturally matching their existing stroke timing. New and improving swimmers can just relax and let these fins teach them how to balance the power and timing of their arms and legs. [Flippers corrupt your leg-arm balance by altering your kick action and timing, hence unbalancing your whole swimming style – as good swimmers can feel.]

Best swim style fins: freestyle, backstroke & butterfly

All of the above applies to freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. They are not really designed for breaststroke. However, some people do find they work fine for breaststroke when they angle the fins even further outward, so the fin tip centre is near their little toenail. Their adaptability to different strokes is another reason why good swimmers find them the best fins to improve their swim technique and strength for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. New and improving swimmers can just relax and let these fins teach them how to develop a natural swim techniques for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. [Flippers ruin your swimming style. Why waste your time with them!]

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