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Snorkeling fins

shinfinTM fins give you a comfortable kick with your feet free. These snorkeling fins let you walk easily to and from the water. Snorkeling gear that lets you snorkel and duck dive freely.

Want comfort & easier walking?

  • Easy duck diving, fins don’t flap.
  • Lightweight snorkeling fins.
  • Easy to pack for travelling.
  • Comfortable feet, ankles, calves.
  • Smooth kick, less knee-bend.
  • Streamlined kicks, slow or fast.
  • Less surface splashing.
  • Easier walking on land & boats.
  • Climb up & down boat ladders.
  • Safer water entry & exit.
  • Easier to explore shorelines & reefs.
  • Don’t stick out from your toes.
  • Less underwater damage.
  • Evolve your snorkeling.
Fins for snorkeling - come and say hello!
Fins for snorkeling – come and say hello!

Your ideal snorkeling fins?

Are you looking for comfortable snorkeling fins that don’t strain your feet, ankles and calf muscles? Are you interested in smooth, easy duck diving? Would you like snorkel gear that you can walk in? Are you looking for more enjoyment from your snorkeling equipment?

Good snorkeling fins should get power from the big muscles in your thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. These are the same muscles used for streamlined swimming without fins. Snorkeling fins should be comfortable and not strain your feet, ankles, Achilles tendons and calf muscles. They should also minimise disturbance and kicking of the marine environment. Your fins should work for slow kicks through to faster kicks. Good snorkeling fins should help you maintain a smooth, efficient and streamlined technique for more fun in the water.

I have designed shinfinTM fins to provide all these snorkeling benefits, and more. They achieve this by connecting power directly to your legs, above your ankle joints. This means that your feet and ankles are free to move naturally. They are not strained like with foot flippers. Your kick power comes from the stronger muscles in your thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. They help to keep your body horizontal and improve your streamlined kick, stroke efficiency and speed. You can even adjust the fin position on your leg to suit your snorkeling technique. They are a significant evolution of snorkeling equipment above and beyond foot flippers.

Safe comfortable snorkeling fins

shinfin snorkeling fins: Safe, comfortable snorkeling equipment
  • safer walking, water entry and exit
  • relaxed & comfortable feet and ankles
  • relaxed and comfortable calf muscles
  • no extra strain in Achilles tendons
  • they don’t fill with sand and hurt like foot flippers

Adaptable snorkeling equipment

shinfin snorkeling fins: Adaptable snorkeling equipment
  • one size fits adults and children
  • wear with or without a wetsuit
  • wear with or without lightweight water shoes
  • tough polyurethane fins for long life gear
  • secure, replaceable rubber straps

Environment sensitive snorkel gear

shinfin snorkeling fins: Environmentally sensitive snorkel gear
  • they don’t stick out from your feet like foot flippers
  • they don’t flap in the air when you duck dive
  • reduce surface splashing
  • less disturbance of sand and silt
  • less damage to corals, plants and animals
  • easier to explore shorelines and coral reefs

Streamlined snorkeling kick

shinfin snorkeling fins: Streamlined snorkeling gear
  • fin power connects direct to your legs
  • snorkeling power from thighs, buttocks, stomach, torso
  • same muscles as swimming without fins
  • smooth snorkeling kicks – slow or fast kick rate
  • legs stay horizontal, even for slow snorkeling
  • adjust fin angle around leg to match kick direction
  • avoid bent knee “bicycle kick”
  • can combine with foot flippers to increase speed

We have many happy customers using shinfinTM fins for snorkeling. They work well for surface snorkeling, duck diving and snorkeling underwater. Their comfortable, natural feel does not strain your feet and ankles like foot flippers. They work with a streamlined kick, with your knees fairly straight and power from your thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. You can do faster shorter kicks or slower longer kicks – whatever you prefer. (Foot flippers use a different action with much more knee-bend and more strain in the calf muscles, ankles and feet.) If this swimmer-style streamlined kick is new to you, then it may take a few sessions to build your strength in your upper legs and torso.

Turn like a dolphin

To turn, twist your body at the waist to angle your legs to press the face of the fins sideways, to the outside of the bend. This gives a smooth streamlined turn through the water – like dolphins and fish turn. You can keep kicking whilst you turn.

The straps adjust so you can wear shinfin fins with a wetsuit and/or water shoes. To minimize drag, water shoes should be streamlined and flexible (so you can point your toes), without heavy sole or heel areas. It is best to use the light, flexible water shoes designed for swimming and beach walking.

Walking in shallow water

When walking in shallow water, lift your knees higher than normal so the fins slide upwards and forwards through the water. Then place your foot down quickly on the bottom for the next step. The straps should be secure enough so that the fins do not slip around your leg. If there is a current, don’t worry about the fins bending in the direction of the current – they are supposed to do that to reduce the water drag on the fins. It gets easier once you are thigh deep because the water supports you better.

Spearfishing and freediving

To optimise power for spearfishing and freediving, if your legs are strong enough, you may like to consider using shinfinTM fins and foot fins together.

Improve swim technique

I have designed them to match good streamlined kicks for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. So, as well as being good snorkel equipment, they also improve your swimming technique (arms too), stroke efficiency and speed. You feel how they help to keep your body horizontal for less drag. Feel how they guide you to kick from your hips, with only a little knee-bend. You feel the shinfinTM power coming from the big muscles in your upper legs, buttocks, stomach and torso. These are same muscles you use for good “no-fins” swimming technique (without straining your feet, ankles and calf muscles like foot flippers). You also feel how they give the correct body balance to support your arm stroke. So using them as snorkeling fins is also strengthening your natural swimming kick. They are biomechanically advanced snorkel gear, an evolutionary step up from all foot flippers.

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