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Scuba diving fins reviews

  • Snorkeling & scuba: below knee amputation fins

    Larry, a certified scuba diver with a below knee amputation, finds his shinfinTM fins great for snorkeling. He straps one fin over a silicone liner on his stump and the other fin in the usual position on his other leg. This is because the fins don’t need to be at the same height on each leg. His fins allow him to function even better in the water than he had hoped for. So this motivates him to train in the pool and get back into the ocean again.

    Larry’s review from Kansas, USA

    “This was our first cruise since my accident which resulted in a below the knee amputation of my left leg. I am PADI certified as a scuba diver and have come to love snorkeling with my wife. When we got to Cozumel we had a beach entry snorkeling trip set up and the fins worked great. I was able to function as well or better than I had hoped for. All in all I can’t thank you enough for a well thought out product at a very reasonable price. I will begin training in the pool and can’t wait to get back in the ocean.”

  • Pool, snorkel & dive: transtibial amputee fins

    Mike, a transtibial (below knee) amputee, loves his shinfinTM fins, starting with pool laps then open water swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Most important, to optimise water balance he wears one fin on his stump and the other on his full leg. Furthermore, he loves the fact that he can adjust the fin heights and angles on his legs. So he can experiment to get the most comfortable fin placements.

    Mike’s review from Homestead, USA

    “I love the fins! It is so nice not swimming in left hand circles:) No really, I am so happy with the shinfinTM fins and I love being back in the water. I love being able to do laps in the pool and getting ready for open water soon. Thanks for the fins! A happy shinfinTM fins owner.”

  • Endless pool, snorkeling & scuba: above knee amputee fin

    Daily over four years, Ian, an above knee amputee, uses his shinfinTM fin exercise swimming against his endless pool jet, and for snorkeling and scuba diving. Above all, Ian finds his shinfinTM fin is one of the best exercise aids for stopping his stump from atrophying. His amputation is four inches above knee. He adjusts the shinfinTM fin to fit on his prosthesis and also on his stump. Certainly, just wearing one fin like this, strengthens his muscles and gives him really good balance in the water. However, many above knee amputees (and below knee amputees) wear another shinfinTM fin on their full leg.

    Ian’s review from Manhattan Beach, USA & Waiuku, New Zealand

    “I am an above knee amputee. I have been using your swim fin for muscle strengthening whilst swimming on my prosthesis. Not only has the fin been fantastic, but I am only just now replacing the rubber strap, after four years of daily use! I also just fit it to my stump, which works really well. I have an Endless Pool, so swim against the jet, and seem to stay balanced really well. In fact, the fin is almost too good! One of my best aids to stop the stump from atrophying, as I use a vacuum socket. I really like your fin. Apart from an exercise aid, I also take it with me when I go scuba diving or snorkeling too. Thank you for a great product.”

  • Fused ankles & Arthrogryposis clubbed feet fins

    With fused ankles and clubbed feet due to Arthrogryposis, Elise really enjoys her shinfinTM fins for fitness swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. She positions them on her legs to get the maximum benefits. In particular, they build her muscle mass so her legs and feet have much more strength and stamina. This is because they get power from her hips, using the larger muscles in her thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. In addition, she wears them to walk safely to and from the water. All in contrast to normal flippers, which fall off her feet and are just not safe for her to wear.

    Elise’s review from Stanmore, Australia

    “Thank you shinfinTM. You have given me access to something that not only adds enjoyment to my swimming, snorkeling and diving but is helping to improve my overall health and well-being. It is actually helping me build muscle mass and making my legs and feet capable of doing much more in terms of strength and stamina. My ankles were surgically fused. I was born with Arthrogryposis which causes ‘clubbed feet’. So I have never been able to use normal flippers before. So I do need to offer my sincere thanks for making such a great product. I have recommended them to everyone who has asked ‘ooh where did you get those??’ Able bodied and not-so-able bodied people are jealous that I have a pair of flippers that not only look cool but they are so functional.”

  • Open water swimming with shoes & fins

    Milo uses shinfinTM fins for lap swimming and for open water swimming with his amphibious water shoes. He values that he can walk and run with the fins. They are strong and lightweight, so he can also wear them for water safety riding his jet ski. As a past competitive swimmer, he appreciates that shinfinTM fins don’t make him alter his natural kick (unlike regular fins).

    Milo’s review from Seattle, USA

    “They are impressive Marc. I was a competitive swimmer years ago, and it’s great to have a fin that doesn’t make me alter my kick. Amphibious shoes and the shinfinTM fins are a great combo. Surprisingly, the drag from leaving the shoes on is not that much. I think your shinfinTM fins are creating a dead area that shields the shoes from the water flow somewhat.”