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Knee reconstruction, back fusion & Achilles tendinitis: rehabilitation fins

For over 10 years, Cecilia loves using her shinfinTM fins to rehabilitate following ACL knee reconstruction, back disc fusion and Achilles tendinitis. They improve her swimming remarkably, whilst also strengthening her back and leg muscles. She finds them so comfortable because they reduce back pain, reduce knee pain and avoid Achilles tendon pain.

Cecilia’s review from Clifton Forge, USA

After 2 weeks: “They are absolutely wonderful! The shinfinTM fins are a great workout. I would highly recommend them over any other type of fin. I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my swimming.”

After 10 years: “I have been using my shinfinTM fins for at least 10 years now and I absolutely love them. I was able to use them many years ago to rehabilitate after an ACL knee reconstruction. Currently using them to rehabilitate after a back fusion. I also have bilateral Achilles tendinitis, so the shinfinTM fins are perfect for me. They really work for strengthening the back and leg muscles. I don’t get in the pool without them. I just can’t say enough good things about them. Thanks so much for coming up with these.”

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Don’t aggravate Achilles: smooth lap swimming fins

shinfinTM fins allow Francis to swim laps again, with a smooth swimming style that doesn’t aggravate Achilles tendons. This is because they give a smooth kick action which is more comfortable. In particular, lightweight yet very tough, they allow relaxed feet and supple ankles, which takes the strain off the Achilles tendons.

Francis’ review from Mount Eliza, Australia

“The shinfinTM fins have been fantastic. Great for swimming smoothly, controlling the fast-paced foot kicking action that aggravated my Achilles. Allowing me to continue lap swimming, something I really want to do! So they have been great, worth every cent!”

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No Achilles problems or toe cramps: recreational swim fins

Carole has great success recreational swimming with shinfinTM fins because they don’t give her Achilles problems or toe cramps like foot fins. So now she can swim daily in comfort.

Carole’s review from Languedoc, France

“I use them for recreational swimming. I am 70 and find other fins uncomfortable, especially with an Achilles problem. Great success. I have used them daily for almost 3 months and can now put them on and off easily. I have had no problems with my Achilles or cramping in the toes.”

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No Achilles pain or calf cramps: swim training fins

Kate loves using her shinfinTM fins for swim training, even more because they avoid the Achilles pain and calf cramps caused by conventional fins. She enjoys them for full stroke freestyle and backstroke and also for kick exercise drills, with and without a kickboard. They give her many swim training benefits, with comfort too.

Kate’s review from Perth, Australia

“I love using them. Overall, I’m really happy with the fins and I get asked about them every time I swim! I use the fins for full stroke freestyle and backstroke. And for drills, with and without a kickboard. I have a chronic Achilles problem and was getting very frustrated with my swim training as conventional fins were out of the question. Just one kick and my calf would cramp up.”

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Broken foot & Achilles: recovery fins

Geoff (doctor) used shinfinTM fins to help his own recovery from a broken foot, and also loaned them to a patient to recover from Achilles tendon inflammation. Because they attach above the ankle, they allowed him to maintain leg strength during his recovery, without stressing his foot like ordinary flippers. So they gave him a better, more comfortable workout.

Geoff’s (doctor) review from Townsville, Australia

“I have a pair of shinfinTM fins and have been delighted with them. They helped during my recovery from a broken foot. I wanted to maintain strength in my legs during recovery but was not getting enough of a workout from swimming with bare feet. Ordinary flippers were out, as they stressed the very areas that needed to recover. I find them superb. Good luck and thanks.”

Also: “I had a patient with an Achilles tendon inflammation who was trying to keep fit without running but was using ordinary flippers when swimming and aggravating the injury. So my shinfinTM fins are on loan to them at present.”

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After knee replacement: less back & knee pain fins

shinfinTM fins help Nelly rehabilitate after knee replacement surgery, by strengthening her muscles below her waist, with less knee pain and less back pain. This is because they encourage a streamlined kick with smooth delivery of power from her thighs and torso, with only a little knee-bend. She uses them to swim freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke (back crawl).

Nelly’s review from Langenselbold, Germany

 “After knee replacement surgery, I would like to strengthen my muscles below the waist, especially the legs, so that I can walk longer and improve my swimming style (front crawl and back crawl). Since the operation, I can no longer do any twisting moves with my left leg when swimming.”

3 months later. “I am doing well with my fins and they have helped to strengthen the muscles below my waist. I am experiencing less pain in the back and the knees – problem areas up to now. Certainly I can confirm what your other customers have been saying.”

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No back pain & can wear with shoes: snorkeling fins

With shinfinTM fins Bjorn can snorkel with no back pain, unlike with his foot fins, and also wear them with reef shoes. So now he can walk into and out of the water with ease, and snorkel for hours in comfort. Furthermore, he very much likes their natural swimming feel, kicking from his hips, similar to good normal swimming. Most of all, he doesn’t have to give up snorkeling!

Bjorn’s review from Currumbin Valley, Australia

“I have to say that they were absolutely fantastic! I have previously felt back pain after using normal feet fins when using them for as little as 1 hour. So I was about to give up my new found love of snorkeling all together. This time, I was in the water for many hours over several days and I never once felt any back pain! Truly remarkable! Not only were the shinfinTM fins great for my back, but they allowed me to swim while wearing my flexible reef boots. Which allowed very easy getting in and out of the water and walking over the hard coral beaches, while others looked on with curious envy. Overall I am extremely satisfied and can say that I absolutely love my shinfinTM fins!”

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Less ankle, knee & back pain: rehabilitation fins

Mike’s reviews, progressively over three years, show how shinfinTM fins help his rehabilitation from lumbar back surgery, with much less pain in his ankles, knees and back. Initially he could not swim at all, due to the residual back pain from his back surgery, ten years prior. However, his shinfinTM fins give him such a good workout to strengthen his muscles in his thighs, buttocks, trunk, core and lumbar back. Such a good workout, in fact, that he became able to swim 1500 m of freestyle without pain. Most importantly, no more back pain and hence no further back surgery required. So Mike is an ecstatic customer!

Mike’s review from Cobalt, Canada

After 2 months

“My knees are feeling better, as I’m getting more power in my legs. And my ankles couldn’t be happier.”

“They give me a great workout, especially the thighs and the entire trunk area. Which is a pleasant surprise, as I’m always trying to increase my strength in my lumbar, abdominal and buttocks area. I’m swimming twice a week for about 45 minutes each time. So yes, I like them a lot. And yes, they are just what I need for my strength training.”

After 2 years

“The fins are just great. I have increased my core and thigh strength tremendously. I have been using them for two years now, twice a week, doing 750 m with the fins and 750 m without.”

“Two years ago I couldn’t even do the front crawl due to my degenerative disc problem in my lower back. I had spinal discectomy surgery at the L3-L4 level years ago. Now I do 1500 m two times a week. Need I say any more!”

“I used to think that I was inevitably just going to have to live with my back pain or eventually go back under the knife. Like it was always in the back of my mind that nothing would get me over the hump in my rehabilitation.”

“Well, I have found the solution in these shinfinTM fins. Thanks again Marc.”

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River float tube fishing fins: mobile & versatile

Sean enjoys much more mobility, versatility and water safety when river float tube fishing with his shinfinTM fins. Fundamentally, they give him better control to navigate river currents and then stay where he wishes to fish. The fins also leave his feet free to walk easier and push off the river floor, rocks, trees and other obstacles. What’s more, he can wear them with river shoes for extra protection.

shinfin fins used with Togiak fishing float tube

Sean’s review from Casper, USA

“Since I have been using shinfinTM fins while fishing down Wyoming’s stretches of the North Platte river in a float tube, I have enjoyed an unbelievable increase in mobility and versatility! These are qualities that are of utmost importance when floating a river. I can get where I want to be in the currents and stay there. And I don’t lose the ability to wear river shoes and use my feet when I need them most, which is, quite frankly, all the time. They therefore make it much safer as well, giving me a liberated feeling and peace of mind.”

“shinfinTM fins are a remarkable invention. They have completely changed the game for me when it comes to fishing the river! It’s a whole new experience now!”

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Training, water running & snorkeling fins

Peggy values the multipurpose nature of shinfinTM fins for her swim training, water running, snorkeling and open water swimming. She finds they help her immensely with body positioning, balance and overall compatibility with the water. This is because they promote a smooth swimming style and leave her feet free. Of course, this also allows her to walk into the water for snorkeling.

Peggy’s review from Saskatchewan, Canada

“I want to use the fins for swim training, water running and snorkeling. What a difference! Kicking seemed so effortless, yet effective. With almost no effort, I was cruising past people I normally don’t pass. Then I played, dolphined down the pool, tried some water running and had a great time. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them enormously, and will spread the word here. It is about balance, and I loved the way I felt more ‘compatible’ with the water.”

(Later) I continue to love the fins, and wore them snorkeling in Aruba with great success. People who were backing through the water with traditional fins did display some jealousy that I was able to walk straight in. I treasure them and will continue to take them ‘on tour’ with me wherever my swimsuit and goggles go.”