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Less calf cramp fin reviews

  • No calf cramp, no back pain & backstroke: training fins

    Unlike foot flippers, shinfinTM fins don’t give Adriana calf cramps or low back pain for her swim training and she can even use them for backstroke. This is because they give her a smooth swimming stroke which uses her thigh muscles, without cramping her calf muscles. What’s more, because they lift her thighs horizontal, that’s why they give her no low back pain too. So, overall they are much more comfortable for her.

    Adriana’s review from Asheville, USA

    “The shinfinTM fins are great! I am very happy with your product, and proudly show it to everybody at the pool! Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful product!! Once again, thank you for your wonderful customer service and the marvelous shinfinTM fins that are helping me so much with my favourite sport.”

  • Bilateral fused ankles & chronic lower limb pain swim fins

    Matthew, a physiotherapist, finds shinfinTM fins a fantastic help for his client with bilateral fused ankles and bilateral chronic lower limb pain. Because they are so adjustable, his client fits them more comfortably higher up his shin to suit his fused ankles. Because the fins encourage smooth horizontal swimming, they also reduce his chronic lower limb pain. Hence his client increases his physical fitness a lot faster with shinfinTM fins. So he achieves a lot more from his swimming.

    Matthew’s review from Christchurch, New Zealand

    “Thanks for such a fantastic product. I got these for a client of mine who has fused ankles bilaterally, as well as chronic lower limb pain bilaterally. He has found them very good. We are using them attached quite high up the shin, because he found this the best place to avoid discomfort at the ankle. They have allowed him to increase his physical fitness a lot faster and he feels he is achieving a lot more.”

  • Below knee amputee rehabilitation training fins

    Elle’, a below knee amputee, really benefits from shinfinTM fins for her rehabilitation, pool training and open water ocean swimming. They give her a smooth, level, relaxed and balanced stroke. What’s more, all without strain or calf cramps. She uses them for freestyle and backstroke, with and without a kickboard. The fin on her stump feels like a foot to her, because it gives a full workout of her amputated leg. Thus she fully strengthens her legs, stomach and back muscles. Not only for her swimming, but also for stronger walking with her prosthesis. Elle’ kindly shares her detailed story below, with photos and videos, so other amputees will benefit from shinfinTM fins too.

    Elle’s review from San Clemente, USA

    “Both legs are kicking evenly and my amputated leg is getting the full benefits of the workout. No more calf cramps. I found it felt like I have a foot. I am very aware of both legs working fully, rather than relying more on the remaining foot. I’m able to relax into my stroke, which is balanced, even and smooth. Enables me to completely engage my residual limb without stress or strain. And in turn build strength needed for wearing a prosthesis.”

    “The open water swimming in the past days has been wonderful! I did not have rehabilitation after my amputation and swimming with the shinfinTM fins has been the best thing I could have ever found! I can feel my stomach and back work equally now. And I find my body position is much easier to keep level in the water.”

  • No Achilles pain or calf cramps: swim training fins

    Kate loves using her shinfinTM fins for swim training, even more because they avoid the Achilles pain and calf cramps caused by conventional fins. She enjoys them for full stroke freestyle and backstroke and also for kick exercise drills, with and without a kickboard. They give her many swim training benefits, with comfort too.

    Kate’s review from Perth, Australia

    “I love using them. Overall, I’m really happy with the fins and I get asked about them every time I swim! I use the fins for full stroke freestyle and backstroke. And for drills, with and without a kickboard. I have a chronic Achilles problem and was getting very frustrated with my swim training as conventional fins were out of the question. Just one kick and my calf would cramp up.”

  • Teach, bodyboard, body surf & snorkel: multi-use fins

    Anne finds her shinfinTM fins great for many uses: from teaching squad swimmers and beginners, through to surf swimming, bodyboarding, body surfing and snorkeling. She likes the extra propulsion with the natural kick technique, streamlined body and no leg cramps. What’s more, sharing the fins is easy, as one size fits most. She also likes that they fit securely, so don’t fall off in surf wipe outs.

    Anne’s review from Kilmore, Australia

    First, swim teaching. “The shinfinTM fins are great. They enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. Very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. Great for squad level swimmers. Especially useful for adult students who are learning to swim from scratch. Natural kicking action with extra propulsion to help maintain streamlined body position and buoyancy. Assist with overall water confidence. Happy to endorse a product this good.”

    Then, in the surf. “My shinfinTM fins were fantastic for surf swimming, bodyboarding and body surfing. Compared to “normal” fins I had less dramas getting into the surf. Great to swim & paddle in. Didn’t come off even when I wiped out. Also found them great when snorkeling. No leg cramps.”

  • Big surf & beach break: body surfing & bodyboarding fins

    shinfinTM fins leave Phil’s feet free to move for shallow water beach breaks and power him for big surf bodyboarding and body surfing. Also, he sometimes wears shinfinTM fins and regular foot fins together. What’s more, Phil appreciates that shinfinTM fins don’t give him calf cramps or toe rash like regular foot fins.

    Phil’s review from Huntington Beach, USA

    “I really like the fact that when I am body surfing or bodyboarding in a beach break, my feet can be free to move in shallow water. In real big surf, I can increase my propulsion greatly by putting on my regular foot fins also! Thanks for your nice product! Thanks for putting a great new fin on the surf market.”

  • Don’t hurt calves: easy learn to swim fins

    From never being able to swim a lap, shinfinTM fins have helped Dass learn to swim many laps, in comfort and without hurting her calves, unlike foot fins. This is because they teach and guide her into a good swimming style. They also give her the confidence to swim out of her depth by improving water safety.

    Dass’ review from Middletown, USA

    “The fins are great! I just started taking swimming lessons. I have never been able to do a lap in the pool. They have helped me learn to swim and also given me the confidence to stay in the water even when I cannot touch the bottom. I used to use normal fins and they always hurt my calves. But with shinfinTM fins, my legs move in the correct form for swimming and they just make everything easy. Now I swim laps for about 30 minutes non stop! Thanks Marc, for this great invention!”

  • No back problems: swimming exercise fins

    Tony gets no back problems when he uses his shinfinTM fins for exercise swimming. Also, he doesn’t get the calf or foot cramping that he gets with regular foot fins. So overall, he finds them very comfortable.

    Tony’s review from Kiama Downs, Australia

    “They certainly do not cause my lower back any problems when swimming. Very comfortable and have no problems with calf or foot cramping I get with normal fins.”

  • Fin training without muscle strain in legs & feet

    Brock uses shinfinTM fins for his swimming fitness pool training to avoid straining the smaller muscles of his legs and feet, a problem he gets with traditional fins. Training the large muscles in his thighs and torso, avoids calf muscle strain, ankle strain and foot muscle strain. They also reduce dependence on his upper body. Increased leg power leaves his arms free for other things, such as military uses.

    Brock’s review from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

    “It took me a few times swimming with them before I got comfortable, but I do like them.”

  • Cardio exercise to strengthen kick: fins without cramps

    Katsuji gets a good cardio exercise workout from his shinfinTM fins while he is strengthening his kick. Furthermore, they don’t give him the cramps that he gets with regular foot fins like Zoomer.

    Katsuji’s review from Mandaluyong, Philippines

    “Thank you for great invention!”