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16+ Uses | Aquatic Therapy Pool Fins

Need to recover from injuries, operations or movement difficulties? + shinfin™ leg fins enhance aquatic therapy & physiotherapy. + Operation recovery. + Injury rehabilitation. + Adjust fin position on leg for different water exercises. + Strengthen and tone your back, torso, hips, legs & knees. + Water fins that improve your joint mobility & movement range. + New pool fin exercises for injury rehabilitation. + Alternative aquatic fin routines for operation & stroke recovery. + Extra pool physiotherapy options for movement rehabilitation. + Exercise fins that increase your cardiovascular fitness & capacity. + Optimise your rehabilitation.

Versatile aquatic therapy pool fins for operation recovery, injury rehabilitation & physiotherapy

Why? Because these pool fins adjust on your legs to suit your injury

We have lots of customers using shinfin™ leg fins to help rehabilitate and strengthen themselves after injuries and operations, especially ankles, knees, hips and back.

These benefits arise because they promote a streamlined kick (like good swimmers use), with smooth delivery of power from your thighs and torso, and only a little knee-bend. Less knee-bend reduces the pressure of your knee cap on the ligaments underneath and minimises hip-bend too.

This streamlined kick also exercises and strengthens the core muscles of your back. You can position them on your leg to face the direction of your kick and this reduces the twisting forces on your ankles, knees, hips and back (a common problem with foot flippers).

Please consult your doctor/physician about your injuries and the effect of swimming with shinfin™ leg fins.