Fin Benefits

shinfin™ leg fins give you many benefits because they fit on your legs. And you can use them for many water activities.

Click your favourites from the 7 benefits below, to learn about their benefits over regular foot flippers.

Adjustable Fit Fins

Want fins that fit?

+ One size fits children to adults.
+ Any foot size – doesn’t matter.
+ Small to medium to extra-large.
+ They don’t fit on your feet!
+ Flex to your leg shape & size.
+ Fit with or without a wetsuit.
+ Keep fitting growing children.
+ Share easy with others.
+ Your most adjustable fins

Comfortable New Fins

Want comfortable new fins?

+ Fins that don’t fit on your feet!
+ Comfortable toes & feet.
+ Relaxed ankles.
+ Comfortable Achilles & calf muscles.
+ Comfortable knees, hips & back.
+ Flexible fit.
+ More comfortable than old flippers.

Feet Free Fins

Want fins that leave your feet free?

+ Walk easier & safer.
+ Dive, turn, flip-turn & wall push off.
+ Climb pool steps & boat ladders.
+ Drop-knee on bodyboards.
+ Kneel on kneeboards.
+ Stand on surfboards.
+ Safer & more fun than old flippers.

Light & Tough Fins

Want tough, light-weight fins?

+ About half foot flipper weight.
+ Under 300g (10oz) each.
+ Flatter & easier to pack.
+ Secure strapping system.
+ Don’t break or fall off.
+ Tough hi-tech flexible polyurethane.
+ Integral moulded buckles.
+ Quality natural rubber straps.
+ No foot pocket tear like old flippers.
+ Tough, light fins to last you years.

Best Swimming Style Fins

Want a better swimming style?

+ Beginners to elite.
+ Child to adult.
+ Able-bodied & disabled.
+ Best for freestyle, backstroke & fly.
+ Adjustable fit to optimise your kick
+ Horizontal body.
+ Smooth kick.
+ Relaxed feet.
+ Ankles flex with correct timing.
+ Proper kick balance for arm pulls.
+ Improve & strengthen your stroke.

Hip Power Fins

Want more speed from big muscles?

+ Efficient hip-driven power.
+ Minimal knee-bend, more power.
+ Power from strong muscle groups.
+ Thighs, buttocks, stomach & torso.
+ Smooth power within each stroke.
+ Correct stroke timing.
+ For freestyle, backstroke & butterfly.
+ Imprints your kick muscle memory.
+ Your improvements stay for no fins!

Streamlined Force Fins

Want faster streamlined strokes?

+ Streamline your whole body.
+ Higher straighter knees.
+ Horizontal thighs.
+ Higher straighter hips.
+ Horizontal torso.
+ Less drag.
+ Less wasted energy.
+ Efficient, streamlined thrust.
+ Great for freestyle, backstroke & fly.
+ Swimming feels so much better!

Top Fins Review

Sick of your old foot flippers?

+ Avoid all these flipper problems.
Don’t fit you?
Hurt your feet?
Stress your ankles?
Strain your calf muscles?
Twist & bend your knees too much?
Mess up your kick?
Trip you up?
Too heavy?
Too bulky?
Fall off & sink?
Break & rot?
+ Treat yourself to shinfin™ leg fins!