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Fin benefits summary

Because shinfinTM fins fit on your legs (not on your feet), they give you many benefits over all foot flippers.

Fitting benefits combine so shinfinTM fins feel natural. Adjustable so one size fits you properly. Comfortable so they don’t hurt your feet or give you cramps. Feet free so you can walk, dive and swim. Strong and light for maximum power.

Kicking benefits combine so your swimming with shinfinTM fins feels so much better. Best swim style promotes great swimming strokes for freestyle, backstroke & fly. Hip powered encourages you to kick from your hips using strong muscles. Smooth swimming kick streamlines your entire body.

The many benefits of shinfinTM fins are expanded below.

Fin fitting benefits


Adjustable: reviews & FAQ

+ One size fits children to adults.
+ Any foot size – doesn’t matter.
+ Small to medium to extra-large.
+ They don’t fit on your feet!
+ Flex to your leg shape & size.
+ Fit with or without a wetsuit.
+ Keep fitting growing children.
+ Share easy with others.
+ Your most adjustable fins


Comfortable: reviews & FAQ

+ Fins that don’t fit on your feet!
+ Comfortable toes & feet.
+ Relaxed ankles.
+ Comfortable Achilles & calf muscles.
+ Comfortable knees, hips & back.
+ Benefit from flexible fit fins.
+ More comfortable than old flippers.

Feet free

Feet free: reviews & FAQ

+ Walk easier & safer.
+ Dive, turn, flip-turn & wall push off.
+ Climb pool steps & boat ladders.
+ Drop-knee on bodyboards.
+ Kneel on kneeboards.
+ Stand on surfboards.
+ Safer & more fun than old flippers.

Strong & light

Strong & light: reviews & FAQ

+ About half foot flipper weight.
+ Under 300g (10oz) each.
+ Flatter & easier to pack.
+ Secure strapping system.
+ Don’t break or fall off.
+ Tough hi-tech flexible polyurethane.
+ Integral moulded buckles.
+ Quality natural rubber straps.
+ No foot pocket tear like old flippers.
+ Tough, light fins to last you years.

Fin kicking benefits

Best swim style

Best swim style: reviews & FAQ

+ Fins benefit beginners to elite.
+ Child to adult.
+ Able-bodied & disabled.
+ Best for freestyle, backstroke & fly.
+ Adjustable fit to optimise your kick
+ Horizontal body.
+ Smooth kick.
+ Relaxed feet.
+ Ankles flex with correct timing.
+ Proper kick balance for arm pulls.
+ Improve & strengthen your stroke.

Hip power

Hip power: reviews & FAQ

+ Efficient hip-driven power.
+ Minimal knee-bend, more power.
+ Power from strong muscle groups.
+ Thighs, buttocks, stomach & torso.
+ Smooth power within each stroke.
+ Correct stroke timing.
+ For freestyle, backstroke & butterfly.
+ Imprints your kick muscle memory.
+ Benefits stay even without fins!

Smooth swimming

Smooth swimming: reviews & FAQ

+ Streamline your whole body.
+ Higher straighter knees.
+ Horizontal thighs.
+ Higher straighter hips.
+ Horizontal torso.
+ Less drag.
+ Less wasted energy.
+ Efficient, streamlined thrust.
+ Great for freestyle, backstroke & fly.
+ Swimming feels so much better!

Benefits vs. foot fins

Sick of your old foot flippers?

+ Avoid all these flipper problems.
Don’t fit you?
Hurt your feet?
Stress your ankles?
Strain your calf muscles?
Twist & bend your knees too much?
Mess up your kick?
Trip you up?
Too heavy?
Too bulky?
Fall off & sink?
Break & rot?
+ Benefit from shinfinTM fins!