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Shinfin Pty. Ltd. (Sydney, Australia)

Australian CompanyShinfin Pty. Ltd.
Australian Business NumberABN 14 895 941 137
Registered Company Address1 North Arm Road, Middle Cove, Sydney, NSW 2068, Australia
Managing Director (Inventor)Marc Lee
QualificationsBA+MA in Engineering, Cambridge University, UK
PhoneAustralia: (02) 9029 4044 International: + 61 2 9029 4044


Australian Government Support

Research and development of shinfin™ leg fins has been supported by two grants awarded by the AusIndustry™ R&D Start Program, Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources in the Commonwealth Government of Australia. I am very grateful for this support.

Export market development of shinfin™ leg fins is assisted by membership of the Australian Technology Showcase, Department of State and Regional Development in the New South Wales Government (Australia). I appreciate this assistance.

Edinburgh University Research

Research work, using 3D video analysis of swimmers wearing shinfin™ leg fins, has been conducted in a specially constructed swimming pool at the Centre for Aquatic Research and Education (CARE), Department of Physical Education Sports and Leisure Studies (PESLS) at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Many thanks for this research.