Comfortable Fins

These comfortable fins could be just what you have been looking for. So please read on to find out how comfortable these new fins will be for you. Or see Comfortable Fins FAQ or Comfortable Fins Reviews.

Want comfortable fins?

+ Because they don’t go on feet!
+ Comfortable toes & feet.
+ Relaxed ankles.
+ Comfortable Achilles & calf muscles.
+ Comfortable knees, hips & back.
+ Flexible fit.
+ More comfort than foot flippers.

New born comfortable fins for you!

Wish your fins were comfortable?

Would you like comfortable toes, feet, ankles, Achilles tendons, calf muscles, knees and back? Would you like to avoid painful foot flippers with their cramps and blisters?

shinfin fins are so comfortable because they don’t attach to your feet at all. They fit on your legs. They extend from the middle of your shin down to your toes. The straps go around your leg just above your ankle. So your toes and feet are completely free and comfortable. Your ankles, Achilles tendons and calf muscles are more relaxed. Your knees and back are not strained. Comfort from the tips of your toes up to your back.

In contrast, we all know that comfort is a major problem for regular flippers. I reckon heaps of flippers are lying at the bottom of the world’s cupboards. Never used because they hurt so much. Are you sick of wearing flippers? What strain, pain, blisters, cramps and injuries do flippers give you?

Comfortable fins need to fit on your legs, not on your feet. Would you like comfortable toes, feet, ankles and Achilles tendons? Perhaps you need to avoid the calf muscle cramps that flippers give you? Maybe you need fins to minimise the strain in your knees, hips or back? Perhaps you simply want to enjoy swimming in comfort again? Read on to learn more. Or contact me. I’d love to discuss how shinfin fins will help you.

Flexible fit

They flex to wrap around the front of your leg. So they bend in to fit thin legs. They bend out to fit large legs. The straps are fully adjustable. All fin edges are tapered thin and flexible for comfort. They don’t strap to your foot at all. So they fit regardless of your foot size. For more details on how adjustable they are, please see Adjustable Fins and the Adjustable Fins Reviews. [Regular flippers don’t fit the full range of foot sizes, shapes and widths, even if you find your closest size.]

Comfortable feet & toes

Because they extend gently along the top of your foot to your toes, you only feel gentle pressure on the top of your foot during your forward kick. It’s hardly noticeable. So these fins don’t give you arch cramps or sore feet. The tips and edges are soft and flexible, so they don’t hurt your toes. [Flippers often squash your feet and trap sand causing sores, blisters and cramps.]

Relaxed ankles

Power connects directly to your leg above your ankle joint. So they don’t strain your ankles. The fins bend when you bend your ankles. So your feet are completely free to swim and walk. [Flippers strain your ankles unnaturally backwards when you kick forwards.]

Happy Achilles tendons

The straps fit higher up your leg from where your Achilles tendon joins your heel. This avoids painful pressure on the sensitive part of your Achilles tendon. [Flipper heel pockets and heel straps often press right on your Achilles tendon, causing pain and sometimes long term damage.]

Relaxed calf muscles

Power comes from your hips so it doesn’t strain or cramp your calf muscles. Your calf muscles only gently point your toes during your forward kick, like swimming without fins. So your calf muscles are more relaxed. This reduces painful and dangerous calf cramps. [Flippers strain and cramp your calf muscles as they point your toes to hold the flippers in position.]

Comfortable knees

Your kick is streamlined with minimal knee bend, like good swimming without fins. Straighter knees reduces the pressure on your knee joints and ligaments. You can also adjust the fin around your leg to be perpendicular to your kick direction. This minimises painful twisting forces on your knee. [A flipper kick causes much more knee bend and larger knee twisting forces, significantly increasing knee strain.]

Comfortable back

Your fins will work best with just a small amount of hip bend. So your thighs are more horizontal and more in line with your back. They also strengthen the core muscles in your back, the same muscles targeted by Pilates exercises. This helps to minimise lower back pain. [A flipper kick requires you to bend your hips more, sloping your thighs deeper in the water and stressing your lower back.]

Comfortable straps

The rubber straps are wide, soft and ribbed for extra comfort and grip. They stretch as your calf muscles expand and contract. Another reason why you will find these to be the most comfortable fins. [Flipper materials often rub and hurt your feet so much you can’t swim for long with them.]

Safer & more fun

By reducing pain and cramps, they reduce the significant dangers these cause in the water. They also reduce the chance of accidents because they are easier to walk in. These are truly comfortable fins so you can have more fun in the water and safer swimming overall. [Foot flippers cause pain, dangerous cramps and trip you up. Why take the risk?]

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Comfortable fins FAQ

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