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Fins reduce calf cramps & muscle strain

Do fins reduce calf cramps & painful muscle strain & not hurt calves?

To reduce calf cramps and not add strain to your calf muscles, choose fins that strap on your legs, not on your feet. These comfortable fins help you to avoid muscle strain and prevent calf cramps.

Regular foot fins often cause terrible cramps in your calf muscles. It becomes too painful to kick, so you have to stop. This can be very dangerous if you are stranded in the water, unable to swim. A problem with foot fins, is that they make you work your calf muscles too much pointing your toes to hold the foot fins in position. This calf muscle strain builds up and causes calf cramps.

You can test this by swimming without fins. Most likely, you don’t get calf cramps or calf muscle strain when you kick without any fins.

These new fins do not strain your calf muscles because the fins strap to your legs, not to your feet. So your calf muscles only point your feet in the same way as for your no-fins swimming. You don’t have the extra calf muscle strain needed to hold heavy foot fins in position.

With these fins you only use your calf muscles the same as for kicking without fins. So, if you don’t get calf muscle strain and calf cramps when you are kicking without fins, then that indicates that you won’t get them from using these comfortable fins.

You are not alone. Lots of people get calf cramps from regular foot fins. Now you can be free of calf cramps!

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