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Cardio exercise to strengthen kick: fins without cramps

Katsuji gets a good cardio exercise workout from his shinfinTM fins while he is strengthening his kick. Furthermore, they don’t give him the cramps that he gets with regular foot fins like Zoomer.

Katsuji’s review from Mandaluyong, Philippines

“Thank you for great invention!”

Katsuji’s review: Cardio exercise fins for stronger kick with no cramps

“I found shinfinTM fins quite useful, and keep on using to strengthen my kick. Unlike others like Zoomer, the shinfinTM fins do not give me cramp. I found that it also gives me a good cardio exercise, too. I just wish that it is a bit easier to remove. Perhaps my getting used to it will ease it off. Thank you for great invention!”


Yes, they do give you good cardio exercise and help to strengthen your kick in the proper way for good swimming, without the cramps that you get from normal foot flippers. We get a lot of good feedback like this. I can help you to take the fins off quickly too. Did you try this quick-release method from the tips?

Take fins off – using inside buckle only (~5 seconds per fin):
1. Wet fins.
2. Undo inside buckle only by:
(a) Pull out strap tail from under strap.
(b) Keep pressing arrow gently to unlock buckle.
(c) Pull other side of strap firmly, so strap slips right out of buckle.*
3. Slide fin off leg (leave outside buckle done up).


“This certainly helps!” (after reading fin quick-release tips)

Yes, please feel free to use any of my message for your reposting on your web, with any revisions/editing that you may find fit. I think I was lucky enough to have been able to spot the shinfinTM fins over the internet (just by the luck really), and would be more than happy if more people also discover the benefits of shinfinTM fins, just like me. Keep up the good work.”


Fitness routines with shinfinTM fins give you a good cardio exercise workout with no back problems and strengthen your kick at the same time. Even more, they avoid the foot cramps that you get from regular fins!