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Better kick, stroke, breathing & endurance: technique fins

Over many years, the swim technique encouraged by shinfinTM fins has given Rick a better kick, improved stroke, relaxed breathing and a dramatic increase in endurance. He tends to swim freestyle about 5-6 km a week, fitness swimming in pools and in the ocean. What’s more, these benefits carry over to his no-fins swimming style too. This all flows on from the better aligned, streamlined horizontal body position that he feels the fins promoting. Importantly, he feels the incredible workout in his thighs, glutes and abdomen because the fins guide him to kick from his hips. Rick can see clearly that regular foot fins don’t come close in comparison.

Rick’s review from Perth, Australia

“Thank you for prompt service and a great product. By the second session I was already noticing marked improvement in my kick, but also more generally in my stroke and breathing, as a flow-on from the better aligned body position the fins promote. What I hadn’t really considered (the added bonus I suppose) is the dramatic improvement in my endurance, allowing me to extend my lap distance each session. And my no-fins kick is also improving. So, good on you for taking a strong concept all the way through the process of invention and manufacture, to realise an extraordinary Aussie design innovation.”

4 months later: “I’m still using my shinfinTM fins three times every week, swimming an average of 5-6 km a week at present. I’ve found them kind of addictive! My endurance has improved dramatically, and so has my general fitness. I’m now much more relaxed in the water, and breathing smoothly and easily. The improved horizontality of body position has helped me work on my freestyle stroke, to streamline my swim technique. I’ve been able to really concentrate on technical aspects of my stroke, like kick beat, or bilateral breathing. The long, slow, strong 2-beat kick provides an incredible workout for my abdomen, glutes, thighs, and even my shoulders, as my arms are working stronger, to maintain momentum. I’m happy to help encourage more people to adopt shinfinTM fins, because I believe in the quality of the design and product!”

4 years later: “I swear by the fins, for promoting a good horizontal body position, improving my stroke and working my thighs, quads and glutes. Regular fins don’t come close in comparison.”

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Lighter snorkeling, walking & workout fins

Cynthia finds her shinfinTM fins much lighter and great for snorkeling, better for walking, and better for her workouts too. What’s more, they fit easier into her suitcase for snorkeling trips. Also, they don’t bother her ankles like regular foot fins. This is because shinfinTM fins are lightweight and made from tough polyurethane. They strap above her ankles, so they leave her feet free to snorkel, swim and walk easier. So she bought two more pairs, for her husband snorkeling and for a friend for resistance workouts.

Cynthia’s review from Kansas City, Missouri

“They are great. I am using the shinfinTM fins for snorkeling whenever I travel. They fit in my suitcase easily and are much lighter than my other fins. I find that they work very well for me. I like that I can walk around, and they don’t bother my ankles like regular fins can. Plus they are a better workout. My friend needs to work out every day. Once he tried my shinfinTM fins, he was using them every day. He said they were a great workout. He didn’t have to swim as much. And he liked to walk in the water for the resistance training too. I just ordered 2 more pairs. Thanks.”

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Exercise & deep water running fins

Megan loves her shinfinTM fins for her daily exercise including freestyle swimming, kicking practice and deep water running with a float around her waist. They don’t hurt her back, hips, knees and ankles like normal foot fins. This is because they encourage her to kick from her hips with a smooth kick thrust. Overall she finds they give her good workouts and help her to get more out of her exercise.

Megan’s review from Townsville, Australia

“I love my shinfinTM fins. I find them easier on my body (ankles, knees, hips, back) than normal fins and I swim every day. Mostly freestyle and lots of kicking practice. shinfinTM fins help me get more out of the exercies. I use a float around my waist for deep water running. It is a good workout.”

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Strengthening & propulsion: below knee amputee 1 & 2 fins

Rob, a below knee amputee, finds shinfinTM fins work really well for strengthening his leg and giving better propulsion. He finds the resistance and extra propulsion from just one fin on his stump helps him strengthen that leg. However, wearing both fins gives him better overall swimming and more propulsion. This is because shinfinTM fins encourage a streamlined kick with minimal knee bend, for amputees and non-amputees. So this gives him kick power from his hips which strengthens the larger muscles in his core body, buttocks and thighs.

Rob’s review from Whitethorn, USA

“I’m doing really well with my shinfinTM fins. You might like to know I am an amputee (left, below the knee). I find that it’s best for me to just use one fin on my residual limb. Without the fin there’s not enough resistance and with it I get more propulsion than the other leg. It works really well for me. I did try it with two fins and it works good. It’s better with two. But for now I need to strengthen my one leg, so I’ll continue to use just one. It’s a great product.”

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Clubfoot & below knee amputation fins

With severe clubfoot and a below knee amputation, Krista finds shinfinTM fins wonderful for swimming and treading water aqua aerobics exercises. This is because shinfinTM fins help lift both her legs horizontal for less drag. So this raises her body horizontal and gives her smoother swimming strokes. Furthermore, they also reduce drag from water flowing over her clubfoot. So they streamline her whole body to swim faster and help her to build stronger muscles during her swimming workouts.

Krista’s review from Craig, USA

“I am really enjoying my shinfinTM fins. I am a below knee amputee and have a severe clubfoot on the other leg. My legs finally are getting more of a workout and aren’t just dragging behind me. I can also tread water so much better and for a much longer time. Can’t wait to take my shinfinTM fins with me for snorkeling.”

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Double below knee amputee: front & back swimming fins

For over five years, shinfinTM fins have helped Alison, a double below knee amputee, to build her confidence swimming on her front and back, in ways she never imagined. The fins are so adjustable and flexible to fit her thin, skinny lower legs without rotating or slipping. Made from strong polyurethane, the fins are tough enough to bend when she pushes off from the pool wall with her leg stumps. She uses the fins to help strengthen her muscles in the lower half of her body. With the fins, she can even swim legs only, without using her arms. She used them to build her confidence to do a one mile open water swim.

Alison says that shinfin™ fins have not only helped her to gain the confidence to swim on her own, but they have also helped her life in so many other ways. They have improved her physical appearance and overall confidence. They have helped her to strengthen muscles all over her body, including her knees. So her walking is straighter and she can even run up stairs!

Alison’s review from High Wycome, UK

“Thank you for all your help and thank you for getting me back into something I love. The shinfinTM fins are the best purchase I have ever made. It’s the first time I have ever been able to swim without using my arms. They have helped to build my confidence in ways I never imagined. I have used them both for on my front and back. I’m finding it perfect with what they’re designed for. There are not enough words to explain how thankful I am and I can’t wait to get more people ordering them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

And 5 years later:

“I just wanted to say, your shinfinTM fins have really helped change my life! I’m currently training for a mile swim in London and your shinfinTM fins with be there with me! If I didn’t have them, I don’t think I’d have the confidence to do an open water swim. Thank you once again! So due to shinfinTM fins, I now have the confidence to swim on my own. I also have more confidence in day to day life. I can run up the stairs! My knees are stronger. They used to knock together but now I walk straighter.

“My overall physical appearance is a lot better. They really have helped to build muscle all over my body. I don’t get as sick and run down like I used too. Also, I’m a lot more confident talking to people. People always ask about the shinfinTM fins at the pool and rather than shying away I talk to them! shinfinTM fins have helped change my whole life. I feel like the confident young lady that I was always meant to be. Thank you. Best wishes.”

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Osteonecrosis aquatic therapy exercise fins

Martin benefits from shinfinTM fins for standing and walking leg exercise work-outs, as part of his aquatic therapy for osteonecrosis (avascular necrosis, bone infarction). So he uses them as recommended by his physiotherapist. He opens and closes his hips and strengthens his legs by swinging them forward, backward and sideways. Furthermore, for sideways kicking, he adjusts the fins around to the sides of his legs. He also finds the extra speed and straighter legs of shinfinTM fins for freestyle kicks more psychologically rewarding.

Martin’s review from Hong Kong

“The shinfinTM product has been working well for me. Also using it for aquatic therapy. Doing exercises standing in the pool with the fins, gives more resistance and more of a work-out for strengthening. Most of the exercises have been about swinging the legs forward, backward, sideways, and doing opening and closing of the hip.”

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Butterfly technique training session fins

By converting his training sessions from foot fins to shinfinTM fins, Isarez significantly improves his butterfly technique. He feels them enhancing his body hydrodynamics by giving him the correct tension distribution in his lower body, legs and feet. This is because they give him the correct power from his hips. Furthermore, his body remembers his new shinfinTM enhanced butterfly technique, even after he takes them off for training sessions without fins. He gets good training from going into flip-turns a bit harder until the fins lift out of the water, and pushing off with both feet contacting the wall.

Isarez’s review from London, UK

“I am a butterfly enthusiast. Your shinfinTM fins are worth the extra money, especially for swimmers who are technique-focused. I usually felt I learnt nothing technically from foot fins. In contrast, the shinfinTM fins make me feel true to my body. They give the correct tension distribution throughout the lower-body, legs and feet. This, therefore, enhances the body’s hydrodynamics properly while focusing on and maintaining technique. Taking off the fins, I already feel that I learned to lift up more efficiently in the butterfly (clearing the water surface less vertically for breathing). I must thank you for inventing the shinfinTM fins.”

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Bilateral below knee amputee lap swimming fins

shinfinTM fins allow Amy, a bilateral below knee amputee, to lap swim again. The fins give her a natural linear balance with power from her hip flexors. This is because her forward motion causes water pressure on the fins, which lifts her legs and body linear and streamlined. So she finds that the fins give her an awesome whole body workout, critical for rebuilding her core body strength and endurance.

Amy’s review from Harwick, USA

“I am a 54 year old woman with both legs amputated below the knee and I have been struggling to swim again. I could not remain linear and my residual limbs provided no propulsion. The shinfinTM fins changed everything. I feel whole again. Swimming laps feels natural and my linear balance was perfect. I am in a state of sheer joy! Thank you! The shinfinTM fins enable me to to work on my hip flexors, which is important because I spend so much time in my wheelchair. The whole body workout is awesome.”

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Light & indestructible kickboard workout fins

For over 9 years, Seth has used his shinfinTM fins regularly, including kickboard workouts on his front and back, finding them light weight and indestructible. The high fin fitting adjustability range is a further benefit. Fitting the fins lower down gives a more powerful workout but not so low that they rub.

Seth’s review from Mount Pleasant, USA

“I am using my shinfinTM fins about 2 or 3 times a week. The material has held up well and I like that they are light so they are easy to carry. I like the color too. Fellow swimmers ask me about my shinfinTM fins all the time.”

And 9 years later – The fins are indestructible; the straps need occasional replacement. I like their weight. I use them as a swim workout tool for about 30 minutes with the kickboard, on my front and back. And for a few laps I swim underwater. Thanks for the great product, I really enjoy them.”