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Knee reconstruction, back fusion & Achilles tendinitis: rehabilitation fins

For over 10 years, Cecilia loves using her shinfinTM fins to rehabilitate following ACL knee reconstruction, back disc fusion and Achilles tendinitis. They improve her swimming remarkably, whilst also strengthening her back and leg muscles. She finds them so comfortable because they reduce back pain, reduce knee pain and avoid Achilles tendon pain.

Cecilia’s review from Clifton Forge, USA

After 2 weeks: “They are absolutely wonderful! The shinfinTM fins are a great workout. I would highly recommend them over any other type of fin. I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my swimming.”

After 10 years: “I have been using my shinfinTM fins for at least 10 years now and I absolutely love them. I was able to use them many years ago to rehabilitate after an ACL knee reconstruction. Currently using them to rehabilitate after a back fusion. I also have bilateral Achilles tendinitis, so the shinfinTM fins are perfect for me. They really work for strengthening the back and leg muscles. I don’t get in the pool without them. I just can’t say enough good things about them. Thanks so much for coming up with these.”

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Broken foot & Achilles: recovery fins

Geoff (doctor) used shinfinTM fins to help his own recovery from a broken foot, and also loaned them to a patient to recover from Achilles tendon inflammation. Because they attach above the ankle, they allowed him to maintain leg strength during his recovery, without stressing his foot like ordinary flippers. So they gave him a better, more comfortable workout.

Geoff’s (doctor) review from Townsville, Australia

“I have a pair of shinfinTM fins and have been delighted with them. They helped during my recovery from a broken foot. I wanted to maintain strength in my legs during recovery but was not getting enough of a workout from swimming with bare feet. Ordinary flippers were out, as they stressed the very areas that needed to recover. I find them superb. Good luck and thanks.”

Also: “I had a patient with an Achilles tendon inflammation who was trying to keep fit without running but was using ordinary flippers when swimming and aggravating the injury. So my shinfinTM fins are on loan to them at present.”

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Less ankle, knee & back pain: rehabilitation fins

Mike’s reviews, progressively over three years, show how shinfinTM fins help his rehabilitation from lumbar back surgery, with much less pain in his ankles, knees and back. Initially he could not swim at all, due to the residual back pain from his back surgery, ten years prior. However, his shinfinTM fins give him such a good workout to strengthen his muscles in his thighs, buttocks, trunk, core and lumbar back. Such a good workout, in fact, that he became able to swim 1500 m of freestyle without pain. Most importantly, no more back pain and hence no further back surgery required. So Mike is an ecstatic customer!

Mike’s review from Cobalt, Canada

After 2 months

“My knees are feeling better, as I’m getting more power in my legs. And my ankles couldn’t be happier.”

“They give me a great workout, especially the thighs and the entire trunk area. Which is a pleasant surprise, as I’m always trying to increase my strength in my lumbar, abdominal and buttocks area. I’m swimming twice a week for about 45 minutes each time. So yes, I like them a lot. And yes, they are just what I need for my strength training.”

After 2 years

“The fins are just great. I have increased my core and thigh strength tremendously. I have been using them for two years now, twice a week, doing 750 m with the fins and 750 m without.”

“Two years ago I couldn’t even do the front crawl due to my degenerative disc problem in my lower back. I had spinal discectomy surgery at the L3-L4 level years ago. Now I do 1500 m two times a week. Need I say any more!”

“I used to think that I was inevitably just going to have to live with my back pain or eventually go back under the knife. Like it was always in the back of my mind that nothing would get me over the hump in my rehabilitation.”

“Well, I have found the solution in these shinfinTM fins. Thanks again Marc.”

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Better snorkeling control & lap swimming fins

Like many people, Jan Carlos uses his shinfinTM fins for multiple activities, finding them great for lap swimming and giving more control when snorkeling. As he feels, this is because they target the correct muscles to give him a powerful kick from his hips. Moreover, their extra control, together with leaving his feet free and not protruding beyond his toes, reduces unwanted damage to frail coral reefs (unlike long foot fins).

Juan Carlos’ review from Brisbane, Australia

“Overall, I’m very happy with my shinfinTM fins. Thanks for a great product and for the support. The initial experience could be a bit disappointing, but in no time you find the benefits. You feel the target muscles working. They are working great for my lap swimming. For snorkeling, they worked fine and you feel you are more in control when trying not to damage the frail coral reefs.”

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Improve balance after head injury fins

After her head injury, shinfinTM fins dramatically improve Connie’s balance, both in the water and walking. The fins retrain her kick to lift her legs more horizontal and streamlined. She finds they give her tremendous power from her glutes, obliques, thighs and stomach muscles. Swimming in open water at local beaches, she is very thankful for how much shinfinTM fins have improved her balance after her head injury. (On another note, the fins are highly adjustable. So many of Connie’s relations from age 6 upwards have tried her fins and also love them.)

Connie’s review from Long Beach, USA

“I am recovering from a head injury and also injured my knee when I fell on my head. I have been trying to think of the words to express how much I love my shinfinTM fins. But no words seem to do them justice. I have been using them here in Long Beach harbor. I have also swum with them in San Diego Bay. There is a long shore current that used to torment me on the return leg of my swim. With your shinfinTM fins, I power right through it. With concentration, I let the shinfinTM fins pull me up into good horizontal kick alignment. It gives me tremendous power and I can’t believe the way the shinfinTM fins strengthen and work my glutes, obliques, thighs and stomach muscles.”

“In addition, the lateral balance feedback they give me in the water seems to be greatly improving my balance (which I lost from the head injury) both in the water and on land. Your shinfinTM fins have added a stabilizing feedback component to my brain. I have had a dramatic improvement in my balance. Before, I needed a cane on one side and a person on the other to get to the water. Now, I can get there with just a cane. Thank you for my fins.”

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Better crawl stroke: swim learning fins

Evelyn’s shinfinTM fins help her learn to swim, especially with a better front crawl stroke. In particular, wearing them enables her to focus her attention on improving her stroke and breathing. Furthermore, after she uses her fins for the first half of her workout, she notices her stroke improvements transfer to her no-fins crawl stroke too. Most importantly, she finds them comfortable with no foot cramps, unlike regular foot fins.

Evelyn’s review from Santa Cruz, USA

“I am a very satisfied customer. I just learned to swim the crawl stroke with my face in the water. The fins have helped me a lot. Using them, I have been able to pay more attention to and improve my stroke. The best part – NO FOOT CRAMPS! Buying them was a spot-on decision, and I am going great with them.”

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Fine tuning swimming technique fins

When Mark uses his shinfinTM fins for fine tuning his swim technique, he feels them giving him a better natural swimming movement. When he uses them for his swimming drills, he feels them giving him a better workout in his main leg muscles. This is because they encourage a smooth swimming style with power from his hips. Most important, he feels his swim technique improvements with shinfinTM fins transfer to his natural swimming without fins too.

Mark’s review from Auckland, New Zealand

“Gives a better natural swim movement and better workout to the main muscles. And yes, the benefits transfer between “no-fins” swimming. Great Product. Thanks.”

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Better leg workout: swim training fins

Barry gets a better, whole leg workout when swim training with his shinfinTM fins fins. The fins adjust to fit him fine even though he is 6 foot 5 inches tall with big feet. Furthermore, they don’t hurt his ankles like regular fins. He says he is flying through the water with his shinfinTM fins fins.

Barry’s review from Vienna, USA

shinfinTM fins are clearly a superior product. I absolutely love my fins and am really glad that I made the purchase. Thanks for making such a great product and having wonderful customer service. I really appreciate it. What I like best about them is that they encourage you to use your whole leg as opposed to just your ankle to kick. I am delighted by the fact that these don’t hurt my ankles anymore.”

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Natural rhythm & very comfortable: workout fins

Graham got used to shinfinTM fins quickly, finding them very comfortable and allowing him to workout with his natural stroke rhythm. They help him to workout his glutes and legs because they train a better kick with power from his hips.

Graham’s review from Coolbinia, Australia

“I’ve used them twice and they were great; very comfortable and easy to keep my natural rhythm. Made my legs & glutes work hard. No hesitation recommending the shinfinTM fins.”

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No foot & toe cramps: better workout fins

With shinfinTM fins, Sue gets a much better fitness workout whilst avoiding the foot cramps and toe cramps she used to get with regular flippers. What’s more, they help her learn to use her upper legs more and to relax her feet.

Sue’s review from Old Erowal Bay, Australia

“I love my shinfinTM fins. Compared to flippers they give me a much better workout. I definitely won’t be going back to flippers.”