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Bilateral fused ankles & chronic lower limb pain swim fins

Matthew, a physiotherapist, finds shinfinTM fins a fantastic help for his client with bilateral fused ankles and bilateral chronic lower limb pain. Because they are so adjustable, his client fits them more comfortably higher up his shin to suit his fused ankles. Because the fins encourage smooth horizontal swimming, they also reduce his chronic lower limb pain. Hence his client increases his physical fitness a lot faster with shinfinTM fins. So he achieves a lot more from his swimming.

Matthew’s review from Christchurch, New Zealand

“Thanks for such a fantastic product. I got these for a client of mine who has fused ankles bilaterally, as well as chronic lower limb pain bilaterally. He has found them very good. We are using them attached quite high up the shin, because he found this the best place to avoid discomfort at the ankle. They have allowed him to increase his physical fitness a lot faster and he feels he is achieving a lot more.”

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Fused ankle Masters Swimming fins

Darlene has a fused ankle with very little ankle flexibility and loves the power and speed of shinfinTM fins for her Masters club training, swimming about a mile a day. They work so comfortably for her because they strap to her legs above her ankles. So they don’t strain her fused ankle and the fins remain streamlined along her legs. Furthermore, she finds them great for working her thighs and hips because they guide her to kick from her hips. Understandably, she finds all regular foot fins impossible to use, having tried all kinds.

Darlene’s review from The Woodlands, USA

“I love the fins. They really are comfortable and help so much with power and speed. I have the fused ankle which makes it impossible to use a regular foot fin. But fused ankle or not, they are great for working your thighs and hips. I use them for Masters Swimming. I have a fused ankle with very little flexibility.”

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Ankles fused & reconstructed: snorkeling & workout fins

With his left ankle fused and his right ankle reconstructed, shinfinTM fins allow Felicia’s husband to snorkel and have swim workouts again. This is because shinfinTM fins strap above his ankles, so he can relax his ankles and feet. Furthermore, for extra protection, he can even wear the fins with his supportive ankle wetsuit boots. Needless to say, due to his ankle problems, he clearly cannot use standard flippers.

Felicia’s review from Carringbah, Australia

“My husband was extremely happy with them. For the first time ever since the plane crash, he was able to actually kick his legs and move forward in the water, without nearly sinking or hurting himself! They were great and he went snorkeling nearly every day while we were away. It was great that he could wear his supportive ankle wetsuit boots at the same time. They were also a good workout and helped him use some muscles that he previously had no way of accessing without the shinfinTM fins. Thank you for developing a product that helps my husband swim again. I couldn’t get the smile off his face!”

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Below knee amputee rehabilitation training fins

Elle’, a below knee amputee, really benefits from shinfinTM fins for her rehabilitation, pool training and open water ocean swimming. They give her a smooth, level, relaxed and balanced stroke. What’s more, all without strain or calf cramps. She uses them for freestyle and backstroke, with and without a kickboard. The fin on her stump feels like a foot to her, because it gives a full workout of her amputated leg. Thus she fully strengthens her legs, stomach and back muscles. Not only for her swimming, but also for stronger walking with her prosthesis. Elle’ kindly shares her detailed story below, with photos and videos, so other amputees will benefit from shinfinTM fins too.

Elle’s review from San Clemente, USA

“Both legs are kicking evenly and my amputated leg is getting the full benefits of the workout. No more calf cramps. I found it felt like I have a foot. I am very aware of both legs working fully, rather than relying more on the remaining foot. I’m able to relax into my stroke, which is balanced, even and smooth. Enables me to completely engage my residual limb without stress or strain. And in turn build strength needed for wearing a prosthesis.”

“The open water swimming in the past days has been wonderful! I did not have rehabilitation after my amputation and swimming with the shinfinTM fins has been the best thing I could have ever found! I can feel my stomach and back work equally now. And I find my body position is much easier to keep level in the water.”

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Shortboard stand up surfing fins

Kyle has a lot of fun stand up surfing with shinfinTM fins on his shortboard. With shinfinTM fins, he can still stand on his shortboard. They help him catch waves more easily and also let him rest his arms going back out. He really enjoys the balanced workout, kicking with his legs and paddling with his arms. Furthermore, they stop his lower back getting sore. (This used to happen when he just paddled just with his arms, without fins.) So he can stay out longer to catch more waves and have more fun. He also finds them great fins for body surfing, especially the way they encourage kicking from his hips.

Kyle’s review from Ventura, USA

“I rode my surfboard with your shinfinTM fins twice last weekend and had a lot of fun. Really enjoyed the balanced, full body workout. My body felt better after surfing, whereas previously, often my lower back would be sore after surfing for a long time. Although I didn’t surf for a long time, the way my back felt after surfing with your shinfinTM fins makes me expect to not be sore after surfing for hours. I also appreciated the chance to rest my arms while paddling back out. My 5’10” fish needs repair, so I rode my 6’8″ and duck diving it was no problem. I’m very happy with the purchase. Oh and I do believe they helped me catch waves more easily!”

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No ankle strain: pool lap training fins

Pool lap training with shinfinTM fins, over 8 years, has been fantastic for Terry because they avoid the ankle strain he gets with normal flippers. This is because they strap to his legs just above his ankles. So they are comfortable without adding extra straining forces through his ankles. Furthermore, they keep him streamlined in the water, even for gentle kicking. Then they give him the extra speed for swim training when he increases his leg power.

Terry’s review from Peregian Beach, Australia

“I swim laps at the pool. Wearing the shinfinTM fins keeps me streamlined in the water. Just gently moving my legs is enough to keep me streamlined but if I use a bit of leg power I pick up speed. Having fragile ankles, I find normal flippers place strain on my ankles. But the shinfinTM fins are fantastic, no strain and they work beautifully. I couldn’t be happier with my shinfinTM fins and would recommend them to anyone, bad ankles or not. Thanks.”

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Knee reconstruction, back fusion & Achilles tendinitis: rehabilitation fins

For over 10 years, Cecilia loves using her shinfinTM fins to rehabilitate following ACL knee reconstruction, back disc fusion and Achilles tendinitis. They improve her swimming remarkably, whilst also strengthening her back and leg muscles. She finds them so comfortable because they reduce back pain, reduce knee pain and avoid Achilles tendon pain.

Cecilia’s review from Clifton Forge, USA

After 2 weeks: “They are absolutely wonderful! The shinfinTM fins are a great workout. I would highly recommend them over any other type of fin. I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my swimming.”

After 10 years: “I have been using my shinfinTM fins for at least 10 years now and I absolutely love them. I was able to use them many years ago to rehabilitate after an ACL knee reconstruction. Currently using them to rehabilitate after a back fusion. I also have bilateral Achilles tendinitis, so the shinfinTM fins are perfect for me. They really work for strengthening the back and leg muscles. I don’t get in the pool without them. I just can’t say enough good things about them. Thanks so much for coming up with these.”

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Broken foot & Achilles: recovery fins

Geoff (doctor) used shinfinTM fins to help his own recovery from a broken foot, and also loaned them to a patient to recover from Achilles tendon inflammation. Because they attach above the ankle, they allowed him to maintain leg strength during his recovery, without stressing his foot like ordinary flippers. So they gave him a better, more comfortable workout.

Geoff’s (doctor) review from Townsville, Australia

“I have a pair of shinfinTM fins and have been delighted with them. They helped during my recovery from a broken foot. I wanted to maintain strength in my legs during recovery but was not getting enough of a workout from swimming with bare feet. Ordinary flippers were out, as they stressed the very areas that needed to recover. I find them superb. Good luck and thanks.”

Also: “I had a patient with an Achilles tendon inflammation who was trying to keep fit without running but was using ordinary flippers when swimming and aggravating the injury. So my shinfinTM fins are on loan to them at present.”

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Less ankle, knee & back pain: rehabilitation fins

Mike’s reviews, progressively over three years, show how shinfinTM fins help his rehabilitation from lumbar back surgery, with much less pain in his ankles, knees and back. Initially he could not swim at all, due to the residual back pain from his back surgery, ten years prior. However, his shinfinTM fins give him such a good workout to strengthen his muscles in his thighs, buttocks, trunk, core and lumbar back. Such a good workout, in fact, that he became able to swim 1500 m of freestyle without pain. Most importantly, no more back pain and hence no further back surgery required. So Mike is an ecstatic customer!

Mike’s review from Cobalt, Canada

After 2 months

“My knees are feeling better, as I’m getting more power in my legs. And my ankles couldn’t be happier.”

“They give me a great workout, especially the thighs and the entire trunk area. Which is a pleasant surprise, as I’m always trying to increase my strength in my lumbar, abdominal and buttocks area. I’m swimming twice a week for about 45 minutes each time. So yes, I like them a lot. And yes, they are just what I need for my strength training.”

After 2 years

“The fins are just great. I have increased my core and thigh strength tremendously. I have been using them for two years now, twice a week, doing 750 m with the fins and 750 m without.”

“Two years ago I couldn’t even do the front crawl due to my degenerative disc problem in my lower back. I had spinal discectomy surgery at the L3-L4 level years ago. Now I do 1500 m two times a week. Need I say any more!”

“I used to think that I was inevitably just going to have to live with my back pain or eventually go back under the knife. Like it was always in the back of my mind that nothing would get me over the hump in my rehabilitation.”

“Well, I have found the solution in these shinfinTM fins. Thanks again Marc.”

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Better snorkeling control & lap swimming fins

Like many people, Jan Carlos uses his shinfinTM fins for multiple activities, finding them great for lap swimming and giving more control when snorkeling. As he feels, this is because they target the correct muscles to give him a powerful kick from his hips. Moreover, their extra control, together with leaving his feet free and not protruding beyond his toes, reduces unwanted damage to frail coral reefs (unlike long foot fins).

Juan Carlos’ review from Brisbane, Australia

“Overall, I’m very happy with my shinfinTM fins. Thanks for a great product and for the support. The initial experience could be a bit disappointing, but in no time you find the benefits. You feel the target muscles working. They are working great for my lap swimming. For snorkeling, they worked fine and you feel you are more in control when trying not to damage the frail coral reefs.”