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Swim instruction fins

shinfinTM fins actively teach efficient, streamlined swimming strokes for freestyle, backstroke & fly. These swim instruction fins are a great instruction aid to help teach swim school classes, lessons & courses.

Want new way to teach freestyle, backstroke & fly?

  • Teach efficient streamlined strokes.
  • For freestyle, backstroke & fly.
  • Same muscles as barefoot kicking.
  • Better technique stays for barefoot.
  • Water flow lifts legs horizontal.
  • Teach straighter knees.
  • No knee-bend like regular flippers.
  • Guide natural streamlined kick.
  • Thighs, buttocks & stomach power.
  • No calf strain like regular flippers.
  • Encourage proper arm techniques.
  • Teach stroke timing & breathing.
  • Comfortable relaxed ankles & feet.
  • Same size for child & adult lessons.
  • Swim aid for learn to swim classes.
  • Teach swim schools & courses.
  • Great new swim instruction aid.
Fins for swim instruction!
Fins for swim instruction!

Teach correct swimming technique

shinfin swim learning fins: Learn correct techniques for freestyle (front crawl), backstroke & butterfly (fly)
  • instruction aid for freestyle, backstroke, butterfly (not breaststroke)
  • teach streamlined swimming, horizontal body
  • instruct a natural, streamlined kick
  • lift your legs horizontal with straighter knees
  • prevent bad techniques like bent knee bicycle-kick
  • prevent common mistakes of beginner swimmers
  • teach adults and children learning to swim

Instruct correct muscle use

shinfin swim learning fins: Learn to swim using correct muscles
  • fin power connects direct to your legs
  • teach extra speed from up and down kicks
  • instruct correct kick muscles: thighs, buttocks, stomach, torso
  • teach the same muscle use as without fins
  • teach your feet and ankles to move naturally
  • improve cardiovascular fitness and lung capacity

Comfortable & safe teaching aid

shinfin swim learning fins: Learn to swim in comfort and safety
  • instructs relaxed and comfortable feet, ankles, Achilles tendons and calf muscles
  • no extra calf muscle strain (unlike foot fins)
  • helps teaching slow, medium or fast kicks
  • can still dive and push-off from wall
  • easier to walk
  • easier water entry and exit

Instruction for all swim class levels

shinfin swim learning fins: Learn to swim classes and teaching
  • excellent for learn to swim classes
  • aids full stroke and kick-only exercises
  • teach full stroke or using kickboard
  • breathing exercises instruction aid
  • arm technique instruction aid
  • adjust fin on leg to optimise kick technique

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