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Swim learning fins reviews

  • Legs & hips: football fitness swimming

    Tom really likes using his shinfinTM fins as a tool for swim fitness training of his hips and legs for football. Plus he enjoys swimming with them more because he goes faster and they help him learn to swim better. Furthermore, his improved swimming stroke stays with him even after he takes the fins off, including when he is open water swimming without fins. This is all because shinfinTM fins teach Tom to kick from his hips with power from the large muscles in his thighs, buttocks and torso. What’s more, the fins enable Tom to imprint this more powerful kick on his muscle memory, so that it continues even when he swims barefoot.

    Tom’s review from Swansea, UK

    “I am trying to get a really high level of fitness for playing football. I really like them. Swimming in them about twice a week. About 30 mins with the fins and then 10 mins without them, in each session. I feel my kicking has improved a lot due to now having much more level hips. They are making my pool workouts more fun and more rewarding, as I am progressing better than before. I feel my quads are getting a good workout. I did a 1.5km open water swim yesterday, which is the most I’ve done! Although it wasn’t with the fins.”

    “I do really like the fins and nearly always use them when I swim. They help me to stop my legs crossing over each other. And when I take them off, I can maintain the improved form. I also enjoy swimming in them a lot more than regular swimming, as I can move faster through the water.”

  • Freestyle & backstroke: cerebral palsy paraswimming training

    shinfinTM fins have been a game changer for Alyssa, who has mixed type cerebral palsy and uses them for her backstroke and freestyle paraswimming training. Previously, she had no kick power because she could not point her toes and could only bicycle kick. After using shinfinTM fins for only one month, they helped her learn to kick from her hips and keep her feet horizontal. So much so, that even without the fins she can now kick a length on her back. This is because shinfinTM fins help Alyssa to imprint the new smooth, streamlined kick pattern into her muscle memory.

    Sarah’s review from Airdrie, Canada

    “I purchased these fins for my daughter who has mixed type cerebral palsy and is a 5 classification for paraswimming. She is unable to point her toes, therefore kicking propulsion is nonexistent. She has been working on kicking to improve her body position rather than power and learning to not bicycle was difficult. After wearing shinfinTM fins for a month, she is learning to kick from her hips and can can now kick a length on her back without the fins. These fins have been a game changer for her training, for keeping her feet horizontal and learning to kick from her hips. Thanks Marc😁

  • Snorkeling after practising with fins in a pool

    Joan is not a good swimmer, so she practised with her shinfinTM fins in a pool first before using them for snorkeling on her vacation. She found pool practice helpful because shinfinTM fins guide her to learn to swim with a better swimming style. Her smooth swimming kick then transferred across to work great for her snorkeling too.

    Joan’s review from Vancouver, Canada

    “I practised first in the pool, and then used them snorkeling. They worked great! I am not a good swimmer. So it was really good to pool practise first.”

  • Below knee amputee swimming with his kids again: pool fins

    Instead of swimming in circles, shinfinTM fins allow Paul, a below knee amputee, to enjoy playing with his kids in the pool again. He wears two shinfinTM fins, one on the stump of his below knee amputation, and the other fin in the normal position on his other leg. The fins have a very flexible size and are highly adjustable. So they can be strapped at different heights on each leg as required. Using both fins like this, is what gives Paul back his swimming control and freedom in the water.

    Paul’s review from Tainan City, Taiwan

    “I am a BK amputee and haven’t been able to swim properly since my amputation 2 years ago. Swimming in circles is really frustrating! Instant freedom! The fins were amazing, I’m really impressed. They are easy to put on and really help me swim and play with my kids in the pool. I’m already recommending the fins to my mates. Once again thanks for an excellent product.”

  • Strong kick muscle memory: learn to swim fins

    Emely’s shinfinTM fins help her learn to swim with a stronger kick because they teach her a proper kick with a strong muscle memory. Most importantly, her muscle memory persists for her stronger kick even after she takes off her fins. This is because the fins are specifically designed to teach her and strengthen a proper kick from the hips for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.

    Emely’s review from Pasadena, USA

    “I LOVE my shinfinTM fins!! At 43 (2 years ago) I got over my fear of deep water and learned how to swim. My kick was weak and I’ve had such a hard time learning how to strengthen it. I used your shinfinTM fins for the first time and immediately took to them! I felt HOW my leg should be moving … amazing! When I take them off, the muscle memory is strong, and I now know what a proper kick feels like in my body. Thank you so much for creating such an invaluable tool for swimmers. I’m so grateful to you! My newfound passion for swimming continues to be stoked!”

  • Back surgery recovery & pool walking: rehabilitation fins

    Fitness swimming and pool walking with shinfinTM fins, plays a major role in Diane’s rehabilitation and recovery from major back surgery. The fins strengthen the muscles in her back, lower abdomen and core because they encourage kicking from her hips. What’s more, they help her learn to swim higher in the water with straighter legs. She is unable to kick normal foot flippers because they bend her back painfully. You can read about her wonderful recovery progress with shinfinTM fins over a year or so.

    Diane’s review from Queensland, Australia

    “My back is improving and so is my fitness level thanks to the fins. I try to swim with them 5 mornings a week for at least 1.5 hours. Your fins made it possible for me to learn to swim high in the water with minimal leg movement. They also strengthened my back and lower abdominal muscles by encouraging me to kick with a straighter leg than I would normally. I have also enjoyed walking in the pool. When walking I leave my fins on and they encourage me to stabilize my core muscles and carry myself up tall and straight. I don’t have to lift my feet any higher than my normal gait.”

    “I am very impressed with your shinfinTM fins and believe they have played a major role in my recovery. So I highly recommend them for anyone in my position and see many benefits for people with a variety of physical challenges. Once again, thank you for a wonderful product.”

  • Foot amputation & sensitive skin: learn to swim fins

    Dawn’s ten year old son has a partial foot amputation and sensitive skin from burns, so he loves his shinfinTM fins for learning to swim. Because his skin is very thin and sensitive due to his burns, he wears the fins over socks. Most important, as they strap above his ankles, his feet are free. That is why his foot amputation doesn’t affect the fin operation, unlike with regular foot fins. So his swim instructor sees a big improvement in his swimming.

    Dawn’s review from Currimundi, Australia

    “My son [age 10] loves the fins. Because of his partial amputation of one foot and loss of muscles due to burns, he has always had trouble kicking. With shinfinTM fins he is able to kick very well. His teacher, who told us about the fins, has seen a big improvement in his swimming. Thanks, Dawn.”

  • Teach, bodyboard, body surf & snorkel: multi-use fins

    Anne finds her shinfinTM fins great for many uses: from teaching squad swimmers and beginners, through to surf swimming, bodyboarding, body surfing and snorkeling. She likes the extra propulsion with the natural kick technique, streamlined body and no leg cramps. What’s more, sharing the fins is easy, as one size fits most. She also likes that they fit securely, so don’t fall off in surf wipe outs.

    Anne’s review from Kilmore, Australia

    First, swim teaching. “The shinfinTM fins are great. They enable swimmers to practice the correct kicking technique, and to maintain it after they take the fins off. Very useful in teaching dolphin kick and butterfly for this reason. One size fits most, so no more scrambling around for the right sized fins, which saves me a great deal of time poolside. Great for squad level swimmers. Especially useful for adult students who are learning to swim from scratch. Natural kicking action with extra propulsion to help maintain streamlined body position and buoyancy. Assist with overall water confidence. Happy to endorse a product this good.”

    Then, in the surf. “My shinfinTM fins were fantastic for surf swimming, bodyboarding and body surfing. Compared to “normal” fins I had less dramas getting into the surf. Great to swim & paddle in. Didn’t come off even when I wiped out. Also found them great when snorkeling. No leg cramps.”

  • Don’t hurt calves: easy learn to swim fins

    From never being able to swim a lap, shinfinTM fins have helped Dass learn to swim many laps, in comfort and without hurting her calves, unlike foot fins. This is because they teach and guide her into a good swimming style. They also give her the confidence to swim out of her depth by improving water safety.

    Dass’ review from Middletown, USA

    “The fins are great! I just started taking swimming lessons. I have never been able to do a lap in the pool. They have helped me learn to swim and also given me the confidence to stay in the water even when I cannot touch the bottom. I used to use normal fins and they always hurt my calves. But with shinfinTM fins, my legs move in the correct form for swimming and they just make everything easy. Now I swim laps for about 30 minutes non stop! Thanks Marc, for this great invention!”

  • Better crawl stroke: swim learning fins

    Evelyn’s shinfinTM fins help her learn to swim, especially with a better front crawl stroke. In particular, wearing them enables her to focus her attention on improving her stroke and breathing. Furthermore, after she uses her fins for the first half of her workout, she notices her stroke improvements transfer to her no-fins crawl stroke too. Most importantly, she finds them comfortable with no foot cramps, unlike regular foot fins.

    Evelyn’s review from Santa Cruz, USA

    “I am a very satisfied customer. I just learned to swim the crawl stroke with my face in the water. The fins have helped me a lot. Using them, I have been able to pay more attention to and improve my stroke. The best part – NO FOOT CRAMPS! Buying them was a spot-on decision, and I am going great with them.”