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Freestyle & backstroke: cerebral palsy paraswimming training

shinfinTM fins have been a game changer for Alyssa, who has mixed type cerebral palsy and uses them for her backstroke and freestyle paraswimming training. Previously, she had no kick power because she could not point her toes and could only bicycle kick. After using shinfinTM fins for only one month, they helped her learn to kick from her hips and keep her feet horizontal. So much so, that even without the fins she can now kick a length on her back. This is because shinfinTM fins help Alyssa to imprint the new smooth, streamlined kick pattern into her muscle memory.

Sarah’s review from Airdrie, Canada

“I purchased these fins for my daughter who has mixed type cerebral palsy and is a 5 classification for paraswimming. She is unable to point her toes, therefore kicking propulsion is nonexistent. She has been working on kicking to improve her body position rather than power and learning to not bicycle was difficult. After wearing shinfinTM fins for a month, she is learning to kick from her hips and can can now kick a length on her back without the fins. These fins have been a game changer for her training, for keeping her feet horizontal and learning to kick from her hips. Thanks Marc😁

Sarah’s review: Cerebral palsy paraswimming training for freestyle & backstroke


Thank you for your kind email and review. Can I ask a favour please? Would you mind if I put some extracts from your emails on the website? I like the way you have written. I think it would be useful for other people to read what you have said.

It is wonderful to hear how well your daughter has progressed after her first month with her shinfin™ fins. Great that they have been such a game changer for her. Guiding her to kick from her hips and keep her feet horizontal. Can I ask please, how old is she?

Yes, it is particularly fascinating how using shinfin™ fins imprints a good streamlined kick on her muscle memory. So she can also swim better without the fins. We get a lot of feedback like this.

Does she also use her fins for swimming on her front, as well as for swimming on her back? Have you noticed any improvements in your daughter’s mobility out of the pool, for example walking etc.?


“Yes, you are welcome to use whatever you want from my email. Alyssa is 18, she is a level 3 classified paraswimmer, meaning she is working on becoming a national level swimmer in the Canadian swimming.”

“She uses them for both freestyle and backstroke, in fact they work better for her for backstroke at the moment. It is early days in her learning to use them for kicking. She’s been swimming since she was 5, so 13 years of not kicking at all.”

“Motor planning is difficult and learning to kick while using her arms is a challenge. I’m certain it will improve with time.”

“She just received Botox about the same time we received the fins, so seeing any change in her gait is impossible to tell if it has anything to do with the fins.”


Thank you for your kind permission and follow-up email. Personal recommendation is very important to help a new product like this along, so I really appreciate it.

I’d love to hear more as Alyssa progresses using her fins please, whenever you get a moment to email me. Then I can add it to the review to help others too. I should also be able to suggest some more tips as she progresses. All the best.


If you have cerebral palsy or other disabilities, then shinfinTM fins can be a game changer for you for backstroke, freestyle, butterfly and paraswimming training. Perhaps you have no kick power because you can only bicycle kick or not point your toes. If so, then using shinfinTM fins will help you learn to keep your legs and feet horizontal and to kick from your hips. Furthermore, because shinfinTM fins help you imprint this new smooth, streamlined kick into your muscle memory, the benefits carry over to your swimming without fins.

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