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Multiple Sclerosis with waist belt: pool fins

With later stage Multiple Sclerosis (MS) impairing his mobility, shinfinTM fins enable Robert to swim 50 pool laps every day, also using a waist belt for extra flotation. Because his fingers are also affected by the MS, the alternative strapping for less finger strength can help him, along with a longer strap tail to pull, for the buckle that he tightens. Furthermore, he can wear the fins over socks to protect sensitive skin from abrasion.

Robert’s review from Soldiers Point, Australia

“The shinfinTM fins are great. Robert has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) later stages but we have an indoor pool. So now, with the aid of a waist belt and shinfinTM fins, he can swim 50 lengths of the pool every day. Not bad for a 77 year old. So we are very happy we bought them. Thank you for the follow-up. Sincerely, Enid (Robert’s wife).”

Robert’s review: Pool fins with waist belt for Multiple Sclerosis


I’m glad to hear that Robert is finding the shinfinTM fins great. Yes, we have many customers with many different disabilities including motor control disabilities, Cerebral Palsy (CP), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s and stroke patients etc. They use shinfinTM fins to help them swim, build muscle tone and rehabilitate. We get excellent feedback and I trust Robert continues to find them very beneficial too. Can I ask a favour please? Would you mind if I put some extracts from your emails on the web site?

Streamlined kick power

As Robert has probably found, the shinfinTM fins give extra kick power, encourage and stabilise a streamlined body position. They lift legs horizontal to reduce drag (even for slow kicking and gliding). The fins can be worn in different positions on each leg. The idea is to balance the down kick of one leg with the upkick of the other. The fins will also help get more power from the arm strokes because the left leg kicking down diagonally balances the force of the right arm pull, and vice versa. You can experiment with the height and angle of the fins around your legs to optimise your stroke.

The shinfinTM fins will help to lift your legs to a horizontal streamlined swimming position, on your front or on your back, even if you don’t kick. If you then kick a little bit, the fins will guide you towards the correct swimming kick. The shinfinTM fins do this because they have a natural flex that matches a good kicking style for freestyle, backstroke or fly. They encourage you to use the large muscles in your thighs, buttocks and torso. So they help to build muscle tone in these areas. (Foot flippers are quite different as they require much more knee bend, and strain your feet, ankles and calf muscles).


“Hullo Marc. Certainly you can use extracts of Enid’s email if you wish.”

“One thing she did not mention, is that I feel the rubber strap could be say 50mm longer, as it is a bit difficult to start the pull through process with the present strap length. Additionally, I use a pair of soft jaw pliers to start the pull, as my fingers are affected with the MS. This helps and I am careful not to cut into the rubber by over enthusiastic gripping.”

“Secondly, I had trouble with skin abrasion where the fin top meets the leg, so I slip on a pair of ladies sockettes (like half stockings) and this has solved the problem.”

“Thirdly, before I hit the pool for the final tightening, I spray the sole, fixed strap and the tail of the adjusting strap with a weak mix of detergent and water. This helps a lot when I first put them on.”

“Thanks and good luck, Robert.”


Thank you for your kind reply and permission Robert. Personal recommendation is very important to help a new product like this along, so I really appreciate it.

I’m sorry the top edge is rubbing. We only occasionally get this comment. I’m glad you overcame this with the sock. Alternatively, I suggest sliding the fins a little higher. Just an inch or so will probably be enough. As that reduces the pressure under the top edge. The fin tips should still reach somewhere on your toes. The straps should still cross over just above the back of your ankle. You could also smooth the edge with a nail file or sand paper. Or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) might help reduce the rubbing. Swimmers use that quite a lot with foot flippers. Sorry again about the rubbing, I hope this helps. Please let me know how you go.

Here is an alternative strapping for less finger strength. It also gives you a longer strap tail for the buckle that you tighten (i.e. the buckle at the inside of your leg).


With impaired mobility from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) etc., shinfinTM fins can help you to swim pool laps, perhaps with a waist belt for extra flotation. If your fingers are also affected, the alternative strapping for less finger strength can help you, along with a longer strap tail for the buckle that you tighten. What’s more, to protect sensitive skin from abrasion, as in this other review you can also wear the fins over socks.

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