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Mobility impairment fins reviews

  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia & fused ankles: fitness fins

    shinfinTM fins have given Annie 15 years of joyous fitness swimming, helping her cope with mobility issues fom severe arthritis, fibromyalgia and both ankles fused. This is because the fins lift her lower body horizontal to increase buoyancy and reduce drag. Most important for Annie, they improve her kick efficiency and help her to maintain leg strength. Plus, they achieve all this without aggravating her fused ankles and dodgy feet, because they strap above her ankles. Strong and durable, her first pair of fins still work and only look worn, after 15 years of regular use.

    Annie’s review from Castlemaine, Australia

    Both of my ankles are surgically fused due to severe arthritis. Having lost my natural kicking motion, I had to rely on a pull buoy to maintain lower body buoyancy and reduce drag. I immediately saw how they’d help me. With the fins, I’m able to produce an efficient kick and maintain some degree of leg strength, without upsetting my dodgy ankles and feet. I’m enormously grateful to you Marc. The fins have given me fifteen years of joyous swimming and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon!

  • Freestyle & backstroke: cerebral palsy paraswimming training

    shinfinTM fins have been a game changer for Alyssa, who has mixed type cerebral palsy and uses them for her backstroke and freestyle paraswimming training. Previously, she had no kick power because she could not point her toes and could only bicycle kick. After using shinfinTM fins for only one month, they helped her learn to kick from her hips and keep her feet horizontal. So much so, that even without the fins she can now kick a length on her back. This is because shinfinTM fins help Alyssa to imprint the new smooth, streamlined kick pattern into her muscle memory.

    Sarah’s review from Airdrie, Canada

    “I purchased these fins for my daughter who has mixed type cerebral palsy and is a 5 classification for paraswimming. She is unable to point her toes, therefore kicking propulsion is nonexistent. She has been working on kicking to improve her body position rather than power and learning to not bicycle was difficult. After wearing shinfinTM fins for a month, she is learning to kick from her hips and can can now kick a length on her back without the fins. These fins have been a game changer for her training, for keeping her feet horizontal and learning to kick from her hips. Thanks Marc😁

  • No gout arthritis pains in ankle, foot, heel & knee: lap fins

    For many years, Harley has found shinfinTM fins fantastic for his lap swimming because they don’t bend his ankles, so they don’t trigger gout arthritis pains in his ankle, foot, heel and knee. This is because they strap above his ankles, leaving his ankles and feet free. In contrast, conventional foot fins strain his ankles, which can cause a gout arthritis attack.

    Harley’s review from Brisbane, Australia

    “I have had the fins for about 4 years and have used them every year for about 3 months in summer swimming laps. They have been fantastic, as they put no bending moment on my ankles. I suffer from gout from time to time and if I use conventional swim fins my ankles take strain and that can lead to a gout attack. This is not a pleasant experience believe me. Your shinfinTM fins are a marvellous invention.”

  • Multiple Sclerosis with waist belt: pool fins

    With later stage Multiple Sclerosis (MS) impairing his mobility, shinfinTM fins enable Robert to swim 50 pool laps every day, also using a waist belt for extra flotation. Because his fingers are also affected by the MS, the alternative strapping for less finger strength can help him, along with a longer strap tail to pull, for the buckle that he tightens. Furthermore, he can wear the fins over socks to protect sensitive skin from abrasion.

    Robert’s review from Soldiers Point, Australia

    “The shinfinTM fins are great. Robert has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) later stages but we have an indoor pool. So now, with the aid of a waist belt and shinfinTM fins, he can swim 50 lengths of the pool every day. Not bad for a 77 year old. So we are very happy we bought them. Thank you for the follow-up. Sincerely, Enid (Robert’s wife).”

  • Fused ankles & Arthrogryposis clubbed feet fins

    With fused ankles and clubbed feet due to Arthrogryposis, Elise really enjoys her shinfinTM fins for fitness swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. She positions them on her legs to get the maximum benefits. In particular, they build her muscle mass so her legs and feet have much more strength and stamina. This is because they get power from her hips, using the larger muscles in her thighs, buttocks, stomach and torso. In addition, she wears them to walk safely to and from the water. All in contrast to normal flippers, which fall off her feet and are just not safe for her to wear.

    Elise’s review from Stanmore, Australia

    “Thank you shinfinTM. You have given me access to something that not only adds enjoyment to my swimming, snorkeling and diving but is helping to improve my overall health and well-being. It is actually helping me build muscle mass and making my legs and feet capable of doing much more in terms of strength and stamina. My ankles were surgically fused. I was born with Arthrogryposis which causes ‘clubbed feet’. So I have never been able to use normal flippers before. So I do need to offer my sincere thanks for making such a great product. I have recommended them to everyone who has asked ‘ooh where did you get those??’ Able bodied and not-so-able bodied people are jealous that I have a pair of flippers that not only look cool but they are so functional.”

  • Improve balance after head injury fins

    After her head injury, shinfinTM fins dramatically improve Connie’s balance, both in the water and walking. The fins retrain her kick to lift her legs more horizontal and streamlined. She finds they give her tremendous power from her glutes, obliques, thighs and stomach muscles. Swimming in open water at local beaches, she is very thankful for how much shinfinTM fins have improved her balance after her head injury. (On another note, the fins are highly adjustable. So many of Connie’s relations from age 6 upwards have tried her fins and also love them.)

    Connie’s review from Long Beach, USA

    “I am recovering from a head injury and also injured my knee when I fell on my head. I have been trying to think of the words to express how much I love my shinfinTM fins. But no words seem to do them justice. I have been using them here in Long Beach harbor. I have also swum with them in San Diego Bay. There is a long shore current that used to torment me on the return leg of my swim. With your shinfinTM fins, I power right through it. With concentration, I let the shinfinTM fins pull me up into good horizontal kick alignment. It gives me tremendous power and I can’t believe the way the shinfinTM fins strengthen and work my glutes, obliques, thighs and stomach muscles.”

    “In addition, the lateral balance feedback they give me in the water seems to be greatly improving my balance (which I lost from the head injury) both in the water and on land. Your shinfinTM fins have added a stabilizing feedback component to my brain. I have had a dramatic improvement in my balance. Before, I needed a cane on one side and a person on the other to get to the water. Now, I can get there with just a cane. Thank you for my fins.”

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis & Lupus: mobility fins

    shinfinTM fins give Sharman mobility benefits for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus issues with her hip, because they enable her to swim smoothly. They increase her mobility, help her stay agile and also assist with weight loss.

    Sharman’s review from Kensington, USA

    “I love my fins. Actually notice the difference with my leg and hip. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus type issues with my hip. Swimming is what I do to stay agile and to increase and maintain my mobility as well as weight. I still glided through the water like a mermaid! Great product and I own it!”

  • Weak arms & mobility: disability fins

    Amanda has a mobility disability and, as her arms can also be quite weak, she fits her shinfinTM fins using the alternative strapping for weaker fingers. They adjust to fit her larger legs and allow her to share her fins. By encouraging kicking from the hips, they have greatly improved her kick and swimming comfort. Furthermore, her brother could feel them improving his swim style after only one use.

    Amanda’s review from Canberra, Australia

    “I have noticed a great improvement in my kick and have really enjoyed the way they work the legs and buttocks. I have a mobility disability and find that the fins make my swim a lot more comfortable. One great thing is being able to share them – much easier than with conventional flippers! But, I am a bit reluctant ’cause I love them so much.”