Swim fins avoid Achilles tendon pain

Which swim fins avoid Achilles tendon pain & don’t hurt Achilles?

shinfin™ swim fins avoid painful pressure on your Achilles tendon. They are comfortable swim fins that don’t hurt or damage your Achilles.

With regular foot fins, the heel pockets of closed-heel fins often dig into your Achilles. This causes painful sores and bruising. You get a similar problem with open-heel fins. The heel straps dig into your Achilles and hurt.

shinfin™ swim fins avoid this problem because the straps go around your leg just above your ankle joint. This is higher than the sensitive part of your Achilles tendon where it attaches to your heel. So the straps don’t hurt your Achilles like regular fins do.

The straps are stretchy and wide, with soft edges. So they feel comfortable around your leg.

Now you can have comfortable swim fins and leave your Achilles tendon pain in the past!

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