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Fins avoid sore feet, arch cramps & pain

Do fins avoid sore feet, pain & arch cramps, & not hurt feet?

To avoid sore feet and arch cramps, choose fins that strap on your legs, not on your feet. These comfortable fins give you extra propulsion without hurting your feet.

With regular foot fins, often you can never find the right size and shape for your feet. They are either too big, so your feet slide around. Or they are too tight, so your feet feel painfully squashed. Either way, your feet press and rub on the inside of the foot pockets. This gives you sore feet and blisters, especially if sand gets trapped in there too. Cramps across the arches of your feet are a frequent problem, and dangerous too. Your feet feel like they are restricted in such an unnatural position.

These new fins avoid these problems because they have no foot pocket. So they fit regardless of foot size. They fit small feet up to extra large feet.

Instead, they strap to your legs. Your feet are completely free to move and swim naturally. So they don’t cause foot pain or arch cramps like regular fins. They are comfortable.

As you point your toes during your forward kick, the flexible fin presses gently along the top of your foot. You hardly feel it. So they don’t cause sores or blisters on your feet either.

Now your feet can be much more comfortable, so you can have more fun in the water!

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