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Fins that avoid sore feet, arch cramps & pain

How do fins avoid sore feet, arch cramps & pain, & not hurt feet?

To avoid sore feet, arch cramps, blisters and other foot pain, choose fins that fit on your legs, not on your feet. Then your feet are completely free to move and swim naturally. Fins on your legs give you extra propulsion without hurting your feet. They don’t have foot pockets. So they can’t cause foot pain or arch cramps like foot fins. Furthermore, they fit you regardless of your foot size. You can have small, narrow feet up to extra large, wide feet. You can also adjust the fin height and angle around your leg.

With foot fins, it is very difficult to find the right size and shape for your feet. They are either too big, so your feet slide around in the foot pocket. Or they are too tight, so your feet feel painfully squashed. Either way, your feet press and rub on the inside of the foot pockets. This gives you sore feet and blisters. Especially if sand gets trapped in the foot pockets as well. What’s more, cramps across the arches of your feet are a frequent problem, and dangerous too. So foot fins restrict your feet and force your feet to kick in an unnatural position.

You can test this yourself by swimming without foot fins. You will probably find that your feet and ankles are much more relaxed, comfortable and not twisted when you kick.

Fins on your legs promote a similar kick to swimming without fins, and they don’t hurt your feet. Plus they overcome many other foot fin faults, including toe cramps, Achilles tendon pain and calf cramps.

Here are three key reasons why choosing fins that fit on your legs avoids sore feet, blisters, arch cramps and other pain.

Firstly, fins on your legs will fit you regardless of your foot size or shape. They also fit if you don’t have feet. Your feet can be very small and narrow, up to very large and wide. Your foot length, width and shape don’t affect how these fins fit.

Secondly, you can position the fins on your leg to lie across your kick direction. Just line up the fin centreline with your toe that matches your kick direction. So your feet move naturally without twisting your feet, ankles, knees and back. This avoids hurting your ankles and reduces knee twisting pain and back twisting strain.

Thirdly, fins on your legs improves your foot movement during your kick. They leave your feet flexible and your ankles supple, like good swimmers kick. Furthermore, they guide the timing of your foot movement, even though you hardly feel them doing this. During your forward kick (downwards for freestyle and butterfly, upwards for backstroke), the fin presses gently along the top of your foot to guide you when to point your toes.

Your feet will feel much more comfortable with fins on your legs.

Fins that care for your feet

Your feet have highly complex muscle and bone structures and are very important parts of your body. You can take care of them by using fins that avoid sore feet, arch cramps and other foot pains and injuries. Instead of using foot fins, you can now exercise and strengthen your feet by swimming with fins on your legs.

Fins that do more than reduce sore feet

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