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100-day money-back fin guarantee & returns

If you haven’t actually seen or tried them yet, I do understand that you might feel cautious about buying them. So, to help put your mind at rest, I offer you a 100-day money-back fin guarantee (from your order date). Please feel free to order some shinfinTM fins and try them for a while to see if they suit you. If you have any issues then please contact me, so I have the opportunity to help you resolve them.

In the unlikely event that we can’t resolve them to your satisfaction, then you can always post them back under this 100-day money-back guarantee. Then we will refund you the cost of the fins (excluding shipping) to the same account you used to pay for them. But I think you will be very happy with your fins and the many benefits they give you. I say this because I get excellent feedback and very few returns, from thousands of customers worldwide.

shinfinTM fins are revolutionary and biomechanically advanced fins. I describe them fully and accurately on this website to give you the best information to make your choice about buying them. If you feel they might be right for you, or for someone else, then I would like you to join my thousands of happy customers worldwide who recommend shinfinTM fins to their family and friends.

100-day money-back fin guarantee

If you have any issues getting used to your shinfinTM fins, please follow the steps below. I can nearly always help you to get the best from your fins. All it generally takes is a few well-directed suggestions to help you on your way. In fact, the few people who have initial difficulties often end up especially loving their fins. Please follow these steps:

  1. Please check through this website again, especially the tips sections and the sections for your particular fin use(s).
  2. If you still have issues, please describe them to me by email as soon as possible.
  3. I will listen to you and provide suggestions for you to try.
  4. After trying my suggestions, please let me know how well they worked.
  5. I can nearly always help you to resolve issues within one or two iterations of the above process.
  6. If we can’t resolve your issues, then please think if there is anyone else who might enjoy your fins instead (they fit most people).
  7. If you would still like to return them, please email me first to let me know that you are returning them.
  8. Then return your fins to the address below, in as-new condition.
  9. When I receive them, I will promptly refund the cost of your fins (excluding delivery cost) to the same account that paid for your order.
  10. Thank you for following these steps.

Return address

  • Shinfin Pty. Ltd.
  • 1 North Arm Road
  • Middle Cove
  • Sydney
  • NSW 2068
  • Australia

To exchange your fins for another colour

If you would like to exchange your shinfinTM fins for another colour please email me first to let me know. Then return the fins to us within 100 days in as-new condition. Please include a copy of your order and the new fin colour you would like instead. Once you have paid the new delivery charges, I will promptly send you the exchange fins.

To replace damaged or faulty fins

In the highly unlikely event that shinfinTM fins are damaged during delivery, or are faulty, please email me first to describe the damage or fault. Then return them within 100 days. I will promptly refund your return postage to the same account that paid for your order, and send you replacement fins.

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