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Tips | Fin Size

One size fits kids to adults. Fits all leg shapes. Foot size doesn’t matter. Fits everyone taller than 140 cm (4 ft 7 inches).

Fin Size: fits everyone taller than 140cm (4’7”)


There is only one size and model of shinfin™ leg fins. They are so adjustable because they strap to your legs, not to your feet. So you can rely on them fitting you without needing to try them on. They will also keep fitting growing children. They can be shared amongst different sized people too.

The one size fits everyone over about 140cm (4’7”)

For people a bit shorter than 140cm (4’7”), they still strap on properly and swimming is still good. They will probably just stick out from the toes a bit more. This can make walking a bit trickier, but probably still easier than with foot flippers.

Fin fits all foot sizes

Your foot size doesn’t affect how they fit at all.

Fin bends in to fit thinner legs

If your ankles, shins and/or calf muscles are thin, the straps will bend the fins inwards to fit your leg shape.

Fin bends out to fit broader legs

If your ankles, shins and/or calf muscles are broad, the fins will bend outwards to fit your leg shape.

Larger straps are available

The straps go around the narrowest part of your leg, just above your ankle. If you measure around this narrowest circumference to be 20-40cm (8”-16”) then the standard straps supplied with the fins will fit you. Longer straps are seldom needed to fit the normal position on your lower leg. People with lower legs measuring larger than the above circumference will need the longer straps. People fitting fins on their thighs (e.g. above-knee amputees) will most likely need the longer straps too. You can select longer straps as you order, for one or both fins in each pair.

You can wear them over a wetsuit

Please check your narrowest leg circumference (as above) whilst wearing your wetsuit, to make sure the straps are long enough to fit over your wetsuit too.